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7 Advantages of Applying for The GIIS FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship

GIIS Communications Team
Jan 29, 2021
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Scholarships have allowed students to access high-quality education. Students either receive free education or pay a small amount of money for tuition. We have introduced scholarships to ensure more students get access to quality and affordable education. The Global Indian International School (GIIS) is at the frontline of offering scholarships and supporting more students at their campuses in the region. 

Through its umbrella organisation, the Global School Foundation (GFS), GIIS offers scholarships, such as:

● The Global FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship

● Global Citizen Scholarship

● Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

● 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

All these scholarships have varying eligibility criteria and an endless list of benefits. 

However, in this article, we will focus on the advantages of the prestigious Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship at GIIS Ahmedabad.

The Global FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship at GIIS Ahmedabad

GIIS Ahmedabad, the top international school in the country, offers the GIIS FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship. It is a merit-based scholarship that supports Grade 11 and 12 students who excel in academia. 

Apart from Ahmedabad, meritorious students receive a golden opportunity to study at any of the GIIS campuses in the country - Noida, Pune campuses at Hadapsar and Balewadi, and the Bangalore campuses located in Whitefield and Bannerghatta. The two-year scholarship aims to educate the students, prepare them for the future, and groom them for higher education in learning institutions worldwide. Below are some solid reasons why enrolling in the institution can have long-term benefits.

Benefits of the GIIS FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship

1. High-Quality Education

The institution uses the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. Schools in India and around the world recognise the quality of education offered by this curriculum. The diversity of this curriculum makes it easier for students to receive admission into impressive higher learning institutions. 

Apart from quality education, the curriculum also focuses on the physical and mental development of the student. The students engage in activities that require high-level reasoning and apply the concepts they learn in class to various real-life situations.

2. GIIS Faculty

These teachers devote their time to grooming the students for the future and imparting necessary knowledge. They have a lot of experience and expertise in their field, making them some of the best teachers in the country. The teachers receive annual training that enhances their inter-personal skills and teaches them how to incorporate modern learning methods. They learn how to encourage the success of each student. 

3. University Placement

The sole purpose of this scholarship is to support the meritorious students and prepare them for higher education. Every year, many Grade 12 students get a university acceptance letter before graduation. 

GIIS students get placements to reputable universities, such as Oxford University, UCLA, Harvard, Imperial College, Nanyang Technological university, and the University of Singapore, to name a few. The scholarship beneficiaries will receive guidance and career advice from professionals and university representatives during workshops and career fairs organised at the school.


4. GIIS Core Values

The institution aims to produce students who are productive and have strong moral values. GIIS has several core values that guide the learning process at the institution. Some of the core values include:

● Manage with information and metrics

● Agility and adaptability

● Attitude before knowledge

● Honesty, integrity, and ethical practices

● Mentor, coach, and make a difference

● Teamwork

● Ambience for Learning

These values guide the teachers and students to ensure holistic development. The GIIS FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship beneficiaries can adapt these values and gain more than quality education from the institution. The values mould the students and lay a firm foundation for the future.

5. Professional Preparation

GIIS Ahmedabad prepares the students for the professional sector from the moment they join the school. GIIS FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship lets students experience the school structure that promotes independence, creativity, and critical thinking. Whether you are a preschooler or a high school student, the school encourages you to lay a firm foundation for your future. 

From rigorous technological and entrepreneurial boot camps, the students can learn leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, and a range of other skills that will help them prepare for their careers. The school also hosts career fairs and invites professionals who talk to the students and give them insights on what they should expect from their career choices. These fairs are also a great way of helping the students settle on a suitable undergraduate program at the university.

6. Teamwork and community welfare

After high school education, your child will join the real world and integrate with others as an adult. Therefore, they need to get proper training and grooming that will make this transition easier for them. 

The students participate in several volunteer initiatives and school activities that require teamwork and prepare them for responsibilities beyond the GIIS Ahmedabad environment.

The school organises tree-planting initiatives, charity drives, and environmental awareness programs that teach students the importance of taking care of the community. 

7. The 9 GEMS Pedagogy

The 9GEMS pedagogy is an award-winning framework that acts as the cornerstone for the institution. The pedagogy consists of vital 9GEMS, such as academic excellence, sports excellence, personality development, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership, to name a few. 

The scholarship beneficiaries will learn all of these values and utilise them in their daily life. The students receive holistic learning that nurtures them to thrive in any environment and adapt to the changing times of the modern world. The GIIS Ahmedabad faculty members rely on the 9 GEMS pedagogy to instil the value of teamwork and community welfare in the students.

The Scholarship is the gateway to the real world for GIIS high school students. The beneficiaries can be part of the GIIS fraternity and create lasting relationships.

Therefore, take some time to fill up the school enquiry form and apply for this prestigious scholarship and enhance your learning experience. The scholarship is open for new applicants every three months on the GIIS Ahmedabad website. If you have any questions about the GIIS Future Ready scholarship, please feel free to reach out to our admission counsellor for more information.

GIIS Communications Team

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