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Why should you choose International Schools for your child in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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Parents have the utmost love and affection towards their children and always  want the best of everything for them. They encourage their children to follow the right path in life, they teach them to walk through the hardships of life and support them throughout, right from the beginning, till the end. The schools also teach the students similar things. They encourage their children to dream high because they believe dreams bring purpose to their lives. We all can  agree that life without purpose and dream is meaningless. 


Education System in Ahmedabad

 Ahmedabad is also known as Karnavali and is one of the largest cities of Gujarat. It was also the former capital of the Indian state of Gujarat. This city is very clean and pious . The people of this city are very hospitable, clean hearted and honest. The city of Ahmedabad has established itself as the home of the developing textile industry and has earned the nickname “Manchester of East”. The Times Of India, in 2012, chose Ahmedabad as the best city to live in India.


English medium schools in Ahmedabad

 There are numerous english medium schools in Ahmedabad and some of these are the best international schools in Ahmedabad. These schools, with their phenomenal teaching patterns, drastically change the mindset of multiple Indians for the better. Education, as the powerful weapon it is, changes our outlook towards life substantially. Education is the sword that works as a weapon and lets us voice our opinions by the knowledge it has imbibed in us.. It inspires us not only to dream high but also prepares us with experiences which help us attain our desires. 


International Schools in Ahmedabad

 An international school in Ahmedabad can also be defined as one that promotes international education along with an international environment. This is done by adopting various curriculums such as International Baccalaureate(IB), CBSE, Cambridge Assessment International Education, Edexcel or by following a national curriculum different from that of the school's country of residence. These schools mainly cater to non-national students. These students are children of staff of  international organizations, business, foreing embassies, missions etc. Local students  usually attend these schools for the exposure they get, new languages they get to learn, and obtain qualifications for employment or higher education in a foreign country.      


Benefits of  International schools in Ahmedabad 

 ● Facilities

The infrastructural perspective of an international school in Ahmedabad is one of the major factors why the local families even favour them. They include all the latest technological methods in classrooms as well as the laboratories to make learning fun and engaging. Facilities for extracurricular activities include the latest sports equipment, large clean swimming pools, theatres, musical equipment, indoor games to promote creativity, and much more. Therefore, these facilities provide a platform to the student where one can not only hone their existing skills but also discover their potential.

● Practical Experiments

Learning through experiences is a practice found in every international school in Ahmedabad. This type of learning promotes the holistic development of a child and gives them exposure to practical implementation. Whether it is a well-equipped lab to teach science or a field trip to a museum, different practical experiences will lead to complete personality development of the students.

● Scholarships

To aid the deserving students, international schools in Ahmedabad provide educational scholarships with different eligibility criterias to the students. Firstly there is a Global Future Ready Merit scholarship. This is a noteworthy scholarship that offers an inspiring chance for a major learning experience that will prepare the students to become global citizens and have easier access to the reputable universities and prominent undergraduate programs of their choice.
The schools also provide the Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship. Through this Merit-Cum-Means scholarship,  Global Indian International School Ahmedabad is able to extend support through financial assistance therefore making education affordable for parents across financial spectrums. Yet another scholarship provided only by GIIS Ahmedabad is 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship. This framework is an award-winning holistic teaching methodology that helps students meet the changing needs of the time. This scholarship encourages the students to groom, sharpen their inherent strengths and boost their personalities to make them well-developed citizens. For eligibility, application, tenure you can check the school website for more details.

● Expert Educators

The staff of the International schools in Ahmedabad are experts in their fields. Their faculty is very diverse. In the end, the standards set by these  international schools call for teachers who are adept in a specific subject and possess very good communication skills making them a huge asset. It has qualified teachers who are highly passionate to teach and learn along with the students. This perfect combination of characteristics makes the teachers available to connect with every student. 

This ability of the educators takes the students beyond the scope of the four walls of the classroom. The teachers increase the students' engagement in class by making the class more interactive and keeping scope for discussions on various related topics. The discussions interest the students and make them passionate about their subjects hence the students enjoy learning and completing their homework and studying without any delay. This makes the students more confident and self-reliant. They don't have to worry about their tests as they are always prepared for this challenge.    

● Career Counselling

The schools appoint a career counsellor so that their students can get a comprehensive and detailed career counselling hence supporting, guiding and encouraging the students to aspire for higher education. After the results of the tests arrive, the counsellor studies the performance of each student individually and guides them with suitable universities for further education. They also provide a personal counselling session with the students parents to help them understand the details better. When the students finalize their universities, the counsellor guides them in the application process by  collecting the necessary documents.


● Placements

The students who graduate from these english medium International schools in Ahmedabad take up CBSE, IBDP etc mostly to earn a university acceptance letter before they leave. These institutions are well reputed and prestigious universities based in Singapore like Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore, United States and United Kingdom like Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon and the London School of Economics etc.


● University Connect

These international schools hold various student-centric events in their campus and actively invite world-wide universities to take part in it. These universities provide the students as well as their parents a platform to reach out to them helping them identify suitable programmes.

These events also include individual counselling, career fairs, university visits, information sessions along with constant assistance from an expert for the university application process, preparation of transcripts, obtaining recommendation letters, essays and personal statements. All of these encourage the students to apply for top-tier higher education and aim for real-world success.

When enrolled in the International schools in Ahmedabad students are not only taught higher concepts of academic disciplines with more ease and simplicity but this modern learning approach also ensures that their skills continue to improve with an emphasis on helping them achieve their holistic development so that they continue to excel even outside the boundaries of their classroom. 

The schooling period is an important aspect of education in any child’s life. Therefore, imparting holistic education to them in top english medium schools in Ahmedabad is imperative to ensure that they are able to continue their journey of being prepared more effectively to take on the challenges they will face in the future.

GIIS Communications Team

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