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Significance of GIIS Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship for Students

GIIS Communications Team
Jun 4, 2021
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Have you ever considered the impact a scholarship can have on your life? You may not be aware of this fact, but scholarships have the power to influence a student's life in many ways. Many typical scholarships often offer monetary benefits, but unique programs go beyond finances and provide students with life-changing opportunities. Winning such awards can help you step into a brighter future with numerous academic and career opportunities that could have otherwise been impossible.

The GIIS Global FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship is one such scholarship that offers many opportunities to students. To be eligible for this award, you must show remarkable performances in your academics and other co-curricular activities. GIIS Ahmedabad offers this scholarship based on the merit of a student. When you win this scholarship, you not only receive financial aid but also get to enjoy other life-changing opportunities that pave the way for your future success. 

Any student would want to win GIIS Global FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship should understand the  significance. Let us look at some of the benefits:

1. Offers a unique learning opportunity

If you win this scholarship, you get exposed to excellent learning opportunities that nurture you to be a global citizen. The kind of learning frameworks, curricula, modern facilities, teachers' calibre, and other educational resources you get access to are incomparable. You will come out of the program a fully-developed individual, nurtured holistically, and ready to be a responsible citizen.  

2. Reduces the cost of your education

In many schools in Ahmedabad, the cost of education is high, especially when you have to study in top international schools. This scholarship waives a portion of the tuition fee in line with your eligibility category. The scheme pays 9% of tuition fees for Category A students, 6% for Category B students, while Category C students enjoy a waiver of 3% on their tuition fee. This significantly lifts the educational burden you have to bear as you do not have to pay the full amount to study. 


3. Easier access to the world's top universities

This is an exclusive scholarship, and if you win it, you receive recognition and gain prominence among your peers. It speaks volumes about you and reveals that you are an excellent and well-rounded student. It tells the selection committee that other educational institutions have recognized you as an exceptional student and will make a perfect addition to the university. This will give you the upper hand in the admission process. 

4. A chance to choose good undergraduate programs

Since the scholarship gives you access to some of the world's best universities, it equally exposes you to prominent undergraduate programs. World-class universities boast of quality education with excellent programs, resources, and facilities. It is worth noting that the kind of program you choose to study will determine your academic success and your future career path. Enrolling in such top institutions means that you get a chance to select the extraordinary programs that benefit you academically and career-wise.

5. Opens up your future

This scholarship aims to empower students to become global citizens. The program exposes students to distinctive learning experiences that push them out of their ordinary academic life into an expanded horizon. It moulds students to be disciplined and independent individuals who are flexible enough to step into the future with confidence.    

6. Global exposure

The Global FUTURE-READY Scholarship provides students with an opportunity to study in a country of their choice. A student is free to pick a country or region where they are comfortable undertaking their studies. Likewise, students get a chance to interact and collaborate with students in other GIIS campuses across the world through virtual conferencing facilities. This kind of global exposure opens up your mind and enriches your learning experiences. 

7. Holistic growth

This scholarship exposes students to a conducive learning environment that supports growth in every aspect of a student's life. Students who qualify for the scholarship get access to integrated learning methodologies that combine traditional and contemporary teaching approaches to support holistic learning. A student gets to excel academically as well as non-academically.

Apart from excellent academic programs, students can access brilliant platforms to showcase their talents and develop more skills. Through the programmes that the scholarship initiates, a student grows intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Why Should You Choose this Scholarship?

From the benefits above, it is clear that the Global FUTURE-READY Scholarship is a unique program that offers myriad opportunities for students to excel in life. With these qualities, it is clear that this scholarship is of great significance to a student's life. If you get to win such a scheme, it changes your life for the better. The program will subject you to rigorous teaching methodologies that provide all-around learning and growth.  

It will propel you to work hard and achieve more in your school life. With the eligibility criteria of 90% and above, you will strive to maintain good grades to sustain your eligibility. You will acquire all the relevant skills you need to succeed in life. 

You will stand out among your peers and enjoy the advantages that come with such a distinction. The kind of recognition you will receive from the scholarship will help you transition smoothly into higher education stages and even your career. 

Also, the kind of exposure you will get from the scholarship is unmatched. If you are not a GIIS student, the award will give you a direct passport to enrol in one of the most reputed international schools. 

Getting a chance to study in any of the GIIS campuses at an affordable fee is like a dream come true. You will be able to access quality education from great teachers and through modern facilities. Excellence will follow you from your education, to your career life, and into the future. 

Do not hesitate to apply for this scholarship. If you are a meritorious student with academic scores of 90% and above, do not shy away from trying your luck. It is time to grab this opportunity, apply for the scholarship, and get to enjoy a life-changing learning experience that will transform your future.

GIIS Communications Team

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