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Why should you apply for Scholarships and what advantages it offers to school students?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021

Scholarships for school students are both a boon for their present and an advantage for their future. A student who wins a scholarship is automatically set apart as an achiever from his peer group and this can act as an accomplishment for his  future references. However, most students just assume that it is beyond their capabilities to be granted a scholarship and this wrong notion can impede the student’s progress to even try and apply for one.

Some of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad offer scholarships, not just to students who have financial constraints but for those who excel in academics and other verticals as well.


Why should a student opt for a scholarship and what are the advantages of getting one?

Educational Scholarships often open gates to a lot of good opportunities in one’s school years as well as when they pursue higher studies and lucrative careers. Firstly, it is a great confidence booster and helps a student realise his self-worth and gives him the strength to go after his dreams and future goals.

Secondly,  it eases the financial burden of the family of the student and gives him an opportunity to get the best in  class education which otherwise can be unfeasible. Scholarships can also be a bright feather in a student’s cap when he is looking for a seat in a university that he wishes to pursue. Most universities abroad offer scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs, and this funding opportunity can pave the way for a bright career in multinational companies across the globe.



Why do Scholarships bring recognition?

A Scholarship is proof that the student has stood out among his peer group and has excelled in a particular stream due to his hard work and determination. It also makes apparent the fact that the student has a special gift for that particular subject in question and this can act as an asset while pursuing the same line of higher education or career at a later point in time. It also goes to state that the student’s interests lie in that subject and makes it easier for the person who is gauging him to determine his strengths.

What are the basic Scholarship criterias?

1.Previous Progress Reports: This is one of the strongest criteria that most scholarship programs check. An excellent academic report an be your green card to get access to scholarship opportunities in some of the best schools in Ahmedabad. The last two years of academic excellence with scores that are above 94% and above or A* in all subjects gives you a chance to attain a waiver on tuition fee by getting a scholarship.

2. Financial Background: Most of these scholarships have special brackets for Gross Family Income of the family of these students. The family income should fall under these terms in order to be eligible for a scholarship. Checking the website for details of these terms and conditions can give you a fair idea about the criteria of the scholarship.

3. Resident Status: In order to be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant must be a resident  of that country or should hold a permanent residence status. 

4. Scholarship for excellence in Technology: Here, students should show prior achievements in the technology streams and secure a rank in the Top 10 or 20 in Olympiad competitions or  National Children’s Science Congress on a national level.

5. Sports Scholarships: The amount of funding also depends on achievements on different levels of international, national and regional sports.

How to apply for scholarships ?

Once the basic requirements to be eligible for a scholarship are met, you can then try to find the best scholarships that schools and universities offer and make a beeline for the same. The first thing to remember is to apply as early as possible; on the contrary, do not be disheartened if you haven’t. 

You can try and apply close to the deadline or even after it in some situations. But it is advisable to be the early bird in order to make sure you have enough time to apply to other programs in case the one you are applying for doesn't work in your favour.

Do your research thoroughly while searching for different  scholarship programs. Keep a tab of the deadlines of each of these scholarships and be up-to-date with all your documents like previous academic records and certificates, family income proofs, residency status proof etc.

Some scholarship programs assess their students with a scholarship interview or a written test. Be prepared for the interview by learning a little about the institution that is offering the scholarship. \

Write an impressive Scholarship essay!

Most institutions expect the students to write a scholarship essay and it is quite important to write a good one as they gauge your abilities and your personality with your essay content. Read instructions carefully and make sure you have understood them and the nature of the question. You should understand the context of the question and be able to answer it appropriately.  And finally, do not forget to proofread your essay before submitting it.

These are a few critical things to keep in mind before you apply for a scholarship in schools and colleges. A key point to remember is that you should not hesitate to apply for more than one scholarship. And having enough confidence in oneself will give you that much needed optimism to apply for more scholarships.

And it is imperative to understand that you still stand a chance to apply in other Scholarship programs even if you are rejected in one. Very often, confidence is the key to success.

GIIS Communications Team

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