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How to Decide the Right Age to Get Preschool Admission for Your Child?

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The beginning of every stage in a child's life brings a lot of excitement. A parent is thrilled when a child takes their first step, when they utter their first word or smile for the first time, their first tooth, among other exciting milestones. 

Now enrolling a child in school tops the list of the things a parent looks forward to. You will even find a parent to a one-year-old considering enrolling their child in school. See, this raises the question: What is the right age to get preschool admission for your child?

Many factors influence the decision about the right age to enrol your child in preschool, but first, a focus on why preschools are crucial.

The following are reasons why you should enrol your child in preschool:-

1. To Foster a Child's Independence

Children at a tender age depend on their parents for everything. Enrolling a child in school enables them to break their dependence on their parents and start doing things independently. Through preschools, a child learns to self-rely, a lifelong quality. Independence comes in handy in the child's future as they know to work to accomplish things independently and stand up for what they believe in. It also helps them self-entertain; thus, they do not tie their happiness to someone else.

2. To enable a Child to acquire Literacy Skills

The best preschools in Ahmedabad introduce learners to formal education. They enable your little child to master literacy skills. Literacy skills refer to the ability to read and write. One cannot transition to the next class while they lack literacy skills. Therefore, every parent should enrol their child in school to ensure that they gain these vital skills.

3. To Foster your Child's Social Development

Who does your child interact with at home? While at home, a child will mostly interact with a parent or a parent's friend, especially if they are an only child. Now, these interactions may not be sufficient, hence the need to interact with fellow children. Your child may not even know how to speak, but they develop speech faster when they interact with preschool peers. They also learn how to express themselves, thus acquiring communication skills virtually.

Preschools boost a child's social development by fostering the acquisition of social skills such as problem-solving skills and empathy, to mention a few.

4. To allow you to Work

Children at a tender age require consistent care and attention from their parents. But they will also need a parent to provide the necessities such as food, clothing, and proper healthcare, to mention a few. Now, one may not provide for these necessities while staying at home. They will need to go and get a job. Preschools, therefore, provide alternative care for your child as you work. It may be cheaper than hiring a nanny, plus your child gets to access the benefits of being in a preschool.

So how do you decide on the right age to get preschool admission for your child?

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Parents should consider the following in deciding the right age to enrol their children in preschool:-

1. The Government Regulations

Some countries are stringent on the right age for a child to enrol in preschool. Some states require that a child be 3-5 years old to enrol in preschool. Therefore, before enrolling your child in school, you should conduct intensive research to determine the government's take about the right age to enrol your child in school. It would be best if you did as the government dictates to avoid landing in trouble.


2. Your Child's Health

As much as you want to enrol your child in school, you must consider your child's health. Does your baby's health condition allow you to enrol your child in school for two years? Some children have health complications; for instance, your child could be autistic or asthmatic, requiring closer parental attention. Therefore, it is not advisable to enrol them in school at a very tender age as they may not get the necessary care only a parent can provide.

3. Your Work Convenience

As much as you love your child, you cannot neglect your Work to stay home and care for them. Therefore, you can decide to enrol them in school at a very tender age to allow you to continue working. You could choose to enrol them in preschool instead of hiring a nanny or a babysitter and pick them up from school after your working hours. If you are a housewife, you could decide to wait and enrol your child in preschool at four years or your preferential age.

4. The school

Different schools have different preschool admission ages. For instance, the Global Indian International School in Ahmedabad requires that all children admitted in preschool be three years and above. Therefore, to enrol your child in school, they must be three years of age. 

On the other hand, some schools are open to children at a much tender age; some schools, especially nursery schools, also known as daycares, can admit children at even six months. Therefore, parents should consider the school's age regulatory rules before deciding on the right age to enrol their child in school.

5. Your Child's Readiness

Is your child ready to join preschool? Considering whether your baby is ready for school can be the best way to decide on the right age to enrol them in preschool. For instance, you could register your child in preschool, and once you leave, they start kicking and crying the entire day. 

Therefore you decide to withdraw them from school for a year till they are three years then enrol them back to school. It is worth noting that before removing them from school, you could try to find out the reason for their behaviour or give them time to see whether there's a change of heart.

Preschools play a vital role in child life both in school and after school. Every parent should, therefore, enrol their child in school. However, deciding the right age to enrol your child in preschool can be problematic. Therefore, parents should consider these tips to help guide them in the right age to enrol their child in school.

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