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International School in Ahmedabad

GIIS is considered one of the best schools in Ahmedabad well known for its innovative approach towards education and academic excellence. It’s recognized as an acclaimed Ahmedabad international school with a world-class campus and outstanding infrastructure that builds knowledge and develops a positive culture among the students.

Why Choose Global Indian International School Over Other Ahmedabad International Schools?

GIIS is a multi-award-winning school offering a curriculum that nurtures 21st-century skills.

A Multi-Award Winning Indian International School in Ahmedabad

GIIS, a renowned international school campus, is well known for providing an extremely conducive environment with extraordinary facilities and a well-structured curriculum. It is recognized as the best international school in Ahmedabad winning several award sand constantly adding value by teaching the 21st-century skills that are required by the students for a better future.



GIIS Ahmedabad international school operates with an excellent vision to offer high standards of education and this can be achieved by monitoring the learning requirements of students. The international public school offers world-class amenities equipped with the latest technologies to give every child an opportunity to nurture their ambitions.

International Curriculum

GIIS being one of the best international schools offers the best curricula that can build a strong educational foundation for the students. Students are given excellent training and exposure that will give them an overall development.

Excellent Academic Achievements year over year

GIIS Ahmedabad international school, a pioneer in the education system ensures that all their students thrive in a positive environment and taste success equally. The results at GIIS international school have been extraordinary every year with many students achieving the top rank sat a national level.




University Placements

GIIS students are the most popular amongst the universities across the globe. We are proud to see our students achieving their dreams by being placed in the top colleges and universities.

Skill-based holistic teaching framework - 9GEMS

The 9GEMS holistic framework offered by GIIS is unique, exceptional and the best teaching methodology among the international public school. GIIS aims at molding their students to become extraordinary. This can be achieved only when we inculcate good values, enhance their skills along with exceptional academic preparedness. The 9GEMS curriculum concentrates on the extraordinary skills of the students and helps in making them powerful.


Campus World Wide








Active Students

Outstanding Global Community

GIIS international school campus has established its pre-eminence among the international public schools through a high-quality education system and first-class facilities. Students from different communities and backgrounds are a part of the remarkable global community. Students learn positive traits like socializing, teamwork, respecting different cultures. We empower them with skills and values that will help them to strive towards excellence.

Hear what parents have to say about us

I am pleased with the way classes are happening even in such a difficult time. Through virtual classroom, not only my ward can continue academic smoothly and safely, but various scholastic and co-scholastic activities (like speaking activities, virtual festival celebration, lifeskill class, dance and yoga, art & craft classes)also help in his character development and learning.
Mrs. Parul Gupta
Mother of Hardik Jaiswal
We parents of Rishita Satwani Grade 11 Commerce would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the school for the education and holistic development of our child. The way the virtual classes are being conducted by the school is commendable as it has lead to the smooth functioning of our child's education.
Mr. Naresh Satwani
Father of Rishita Satwani
GIIS has demonstrated their excellence in teaching with their 9GEMS techniques ensuring the overall development of their pupils. Actual testimony is during COVID-19 where they stand outstanding among competitors. Teachers demonstrated consummate skills to provide flawless education with best-fit online teaching methods.
Mr. Nikesh Patel
Father of Tathya Nikesh Patel

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