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Montessori Curriculum for Nursery School

We follow the esteemed Montessori curriculum - The Global Montessori Plus programme - that offers all-around development of preschoolers during their foundational years. We use the best practices of modern education along with the conventional Montessori approach that makes us one of the leading kindergarten schools in Ahmedabad.

We use modern teaching methodology coupled with a futuristic infrastructure to create a favorable ambience for our preschool students.  We help them blossom into confident youngsters eager to take up challenges as they step into the modern world. 

Nursery in Ahmedabad 

Preschool education in the best international school in Ahmedabad employs a well-designed curriculum tailored for students of the kindergarten section. The preschool programme is for kids aged 3 to 5 years where our expert faculty works towards the holistic development of our youngest stakeholders. 

Age Criteria for Preschool Admission

Age Criteria for Preschool Admission

Nursery admission in Ahmedabad is for children between 3 and 4 years of age. For  Kindergarten 1 and 2, the age criteria are 4 and 5 years, respectively. Our highly experienced faculty follow the Montessori approach that focuses on creating a favorable atmosphere in the classrooms and helps the kids evolve into individuals with unique identities. Our teachers introduce concepts and lessons in the best play school in Ahmedabad that helps our students learn about, and discover, the world around them in a holistic fashion. This makes GIIS the only international preschool of its kind in Ahmedabad.

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The Plus Program

Global Montessori School

The GMP Plus is the world-renowned Montessori programme that molds students into responsible citizens of the future. The traditional and modern teaching methods together add the ‘Plus’ that creates an atmosphere of holistic development for students. It prepares them for their higher classes and helps build a confident personality for their future.

Meet our faculty

Why Parents Prefer GMP?

GMP, or the Global Montessori Programme, is a fine combination of the world-renowned Montessori preschool education and the modern teaching methodology. It is a well-balanced preschool programme that introduces modern concepts in a child-friendly atmosphere through the traditional  Montessori method. A programme that lays importance on developing cognitive, expressive, and motor skills as well as inculcating social responsibility and environmental awareness amongst students. 

Seamless Transition

Our excellent faculty impart new concepts and the basics of math and language to our students in Kindergarten 2 which prepares them for a smooth transition to primary school. The individual attention offered to our students ensures every child grows into a keen observer and an eager learner. Learning thus becomes an adventure and an enjoyable activity that helps our students grow into emotionally, mentally, and physically stronger and confident individuals. 

Seamless Transition

Our Faculty

Our highly qualified teachers are carefully selected for the kindergarten section. They are passionate about their profession and understand the importance of instilling the right values in their young students. They use all the modern teaching methods to provide the necessary knowledge to their students and encourage the youngsters to give their best. They regularly upgrade themselves in their teaching techniques in order to offer only the best to their students.

Teachers in International school

9 GEMS Holistic Framework

The modern world recognizes the importance of not only cognizance but also creativity and social skills. This is why we combine academic excellence with sports, arts, and universal values that help in the holistic development and growth of our students. This unique learning programme helps students develop new perspectives. It helps them hone their academic, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills for their future vocational and career progress. 

More on 9 GEMS
9 GEMS Holistic Framework

Extra-Curricular Activities 

The wide array of indoor and outdoor activities organized under the watchful eyes of the teachers help the preschoolers improve their social skills and develop team spirit and analytical thinking. These activities help tap the hidden talents in students and foster their physical and mental growth and development. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities 

Co-curricular activities are also an important part of the curriculum at this playschool in Ahmedabad. These activities help the teachers in identifying the capabilities of their students and encourage them to develop their innate skills and increase their confidence. The CCAs also help kindle a passion in their hearts and channelize their energy.  Mandatory participation in these activities helps students shed their inhibitions and boosts their self-esteem.

Co-Curricular Activities

Safety Measures

The safety and security of our students are paramount to us at the Ahmedabad Pre-primary school. High-tech safety measures have been used at our campus. A secured entrance, closed-circuit cameras to guard the campus, and identification cards for all ensure the safety of our students as well as our faculty. 

Safety in Security in Preschool

Parent Engagement

We believe in making combined efforts along with parents to ensure the proper growth, development, and progress of our students. We have created a special parent portal called MYGIIS that caters to parent-teacher meetings. We share information regarding school events and activities as well as the progress of their children through this portal and encourage open communication with parents regarding every aspect of their children’s educational journey.

Parent Engagement

Subjects Offered 

The preschool in Ahmedabad offers subjects that provide knowledge and also the necessary stimulation to create a love for learning among students. Subjects that are not only informative but also strengthen the fundamentals of the three Rs are introduced at the kindergarten level. Students are introduced to these subjects and new concepts in a happy and engaging environment through free play and structured play. 

EVA (Environmental Awareness)
Dance and Music
Free play and structured play

Fees Structure For Pre-Primary School

Registration Fee
Payment Frequency
One Time, Non Refundable
Rs 0.00
Admission Fee
Payment Frequency
One Time, Non Refundable
Rs 5,467
Tuition Fees
Payment Frequency
Per Term (3 Months)

Rs 16,400
Annual Fee
Payment Frequency
Annual - One Time

Rs 65,600
15% discount for all siblings.  |  Re Registration Fees (Only for Continuing Students) - AED 950 (Adjustable)
Total Annual Recurring Fees
Rs. 71,067


Parent Testimonials

GIIS Testimonial - Rajiv Singh Sawhney
I am pleased with the way classes are happening even in such a difficult time. Through virtual classroom, not only my ward can continue academic smoothly and safely, but various scholastic and co-scholastic activities (like speaking activities, virtual festival celebration, lifeskill class, dance and yoga, art & craft classes)also help in his character development and learning.
Mrs. Parul Gupta
Mother of Hardik Jaiswal
We parents of Rishita Satwani Grade 11 Commerce would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the school for the education and holistic development of our child. The way the virtual classes are being conducted by the school is commendable as it has lead to the smooth functioning of our child's education.
Mr. Naresh Satwani
Father of Rishita Satwani
GIIS has demonstrated their excellence in teaching with their 9GEMS techniques ensuring the overall development of their pupils. Actual testimony is during COVID-19 where they stand outstanding among competitors. Teachers demonstrated consummate skills to provide flawless education with best-fit online teaching methods.
Mr. Nikesh Patel
Father of Tathya Nikesh Patel
GIIS Ahmedabad Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Our academic calendar for all students and parents to stay updated on the new events, exam schedules and holiday lists. 

Student Handbook 2021 - 2022
Academic Calendar 2023 - 2024
Exam Schedule 2022 - 2023
Holiday Schedule 2022 - 2023

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