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7 Factors that Show Global Indian International School Offers the Best Scholarships in Ahmedabad

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) scholarships in Ahmedabad offer more than just financial support to deserving students. While some scholarships further support students talented in sports, athletics, and performing arts, others facilitate your child's moulding as an all-rounded citizen, preparing your child to be unique compared with students studying in other institutions.

This post walks you through the seven factors that make GIIS scholarships in Ahmedabad among the best scholarships worldwide. 

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1. GIIS Scholarships Ease the Financial Burden

The primary objective of all the GIIS scholarships is to support deserving students in maintaining a satisfactory performance and achieving their dreams. For that reason, GIIS has multiple scholarships designed with various categories. These categories ensure that GIIS absorbs as many students as possible and students access quality education despite their financial status.

There are scholarships designed to financially support students with unique skills and talents, as you will see later in this post. You will even find scholarships that come with a 100 percent waiver on tuition fee, like the Global Citizen Scholarship. With your child winning such a scholarship, you will have nothing else to focus on, other than helping your child achieve academic excellence. 

2. Academic Excellence

The GIIS scholarship board in Ahmedabad selects beneficiaries based on academic performance. Students first undergo a vigorous application process. 

GIIS scholarships board looks for students whose academic ability is high and can score 90 percent and above in a CBSE, ICBSE, State or other boards' exams. For "O" level students, they should have garnered "As" in at least six subjects and above. The academic eligibility criteria apply for scholarships like:

● Global Citizen Scholarship

● Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship

However, some scholarships are talent and technology-based. They help nurture students in these areas, including:

● 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, which is talent-based.

● Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship, which focuses on a student's talent and technology skills. 

Most of the Ahmedabad GIIS scholarship boards first confirm if the applicants performed well in at least the past two years' exams. And to ensure no tricks while recruiting any scholarship beneficiary, the scholarship board demands prerequisite documents. The scholarship administrators confirm that the documents used during application came from institutions whose education level lines with GIIS curriculum. 

And the best part is that GIIS Ahmedabad has over 150 awards for the best performers. Therefore, students maintain good grades as they scramble for the rewards.  Further, the scholarship board gauges the academic information filled in the application form to understand a student's deserving magnitude.  

Many international public school scholarship administrators have their ways to ensure your child maintains academic excellence even after winning the scholarship. And one way is through scholarship assessments. After every year or tenure, the scholarship board first confirms that your child is still performing well, failure to which, the scholarship awards the slot to another student who meets the scholarship requirements. 


3. GIIS Scholarships Prepare Your Child to be a Team Player

Apart from the academic performers, the scholarships financially support students talented in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. For instance, your child can qualify for the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship if he/she is good in activities like performing arts, football, table tennis, athletics and music. Through sports, your child learns to be a team player in school and even after school. 

The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship moulds your child into an all-rounded citizen. It prepares your child to operate flawlessly in a team. And since businesses work in a team to achieve their goals, your child can thrive in any business entity after school.

4. Scholarships Nurture Your Child's Talents

Other than being a team player, GIIS Ahmedabad scholarships facilitate the nurturing of your child's talent. A good example is the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, which caters for sports and tuition fees for students talented in sports. 

The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship similarly supports your child's talent. Winning the scholarship prepares the ground for your child to develop his/her skills to another level. With the teachers' support and your involvement, your child's talent can move to greater heights. 

5. Gives Your Child Ability to Plan for Career Goals

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship prepares Grade 6 to 12 students for career goals. It prepares young meritorious deserving technology-savvy students for engineering and technology courses by giving them equal opportunities. By giving them financial support, they maintain good performances. This way, GIIS nurtures young talent in the digital world. 

To select the best, Dr APJ Kalam Global Skills Scholarship administrators have their eligibility criteria. Among the requirements, your child should either have: 

● Ranked top 10 at the National Olympiad by STEM, SOF Olympiad or Robotics Olympiads.

● Won the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize at the National Children's Science Congress's yearly competition. 

Lucky enough, other scholarships in GIIS Ahmedabad campus like The Global Citizen Scholarship prepares students for international or private reputable universities placement. These scholarships cater to tuition, boarding, and living costs for Grade 11-12 students in the GIIS Ahmedabad campuses. 

6. Scholarships Prepare Your Child to Adapt to Different Cultures Globally

Your child would interact with students from around the world, meaning that your child will have the opportunity to share classes and play with students coming from different cultures from over 100 campuses from around the world. 

7. Your Child Develops Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills

Your child should prove that they have unique talents or skills to win a scholarship like the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship. With the financial support from the scholarship, your child will be able to focus on developing their skills and talent. This way, your child maintains excellent performance, which prepares them for opportunities later in life. 

Universities and businesses also believe students who studied by the support from scholarship money can give positive results in duties assigned to them. Firms and institutions know how through the process of awarding scholarships is and that someone else noted the student's uniqueness. 

For that reason, such students find placements in reputable universities globally. Over that, the students immediately access entrepreneurship opportunities after graduating. 

Moreover, such students learn leadership skills as lessons like peace and leadership are included in the GIIS curriculum that adopts the award winning 9GEMS teaching methodology.  

To sum it up, GIIS offers the best scholarships that give your child equal opportunities with other bright students to achieve their dreams of making the world a better place to live in.

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