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How to select Top Preschools in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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Pre Primary school is a crucial stage in a child’s journey of academic education. Besides being a gateway to their future studies, nurturing preschools in Ahmedabad would help a child learn their abilities and their place in the society. It is here where most of the kids interact and make friends for the first time where they make their first impressions of the outside world. Therefore, it's extremely important that the parents choose a preschool that offers the right kind of environment in this vulnerable stage of their kids’ life.

Pre-schools in Ahmedabad have come a long way to bridge this gap between the scary outer world and the comfortable home. Ahmedabad now not only provides one of the finest pre-school education in the country, but it is also setting an example and paving a way by providing global international school education to all its children. 

There are award winning programs like the GMP program which are offered by pres-schools inAhmedabad that boast of a holistic curriculum to provide international exposure. These schools have customized their teaching by integrating modern technologies while keeping the core principles of Maria Montessori’s curriculum, making it some of the best preschools in Ahmedabad.

Pre Primary Education in Ahmedabad

In the past two years, Ahmedabad has gradually continued to grow as one of the biggest industrious cities in India. A city like Ahmedabad which has been painstakingly planned and designed to sustain the projected growth was expecting a major surge in numbers of new families migrating from different parts of the country into the city. With this influx of new nuclear families in the city every year, the growth of the pre-primary school sector has been immense, especially in the last two decades.

Features of the Top Preschools in Ahmedabad

With the saturation of options and information, it can be hard for parents to make up their minds in deciding which school they should select for their child. It's never easy to zero down on one school because there's always an alternative that you are afraid will turn out to be better. Some factors that parents in Ahmedabad should keep in their minds when looking for a global international school education are: 

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1. Learning

Pre-Primary schools across the world have adopted varied learning programmes with each school going for what they think is best for a child's right growth. As mentioned earlier, one of the most renowned programmes/ curriculum is the Global Montessori Programme. Some lesser-known but equally admirable programmes include the Reggio Emilia approach which focuses on expression through creativity (Painting, Clay art, sketching, origami etc). There's also something called a Waldorf approach, the High Scope approach, etc, all of them, apt in their unique ways. These methodologies of teaching have been designed and composed by early modern child educationists and are vouched by reputable child psychologists, commending them for their efficacy. It’s for the parents to decide which approach aligns with their idea of education the best.

2. Facilities

This is a no brainer, a school that has a lot to offer, opens up the arena of possibilities for a student. A good wide playground means that the kid is most likely to play around and a digital classroom means that the kid would be familiar with modern technology and so on. One should also keep in mind what facility would actually add value to the kids’ learning and distinguish between them and the ones that are only decorating the brochures.

3. Teachers

The most valuable assets that a school can have are the teachers working in it. It's often the parents' mistake to not factor in the school teachers' qualifications and competence into their decision making while selecting a perfect school. Good teachers rightly make learning a valuable undertaking in the kids’ mind and (especially in pre-schools) teachers are also in charge of making the school setting warm for the impressionable minds of these young children

4. Transport

It's not at every parent's convenience that they can pick and drop their child, to and fro. The need for a mode of safe and punctual school transport is of prominence.

Application process in preschools in Ahmedabad

The application form can be submitted in person or through the website on any of these school campuses. Along with the submission of other essential documents such as the student’s birth certificate, parent income certificate, etc., parents can secure admission quickly after availing their initial campus tour or virtual counselling session where the parents would be briefed about the curriculum and the fees.

A kid gets familiar with the real world for the first time during preschool. It is only natural that the parents are picky in deciding the best Preschool  in Ahmedabad for their kid. There are many stellar  global international schools in Ahmedabad and deciding between them can be a large undertaking too. But knowing the factors that one should keep in mind such as researching the curriculum of the pre-school and getting to know the teachers who your child would be meeting and interacting with daily can help in making the decision making less hard. 

These schools also make it a little easier for the parents to ensure that the student’s holistic development occurs with the right guidance and care necessary for the highly impressionable brain of younglings.

GIIS Communications Team

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