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8 Awesome Benefits of Studying at an International School

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In recent times, international schools are drawing more attention from parents who are seeking a learning facility that can offer an all-round education experience. Parents are beginning to realize that a child's education can go beyond classroom teaching. 

Many international schools are equipped with the facilities and personnel to give your child a wholesome learning experience. However, GIIS Ahmedabad is one of the best international schools in the country. 

The multi-award-winning institution offers quality education and an all-around learning experience that will transform your child's future. In case you are wondering what makes the high-level international school stand-out, keep on reading to understand the benefits of enrolling your child in GIIS Ahmedabad.

1. International-level education

The main benefit of joining Global Indian International School Ahmedabad is receiving high-quality education from the extensive curricula at the institution. GIIS offers international-standard education to students from preschool to high school. 

The preschool students in pre-KG to K2 can start with the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) curriculum before transitioning to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12. The curricula focus on offering international standard education that will allow your child to enroll in various universities and undergraduate programs around the world. GIIS strives for academic excellence.

2. Scholarship opportunities

GIIS offers a lot more scholarship opportunities than regular international or  public schools in Ahmedabad. The institution rewards scholarships to students every three months, four times a year, to encourage good performances in all areas. The scholarships include:

a) Global Citizen Scholarship: Outstanding academic performers in Ahmedabad receive this scholarship to enable them to get a high school education from GIIS Ahmedabad. The Global Schools Foundation picks a deserving student who is also a resident of Ahmedabad to receive the 2-year scholarship.

b) Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship: The beneficiaries receive an opportunity to study at prominent GIIS schools in Noida, Pune-Balewadi & Hadapsar, Bangalore-Whitefield, and Bannerghatta.

c) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship: Students who incline towards technology and other digital innovations receive this scholarship to encourage them to continue nurturing their innovative skills.

d) 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship: This award-winning scholarship helps the beneficiaries to adapt to the changes that occur in the world today by instilling in them the values of the nine areas that this scholarship represents.

These scholarships make education affordable for GIIS students and their parents.


3. Extracurricular activities

GIIS believes in integrating various extracurricular activities to promote a wholesome education. These activities help in bringing out the students' personalities and encourage individuality. The nine areas covered by the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship include sports excellence, personality development, creativity, etc. These activities enable students to develop their skills in the nine areas mentioned above.

The teachers organize sporting events and co-curricular activities that foster healthy competition. The students are often divided into groups of four to compete against each other in sporting events like badminton, chess, cricket, martial arts, basketball, etc. Students who excel in specific sports join the school's Gold Squad Programme for goal-oriented training by professional coaches. GIIS invests in state-of-the-art facilities for each of these activities.

4. Co-curricular activities

Apart from excelling in sports, GIIS has co-curricular programs that enhance a sense of partnership and belonging in students. These activities help students discover their hidden talents and develop confidence. The different clubs also enhance cultural integration, which leads to exposure for the students. 

The students get to nurture their talents and compete in the art club, Kalidas Theatre club, GGIS chef, and Digital art club, to name a few. The 9 areas of GIIS’s 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship are incorporated in all the aspects of the school to encourage all-round development.

5. Facilities

GIIS does not spare any expenses when it comes to investing in the facilities within the school. The school uses facilities that are backed by modern technology. Every aspect of the institution aims to enhance the learning process by providing a desirable and comfortable environment for the students. 

Every department, from the sports department to the music department, enjoys state-of-the-art equipment and indoor/outdoor spaces to nurture the young talents. Some of the innovative facilities include the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values, Audio-Visual room, state of the art library, IT Lab, and the Britannica learning zone, to mention a few. GIIS classes have designs that facilitate good lighting and proper ventilation.

6. University placement

As your child joins GIIS, he or she can be sure of joining a good university and undergraduate program in the future. Universities around the world recognize the GIIS franchise and are quick to admit students from the institution. 

Every year, more than 50% of the Grade 12 students receive placements from prominent universities like Harvard, UCLA, Oxford, and the University of Cambridge. Various local and international universities hold events at the institution to provide the students and parents with an opportunity to choose suitable programs from the universities. 

They offer counselling sessions, career fairs, and expert assistance to help you find a good program. GIIS high school students also get help in preparing their applications and transcripts if they want to apply for a scholarship at the university.

7. Skilled Faculty

At GIIS Ahmedabad, we have teachers with outstanding qualifications who are experts in their fields. The teachers undergo intense interviews to evaluate their teaching methods, interpersonal skills, and their ability to adapt. They undergo a minimum of 80 hours of GIIS-approved training each year to develop their skills. GIIS also collaborates with international lecturers and educators to provide a quality education through virtual learning.

8. Holistic development

GIIS aims to produce students who are distinguished global citizens and can adapt to any environment. At GIIS Ahmedabad, students receive an education that focuses on their overall development and not just the academic aspect. 

They incorporate different phenomenal activities, which complement the learning process without adding a lot of pressure on the student. The areas covered by the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship include- academic excellence, sports excellence, personality development, visual and performing arts, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership, universal values and ethics, skills development, and community care.  The education students receive at GIIS relies on these values.

GIIS is a remarkable and secure international school that aims to produce prominent global citizens who excel in business, leadership, and other ventures. Enrolling your child in GIIS Ahmedabad will give them access to many opportunities and mold them into outstanding adults.

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