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Guide for parents looking for the Best CBSE International School in Ahmedabad

GIIS Communications Team
Jun 4, 2021
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Fulfilling the need for quality education for any child is one of the most important goals of responsible parenting. As a parent, one can do their best in teaching their child all the right things they need to know to be prepared for life, but to do it at the right time can seem to be challenging. This is where schools come in. 

By providing a set curriculum that takes into account the growing desires of a child’s thirst for knowledge, the right school can go a long way in preparing a young one as a kind and compassionate member of society. For most parents in Ahmedabad, the availability of a high number of schools poses more problems than it provides. So we shall have a look at the education system in Ahmedabad, which is considered to be one of the foremost centres of education in India.

The education system in Ahmedabad

A high rate of development has catapulted Ahmedabad to become one of the most sought after regions to stay in India. The modern amenities seen in the city enabled the administration to encourage premier educational institutes to set campuses across the region. One such educational campus in Ahmedabad is the Global Indian International School (GIIS). This school in Ahmedabad has a campus established in 2014, GIIS has grown to offer exceptional education to more and more students every year. 

As a school that practises the ‘Schools That Learn’ philosophy, GIIS continues to evolve its learning approach to meet the ever-changing standards of global education. Read below to find out why GIIS stands true to its promise of ensuring high-quality education to each and every one of its students.

How does GIIS offer the best international schooling environment for your child?

1. Adaptive curriculum

Offering one of the most reliable curriculums recognized in India, GIIS’ CBSE programme provides students from Grades 1 to 12 with the necessary academic and skills-based knowledge required in a global scenario. For kindergarten, it offers the unique Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme which teaches young students to be life-long learners as well.

2. World-class teaching faculty

The quality of teachers at GIIS is always exceptional as the school believes that teachers form the backbone of any student’s learning experience. All teachers are well-trained to adapt to students’ needs and give them the right guidance at every step of the way.

3. Modern facilities

With state-of-the-art infrastructure built across the school’s campus, GIIS ensures that no stone is left unturned in providing students with the same experiences that their counterparts have in other developed countries. From a spacious football ground to a well-stocked library, every facility in GIIS maintains its commitment to global standards.

4. 9GEMS framework

The goal of ensuring holistic development of children is met by GIIS due to its award-winning ‘9GEMS’ educational framework. It focuses on fostering academic excellence, a spirit of sportsmanship, innate creativity and much more, among all its students through its adaptive curriculum.

5. Specialized programmes for students

GIIS encourages its students to develop their talents through an array of activities. With different clubs for students enthusiastic about mathematics, science, public speaking, etc. GIIS ensures that no child’s potential is left untapped by the time they are done with their schooling. 

6. Emphasis on extracurricular activities

Apart from the value-added programmes mentioned above, GIIS also inculcates the sportsmanship spirit in every child through a number of activities such as Badminton, Basketball, Table-tennis, Martial Arts, Chess and more. With these activities, the school seeks to encourage the students to participate in team-building exercises to teach the importance of collaboration and learning from their peers.

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7. Inclusion of the Happiness Index

At the core of the GIIS educational framework lies the idea of deriving joy in every step of the learning process. Hence, to ensure that this goal is met through its curriculum, GIIS has devised the Happiness Index to periodically assess the quality of fun that its students are having as a part of their educational journey. 

By measuring the Index with factors such as student feedback, parent testimonials, high academic performance, student-centric questionnaires, etc. GIIS ensures that a joyful and engaging environment always exists for students to thrive in.

8. Affordable fee-structure

While some CBSE international schools charge exorbitant fees in contrast to the modern infrastructure and comprehensive curriculum they provide to their students, GIIS ensures that a reasonably priced fee structure is in place to cater to as many students as possible. Ranging from Rs. 60,776 for its GMP programme to Rs. 69,164 onwards for its CBSE programme, GIIS offers a well-designed, annual fee structure that is appropriately priced in accordance with the world-class facilities it has to offer.

How to get admission into Schools in Ahmedabad?

Keeping in mind the busy lives that parents can have these days, GIIS Ahmedabad has tailored its school admission process to be smooth and easy to complete in a very short time. Parents can begin their journey of gaining admission by contacting the school authorities after registering on the school’s official website. Next, they can choose to either visit the school campus or join the virtual counselling to get a better idea of the GIIS’ innovative teaching methodologies, campus facilities, etc. 

As part of this step, students also have to undergo a short assessment undertaken by the counsellors to gauge the student’s knowledge levels. Once satisfied with what they see, parents can then further proceed to submit the application form with the necessary documents and complete the payment for their child’s first term of the academic year. 


While parents are always aiming to impart the best of knowledge to their children, it is well-understood that gaining a complete holistic education is only possible through innovative teaching methods and co-curricular activities. Therefore, schools such as GIIS can be considered as one of the best choices for parents as they not only provide education with an emphasis on overall development of their students but also prepare them to become mature, compassionate and contributing members of a global society.

GIIS Communications Team

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