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8 Facts That You Should Know About 9GEMS Education Scholarship

GIIS Communications Team
Jun 4, 2021
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GIIS Ahmedabad is an international school that offers different types of scholarships to students. The school offers two types of scholarships, merit-based and talent-based. To get these scholarships, you have to meet the specific eligibility criteria outlined by the scholarship committee. These are the school's conditions to help in picking out the best candidates for the award. 

One unique student scholarship that the institution offers is the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship. This is a talent-based scheme that seeks to support gifted students in any of the 9GEMS skills. For a student to be eligible, they must have received recognition at national, regional or international levels in sports and other co-curricular activities such as community service, visual and performing arts, innovation or excellent leadership skills. 

If you are looking forward to getting this scholarship, it is prudent to understand what the program entails. It is unwise to apply for a scholarship blindly without knowing what you are getting yourself into. Being aware of all the aspects of a scholarship program is the first step to making the right application. 

Below are eight facts you should know about the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship that GIIS Ahmedabad offers:  

1. It’s a talent-based program

The school awards this scholarship based purely on the talent of a student. You must be talented in any of the 9GEMS skills for you to qualify for this program. The scholarship's specific skills include:

● Academic excellence

● Sports excellence

● Visual and performing arts

● Personality development

● Universal values and ethics

● Innovation and creativity

● Entrepreneurship and leadership

● Community and care

● Skill development

2. Applicable to specific grades

The 9 GEMS Education Scholarship does not apply to students across all the grades. Only students from Grades 6-12 can qualify for the program. Students in this grade are aware of themselves. They know their skills and talents and have what it takes to go out there and show their abilities by participating confidently in various events. They can adapt well to teaching methodologies and go the extra mile in strengthening their talents. The scholarship seeks to tap into the pool of talent for students in these grades and nurture them to emerge as top students. 

3. Unique eligibility criteria

For this scholarship, the eligibility criterion is recognition in 9 GEMS skills. You must participate in remarkable events and receive credit for your excellent performance. Receiving an award alone is not enough. You must show proof of your recognition at state, national or international events related to sports and performing arts. This is one crucial requirement that you must satisfy to get this scholarship.    


4. Valid for one year

The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is only valid for one year. If you win this scholarship, do not expect it to roll over to subsequent years automatically. You can only continue receiving the benefits in the second year if the school reviews your performance and deems it satisfactory. Since it has a tenure of one year, you must prepare yourself thoroughly to cover the entire cost of education after the expiry of the scholarship term, or if it does not continue into the second year. 

5. Uses the CBSE curricula

The acceptable curriculum for this 9 GEMS Education Scholarship is the CBSE. If you get a chance to win this award, you will undertake studies under this comprehensive and popular curriculum at a CBSE school in Ahmedabad. The CBSE syllabus is known for offering holistic and vibrant education to learners. This helps them improve and grow in all aspects of their life. A unique aspect of the curriculum is that it balances academic and non-academic rigours of learning for all-round development. It serves best in preparing students to shine in crucial board examinations and enrol easily into the top universities around the world.  

6. You must be an Indian citizen

To be eligible for the program, you must be an Indian citizen. Since the scholarship seeks to support students of Indian heritage, you must ensure you are a citizen of India before sending your application. Applications from non-Indian citizens may not be processed. Citizenship plays a significant role in this award, and if you are lucky to be an Indian Citizen, you can take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy your studies.  

7. To benefit, you must study only in GIIS campuses

The benefits associated with the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship apply only to students studying at GIIS campuses. You cannot transfer the scholarship to other non-GIIS schools. Likewise, you cannot substitute or exchange it with another program. So if you want to benefit from this scholarship, ensure that you are a student at any GIIS campus.  

8. Does not cover the whole tuition fee

The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is not a fully-funded scholarship. The scholarship value only waives a specific percentage of the tuition fee depending on your recognition category. 

If you are a:

● Category A student - you have been recognized at an international event, and the waiver amount will be 9% off on your tuition fees. 

● Category B student - you have received national recognition and enjoy a 6% waiver on their tuition fee. 

● Category C student - you must obtain a state recognition for your skills, and the scholarship value is 3% off on tuition fee.  

This means that even if you get this scholarship, you still have to make plans to pay off the remaining portion of your tuition fee that has not been covered by the scholarship. You do not want to settle down for your studies, only to discover that you do not have enough funds to cater to your educational costs.  

As you can see, this scholarship has unique aspects. Understanding these facts is essential in ensuring that you know what you are getting yourself into when you win such an award. So if you have set out to get this scholarship, see that you will be selected based on your talent. 

Prepare yourself well and strive to gain recognition in the 9GEMS skills at state, national, and international levels. Ensure you are an Indian citizen undertaking your studies in any GIIS campuses and are in the required grade category. Nothing will stop you from winning this scholarship. Remember, the scholarship only covers a portion of your tuition fees and is valid for one year. Plan well in advance to avoid inconveniences.

GIIS Communications Team

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