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7 Reasons to Apply for 9GEMS Scholarship

GIIS Communications Team
Dec 29, 2020
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The Global Indian International School (GIIS) continues to provide access to high-quality education to students at its Ahmedabad campus and beyond. It emphasises on the all-round development of students and encourages them to excel in other fields besides academics with the introduction of various scholarships. 

The scholarships at GIIS Ahmedabad intend to accommodate students who excel in academics, sports, creative arts, leadership, and other outstanding factors. The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship focuses on encouraging and rewarding students’ excellent performances in some fields captured in the diagram below.


GIIS 9GEMS™ Framework

The scholarship and associated 9GEMS, which boast of international recognition, aim to groom and prepare the students to become all-rounder adults. The beneficiaries get a chance to be a part of the holistic curriculum at GIIS Ahmedabad, among other benefits.

Why should you apply for the 9 GEMS Scholarship?

1. Quality holistic education

Although the institution emphasises the importance of academic excellence in the teaching pedagogy, the GIIS curriculum is designed to provide holistic education, which ensures that the students excel in many fields. They are encouraged to nurture the mind, body, and soul. The teachers encourage individuality and independence by polishing each student's personality traits and enhancing their skills accordingly. 

The 9 GEMS scholarship aims to groom the students so that they can be versatile adults. Research shows that quality and holistic education can reduce psychological effects such as depression and anxiety. 

Students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and ADHD, can also benefit from holistic education. The teachers adjust to their speed and pay more attention to their specific needs and strengths to ensure that these students maximise their potential and achieve greatness. They can find activities that suit their personalities within the vast array of GIIS extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

2. mprovement in academic performance

When a child receives an education in a conducive environment, they are bound to thrive. At GIIS Ahmedabad, the design, amenities, and resources ensure every student gets an equal opportunity to nurture their skills and talents while receiving education. 

The students enjoy these activities, which motivates them and gives them the confidence to excel in their academics. A student who appreciates the learning process has better concentration skills in and out of class. The students become critical thinkers who can gather and analyse data before a presentation. They are alert and contribute to various class activities.

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3. Access to quality higher education

Many students start their preparation for education beyond high school quite early. Most of the prominent higher education institutions in India and abroad look for a student’s credentials beyond academics too. 

When you receive the 9GEMS scholarship, you automatically improve your chances of getting admission to reputable national and international universities, which offer quality academic programmes. With the emphasis on the 9GEMS, students are groomed to take up challenges in all spheres. The scholarship and credentials attached to it will also help students build a compelling resume for their professional endeavours.

4. All-round development

Through the 9 GEMS scholarship, the student will receive cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. The curriculum emphasises the importance of balancing the academic aspect and extracurricular activities. 

The wide range of activities allows students to hone their skills and interact with other students. Social interactions and the various mentorship programmes at the institution build the students' self-esteem and instil a sense of social responsibility. 

The teachers adhere to the 9 GEMS pedagogy throughout the learning process to ensure each student maximises their potential. Every aspect of the institution's surroundings, such as classrooms, labs, playgrounds and creative studios, supports holistic development. When a student is confident and believes in themselves, they can tackle any challenge with ease.

5. Manage expenses for multifaceted training and education

When you receive the scholarship, the institution pays a portion of your tuition for a year. Many parents struggle to manage expenses for providing the support and training required to hone skills in different fields. 

Students who portray excellence in one or more of the 9 GEMS receive this scholarship, which reflects GIIS Ahmedabad’s commitment to providing equal opportunities to students coming from various socio-economic backgrounds. 

Even if you come from a low-income or middle-income household, you can still have equal access to quality education at GIIS Ahmedabad. The students can focus on their studies and overall development without worrying about the financial burden on their families.

6. Cultural exposure

As an international school, we have students from different cultures and backgrounds, which exposes students to new experiences. While at the school, you will interact with these students and broaden your knowledge. The lecturers and support staff are also diverse. 

Moreover, when you participate in intra-school and external events at the state, national or international level, the level of socio-cultural exposure expands immensely. It teaches you how to respect other people's beliefs, compassion, and how to relate to people from various cultures, even outside the school. You get to learn and discover other people's approach to life. The exchange programmes at GIIS will also allow the student to travel and learn new things along the way.

7. Lays a firm foundation for your future

The world changes every day as new technology, work structures, and ways of interacting with others continue to evolve. The changes are overwhelming to anyone that maintains a one-dimensional approach to life. Therefore, you need to learn how to adjust and adapt to these new changes. 

The 9GEMS scholarship's sole purpose is to produce all-round adults who can adapt to these changes with ease. The teachers instil crucial values, such as independence, individuality, confidence, compassion, teamwork, and skill development, to ensure that the student can thrive in any situation or part of the world. 

Similarly, the rigorous entrepreneurship boot camps and other mentorship programmes at the institution strive to develop critical thinking and problem-solving aptitude among students.

How can you qualify for the 9GEMS scholarship?

Like the other GIIS scholarships, the 9GEMS scholarship has well-defined eligibility criteria. 

1. Applicant should be an Indian citizen

2. Student should receive regional and national recognition in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity and other values that fall within the 9GEMS™ Framework

The 9GEMS scholarships are beneficial to a student's future. The resources at GIIS Ahmedabad allow Indian and international students a fair chance to excel in different fields such as Sports, Performing Arts and other co-curricular activities, apart from striving for academic excellence. 

Parents can encourage the students to start nurturing their abilities and volunteering in various community activities as a way of preparing for this prestigious scholarship. GIIS Ahmedabad aims to produce future productive leaders in different sectors.

GIIS Communications Team

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