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Why is The Global Indian International School (GIIS) the Best Primary School in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Jun 4, 2021
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Ahmedabad is a city that has witnessed a wave of modernization over the past few years. This wave along with it brought the development of huge skyscrapers, markets, business centres, etc that improved the living and working standards of the city by large. Even multinational companies could not resist the resource-rich city of Ahmedabad, opening up offices and workplaces in some parts of the city.

This shift of modernization that has reshaped the city of Ahmedabad in the past few years, also brought about a need for change in the education system of the city. Today, almost any field of profession requires its employees to have high critical thinking, good physical fitness, and a knowledge of how things are done.

While some schools still make use of the obsolete teaching methods that were developed in the past, they still manage to develop the skill sets of their students to an extent. However, these schools often forget about the other critical areas of development that are truly essential for every student in this day and age, 

Schools that have modernized their methods of teaching by using state of the art educational frameworks, often target an all-round development in students through which they ensure that the students have all the skills and qualities that they might need to face the challenges of the future in abundance. 

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Ahmedabad is a school that has made its name for its excellent results and its promise of an all-around holistic development to the students. Parents of students from age 5 to 11 can apply for GIIS Ahmedabad’s Primary School.

This school follows its award-winning educational framework called the 9GEMS holistic framework that has been crafted to meet the demands of modern education.

How does GIIS’ 9GEMS framework work to secure a better future for your young ones?

9GEMS framework is an unconventional framework of education that was built by the GIIS organization to train students through modern education. In this day and age, students face problems and challenges that are very different from what students faced in the previous century. Today more students dream to achieve higher qualifications in terms of education and professional life.

In order to push them on the right path, the 9GEMS framework works to provide development to 9 different areas in every student. This process of development is carried out through various activities and class projects that are specially designed to target specific areas of your young one’s mental and physical capabilities. 

9GEMS framework induces a sense of responsibility in the students who feel motivated to work hard on their subjects and lessons. This drive of hard work that is fueled by self-motivation is what takes the results of these students to a whole new level of excellence. Students who understand the importance of hard work at such an age, start indulging more and more of their time towards honing and polishing their skills. 

All in all, 9GEMS plays an important role in ensuring a secure future for your children.

Schools like GIIS that understand the challenges students face today can provide premium quality education to their students with the help of such well-structured frameworks. Following are some of the key points of the 9GEMS framework in GIIS schools.


GIIS Ahmedabad offers scholarships and other confidence-boosting programs

Students like being rewarded for their hard work. GIIS realizes that hard-working students can further be motivated to keep up with their good work through scholarship programs. The scholarship programs offered by GIIS are designed in such a way that students can win these scholarships by just performing well in their academic year. With such initiatives and reward systems at their disposal, students also concentrate more in their classes and lectures. This produces better results and a happier learning environment in the classrooms.

GIIS Ahmedabad has a NextGen campus

Modern education can not be complete without the use of modern technology. Digital devices and gadgets today provide us with an opportunity to understand the typical concepts of this world with ease and enjoyment. When put into use at schools or other educational institutes, these gadgets and devices work really well as they boost the student’s creativity and help them understand the hard topics of their curriculum with ease and joy.

GIIS also understands the importance that physical wellness can play in any person’s life. With this in mind, GIIS Ahmedabad has a number of well-maintained grounds and sports fields that the students can use to improve their physical abilities. Improved physical health in the students helps them boost their mental health as well. 

Not only this, but GIIS Ahmedabad also has an ample amount of labs with top-quality equipment available for the students. During schooling years, students can gain experience through guided experimentation. Experimentation also helps students get a deeper understanding of their subjects and further promotes the interest in the subject.


In the end, a framework alone can not bring out any results without the help of well-trained teachers. GIIS International School in Ahmedabad and its team of caring professionals bring out a calm and composed atmosphere to their classes where students can truly flourish. Students find it easier to concentrate when they are at ease and are free from stressful situations. The experience these teachers bring to the table helps them rid these students of any trouble that might distract them from their studies.

GIIS with the help of its prestigious framework, not only ensures better results but also induces better behaviour in the students, not only making them good employees or bosses of the future but also good humans that are kind to their surroundings. Students today need a school that has modernized its methods of teaching to better meet the demands and challenges of the modern world. GIIS truly succeeds in bringing modern, unconventional education to our localities.

GIIS Communications Team

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