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Global Indian International School (GIIS): The Best Choice for Parents looking for Preschool in Ahmedabad

GIIS Communications Team
Jun 4, 2021
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Every child is born with their own respective potential to transform the world. This potential is realized through the means of quality education. In their act of transforming the world, children have to first begin from the point of self-transformation. Be it in their ability to articulate their thoughts coherently or in their ability to be empathetic towards others, children educated in the right manner turn out to be confident active members of the global community. 

In a country like India, it’s only in the past couple of decades that renowned educational centres have started emphasizing on ensuring the holistic development of children. For parents choosing the right preschool can be a hectic process. Before we begin, let’s have a look at the general understanding of education provided in Ahmedabad to understand which choice of school is your best bet as a parent.

Overview of Education in Ahmedabad

One of the largest cities in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has undeniably experienced a lot of development. As it rode on the boom of the textile industry, the city of Ahmedabad got introduced to a high standard of living. This high standard of life further encouraged even more parents to settle in the city. Owing to the variety of cultures that occupied this region in the past, Ahmedabad got equipped with excellent infrastructure across the city. 

This infrastructural prowess is reflected in its modern educational campuses such as the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Ahemdabad that was established in the year 2014. As one of the premier institutions offering the latest in modern education, GIIS offers all the essential benefits that are crucial to developing the potential of young nursery students.

What to look for while selecting a preschool?

The apt preschool for your child is the one that enables students to become self-learners for their whole life. Young students ought to be taught that their journey of learning doesn’t just stop after receiving formal education, but needs to continue even after they complete their necessary years of schooling. 

When looking for the right preschool, parents must focus on choosing a preschool where students have access to gaining knowledge beyond the scope of traditional learning. Only then can their overall development be ensured. By learning academic subjects along with participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, parents can make sure that their kids’ talent is recognised outside the four walls of a classroom. This confidence can boost a child’s self-reliance and affirm their belief in being independent learners who are not afraid of failure. 

Teachers play an important role in encouraging students to overcome their fear of failure by acting as supportive ‘mentors’. They do so by playing the role of a supervisor who stands behind children and gives the right nudge of guidance in the right direction. Furthermore, the facilities provided on the campus of the apt preschool can nurture a positive attitude in children that stays with them throughout their life. 

While some preschools offer conventional methods of curriculum, some offering modified curriculums coupled with the latest learning strategies can give students the competitive edge they need to be responsible and contributing members of a global society. Preschools such as the GIIS Ahmedabad offer these various benefits to each and every one of its students by ensuring affordable fees to make the opportunity of high-quality education available for every child in the city.


Benefits offered by GIIS Ahmedabad

Very few schools offer the unique learning approach as GIIS when it comes to providing a comprehensive curriculum for the betterment of young students. Through its Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme, GIIS ensures all the advantages of the renowned Montessori approach are provided to children. The ‘Plus’ factor of this preschool programme refers to the unique additions made by GIIS through the use of the latest innovative learning tools that are enabled with the help of modern methodologies of teaching. 

Students are admitted in a mixed-age group format which helps them acquire the skills of collaboration and respect for peer-to-peer conversations in a healthy environment. Children with age differences of 2-3 years studying in the same environment are exposed to discussions of new ideas that would have otherwise not been possible in a conventional environment.

The emphasis on maintaining a healthy student-teacher ratio helps teachers give a personalised learning experience to each and every student. Not only  teachers are encouraged to have personal interactions with kids as often as possible, but they are also directed to understand every student’s potential and craft their scope of individual learning to bring out the best in each child. 

The learner-centric environment of GIIS preschool classrooms ensures that students have the freedom to freely work their way through the learning tools provided to them and thus develop their own spirit of self-inquiry. Such a learning environment goes a long way in securing the holistic development of every student. 

Admission Procedure at GIIS

Given below is the admission procedure that parents need to follow in order to secure admission for their children in the Best Preschool in Ahmedabad is made simple by their staff. First, parents can contact the school and express their interest in securing their child’s admission in GIIS. 

Next, they are given the option of either scheduling a campus tour or a Virtual Counselling session that can help them and their children get accustomed to the school’s learning environment. After this step, the cognitive skills of students are assessed by GIIS’ expert counsellors from where parents can proceed to the submission of the application form followed by the payment of fees for their child’s 1st term of preschooling. 


The untapped potential of every child need not be unlocked by just parents, rather, teachers can put students on the path of growing and learning. This process not only ensures that the children are able to experience transformative changes in their way of thinking but also ensures that holistic development is achieved at an accelerated pace. 

Therefore, schools like GIIS, International School in Ahmedabad aid young students in becoming highly confident, self-learners who are prepared to take on their future through sound academic and social development.

GIIS Communications Team

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