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Why should you choose an International Pre School for your children in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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This modernization attracted a lot of people from outside the city, to come and make a living for themselves and their families. However, for migrating parents, guiding their young ones by providing them the best possible education was always a major concern.

This concern was solved by the modernized international schools that were established in the city. These schools followed their advanced frameworks of education and regularly provided the best results. These schools of International origin even today, are trusted by parents who are native to the city as well as the ones that travel from outside. 

Education System in International Schools 

Modern education is something that guides students so that they are better able to face the challenges of today. In India, conventional teaching methods are followed by a majority of schools. These methods that were formulated decades ago were designed to prepare the students and produce the results that were suitable in that day and age.

However, as discussed above, the development and urbanization of cities such as Ahmedabad led to the development of various creative and effective methods of teaching that focus on providing holistic development to all students. 

In today’s day and age, companies tend to look for individuals that have sound critical thinking ability and are experienced in their respective fields. These International schools with the help of their esteemed educational frameworks create a suitable environment in their classrooms to help students boost their critical thinking power and also help them gain the required experience through experiments and practical teaching. 

Preschool in Ahmedabad

Kindergarten, also known as an infant school, pre-primary school, or playschool, is an educational institution or learning space that provides early childhood development to young kids before they enter into compulsory education at primary school.

The first three years of a child's life are crucial for language development, socialization, and learning attitudes. Humans are capable of absorbing a large amount of knowledge during their early years, particularly during the first 3 to 5 years. In the early years of life, the brain grows at its fastest. Teachers who are qualified and well-trained, as well as preschools that have developmentally appropriate programs, may have a long-term impact on children's learning outcomes.

The increasing popularity of pre schools in Ahmedabad

Numerous studies have found that attending preschool in Ahmedabad provides small children an advantage in all areas of learning, including not only academics but also communication skills, having to listen, trying to plan, and self-control. Ahmedabad's (population 5.7 million) early childhood care and education (ECCE) sector is humming with activity. Many parents also opt for preschools because these schools are free from government activity and the fee is reasonable. The number of playschools in Ahmedabad has increased dramatically over the last decade. Nursery schools in Ahmedabad now provide a safe and stress-free environment for children to learn new things. To encourage working couples, preschools here also offer day-care and after-school care.

Advantages of choosing an International School over other schools:

1. Modern Education is incomplete without a framework that truly understands today’s world and the world of schooling. Most of these frameworks that have been adopted by famous international schools were formulated after extensive research and multiple rounds of testing. Tried and tested, these frameworks today produce the best results amongst all the pre schools in Ahmedabad. 

2. Superior results provided by such schools of international origin can also be seen in terms of individual development in students. Character development, proper manners, etc. are some of the important aspects of growing up that can be easily overlooked by schools that focus only on textbook teaching.

3. While some schools make extra efforts to ensure holistic development for students, conventional schools with their conventional frameworks, rely on textbooks when it comes to teaching. While these textbooks act as a great supplement to teaching, parents need to realize that textbooks alone can not induce the necessary qualities needed by a student to face the challenges of this modern world.

4. This is the reason why modern teaching methods focus on promoting knowledge as well as the development of character, critical thinking, etc. 

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What are the advanced teaching methods adopted by International Schools in Ahmedabad?

As mentioned above, International schools focus on providing an all-around development to their students. This development is an aftermath of various creative and impactful teaching practices that are practiced in the corridors of these schools. These teaching methods focus on areas such as character development, proper etiquette, mental and physical health, etc, and deliver smooth results efficiently. 

Following are some of these methods discussed in detail:

A school is a place where students learn, play, and grow. This is where they ask questions about life and make attempts to comprehend the vastness of this world. However, to be fully able to understand this vast wide world and to be fully able to grow, students require enough space so that they can learn and nurture the concepts they learn at school every day.

For this very reason, international schools in Ahmedabad are known to have the largest of campuses. All these campuses are equipped with the best possible equipment for sports, activities, experiments, etc. Since physical fitness is directly attached to the mental well-being of any child, students of these schools are motivated to take part in any physical activity of their choice. 

Also when it comes to subjects such as physics, biology, etc, students find it easier to understand complex, typical concepts through experimentation. With proper labs, students can witness the true wonders of their education, which makes them more responsible towards their school work, helping them achieve greater goals through hard work.

Well-qualified teachers and guides

We all know that students can easily get distracted from their work at such a young age. In fact, in today’s day and age when the use of technology is always on the rise, this problem proves to be even more severe. Hence the schools need to have a team of experienced teachers that are proficient when it comes to motivating students and bringing them back on the trail of hard work. 

Teachers that go to these international schools, through the help of their years of experience, understand the problems that can be faced by any student. Hence, they can help the students in their time of need. School is meant to be a second home and these caring and hard-working teachers truly turn that phrase into reality.

In conclusion, these international pre schools of Ahmedabad have taken wonderful measures to ensure quality, modern education for the children. These measures, which are in the form of advanced and updated techniques of teaching, make modern education much more efficient and reliable than conventional methods of teaching. Hence, in the end, we can say that these schools and their educational frameworks work on different areas of development that together help every student realize his/her dream.

GIIS Communications Team

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