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What sets apart Best Secondary International School in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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The most populous city in Gujarat is Ahmedabad that is known to be the industrial and economic hub of India. Known to be the former capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a wonderful place to stay because it is located near the Sabarmati river. It is not only attractive but quite an affordable city too. Being the entrepreneur’s paradise, Ahmedabad is a city that is booming in terms of industry and economy.

Education System in Ahmedabad

The literacy rate of Ahmedabad is increasing every year and according to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of Ahmedabad was 89.62%. The increase in literacy rate shows that the education sector is improving in Ahmedabad. The schools in Ahmedabad are governed by Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) or privately by trusts or individuals. Most of the schools are affiliated with Gujarat Secondary and higher secondary education boards. Some schools are affiliated with the Central Board for secondary education (CBSE). 

After completing secondary education, students have the option to choose and decide their stream as per their interest – arts/ commerce/science. Choosing a stream itself becomes a very confusing process because at a very early age students are made to decide about their future. So secondary school education is very important because based on this the child’s interest will build and he will be able to choose the right stream for him.

Features of the Best Secondary International Schools in Ahmedabad are listed below:

There are several secondary schools in Ahmedabad but you must be wondering which school is the best choice for your child. So let’s quickly look at the factors that you should consider to choose the best International school in Ahmedabad. 

1. Performance Boosting System - The school’s teaching methodology should be such that it boosts the performance of the students above the instructional level. When expectations are set high, the performance is naturally better. But the school should also build standards that do not put the students under undue pressure and frustration. Positive motivation works best. So choose a school that inspires students and motivates them positively. The students should be made aware of the areas where they need to work more and negative criticism should be avoided.

2. High Quality Staff - The efficiency of both teaching staff and administrative staff should be high. The term high quality is not restricted to academically experienced but it also means that the staff has leadership qualities in order to be decisive and encouraging. These qualities are essential for bringing the best results.

3.Clear Communication - A proper channel should be made for communication between parents and the faculty. The students can unleash their full potential when they are supported by the teachers and parents. So parent’s feedback is equally important. The mode of communication should be such that parents can approach the teachers comfortably.

4. Curriculum and Assignments - The curriculum and assignments should be such that it enables the students to touch the wider horizon. Though most of the schools in Ahmedabad are affiliated with the state board, if we look at the future of a student, the CBSE curriculum is best for it because it prepares the students for the competitive exams. With the CBSE board, students can also think of moving abroad for higher education. So this opens up many new opportunities for students.

5. Monitoring of Teaching & Learning - It is usual to have assessments of students to check their performance periodically but having an assessment of teachers is a little unusual, isn’t it? But do you know that a teacher's regular training and assessment is of paramount importance? Because there is a need for a regular update in teaching methodology to move along with the developments in educational frameworks.


6. The Future Vision - Teaching theoretical concepts is important but showing their practical implication is even more important. This allows students to implement their learnings and be creative and innovative. The school should teach skills that would be useful so that they get more options for their career than just a few regular options such as Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer.

7. Modern Methodology - The school should have a 21st-century tech-savvy methodology. In this pandemic, having a digital network for teaching has become more important than ever. The teaching should be done in such a way that it never makes the students overwhelmed. Some students when exposed to too much pressure lose their efficiency and they tend to have an escaping attitude. So there is a need that school assignments should not over-pressurize the children.

8. Extracurricular Activities - The school should focus on extracurricular activities as well. There should be a delegated area for each sports activity For eg – Badminton club, IT club, Karate, music, Art and Culture, Dance studio, etc.

9. Moral Values & Community Care - The character of a person decides how far he will go because if the right moral values are not present then success is meaningless. The school should focus on integrating high moral values in students. On top of that, a connection with the community is also important. A higher vision of doing something for the community motivates the students and unlocks their potential. These qualities are extremely important to be good citizens of the country.

Having read all the qualities of a secondary school, you must be wondering where you can get all these qualities in one bucket. It is very much possible and doable to get a bunch of qualities in one school. 

Secondary schools in  International schools in Ahmedabad that offer secondary education  believe in building a relationship and rapport with all its teachers and students so that they can grow together. 

Even the morning assemblies are designed in a way that makes the students aware of things of national and international importance. Leadership lecture series is conducted that inculcates leadership qualities from the very beginning.

An International school in Ahmedabad that offers all these above attributes is the best secondary school in Ahmedabad.

Kids are tender leaves that need to be taken care of. They are influenced by external factors and the environment. So, a healthy environment is important. 

Their school should inculcate the competitive attitude in students but that competition should be with themselves and not with others. The school should teach the students to learn to compete with themselves and be the better version of themselves every day.

Indeed choosing a school can be a daunting process for you as a parent. One thing that can help you is thorough research. While choosing an International school in Ahmedabad look for the above-mentioned qualities.

GIIS Communications Team

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