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What Kind of Scholarships Are Available for CBSE High School Students in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021

When it comes to scholarships for class 9 and CBSE high school students in Ahmedabad, there are quite a few leading schools that have generous schemes for a number of student categories. 

The principal categories in which such scholarships are provided happen to be the ones pertaining to children who excel at studies and sports. Let’s look at this in detail.


1. Ahmedabad Class 9 and CBSE High School Scholarships

A great example of the kind of scholarships for Class 9 to CBSE high school students can look forward to are the well known and well regarded scholarships offered by the Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad. 

In keeping with the global character of the school, one of its most popular scholarships is the Global Citizen Scholarship available to students of classes 11 and 12. The eligibility criterion for this two year scholarship is that one scores 93% marks and above in one’s examinations.

The scholarship funds the total cost of education over the two year period including the cost of the school fee and boarding and lodging expenses at any of the Global Indian International School campuses. 

The students should be studying in grade 10 at the time of applying for this scholarship.  The other popular scholarship offered by the school is the global future ready scholarship provided to students studying in classes 6 to 12. 

This two year scholarship is available to students who have secured a minimum of 90% marks in their examinations. Then there is the prestigious year long Dr. Abul Kalam Global Scholarship that encourages young talent in the digital field. 

Students who have given a good account of themselves by achieving a national rank in competitions like the Olympiad organized by SOF/STEM or the Robotics Olympiad. Scholarship winners obtain a 6 to 9% waiver on their tuition fee depending upon how they placed in the competitions. 

Another year long scholarship offered by them to students studying in classes 6 to 12 is the 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

Students who obtain recognition in an international event in any of the skills that fall under the purview of the 9 GEMS system are eligible for this scholarship. It earns the students a 3 to 9% fee waiver at a Global Indian International School.

2. CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship

This is a scholarship offered by CBSE across the nation that helps support the education of an academically brilliant single girl child and can be availed of by students studying in classes 1O and 12. 

To qualify for this scholarship the student in question should have obtained more than 60% marks in class 10 and the tuition fee should not be more than Rs.1500. The scholarship entitles the student to Rs. 500 a month.


Great schooling provides the path to great success in life. For this it is important that children have access to the kind of education that enables them to grow wings and soar high in pursuit of their goals. 

That being stated, receiving a good education is sometimes a little too expensive for some parents. 

At such a time schools and other organizations provide a great service by stepping forward and offering generous scholarships that support talented and hard working students with the ability to become super achievers.

The CBSE high school scholarships may be offered on the basis of one’s academic and sports ability or one’s excellence in fields like technology. 

India is a vast nation with large numbers of highly talented students who have the ability of becoming world beaters if provided with the right kind of education, guidance and mentorship. 

It would be a great pity if some of these bright and aspirational students would not be able to access the kind of education they deserve on account of financial constraints.

By providing scholarships to deserving students these schools and organizations are making a huge contribution to not just the future of individual students, but also of the society, community and nations. 

Thanks to these scholarships many students have gone on to achieve great heights and there will be many more who will do so in the future. 

All the students who are desirous of availing these scholarship schemes need to keep themselves aware of the eligibility criteria and the timelines involved. 

As the granting of the scholarship might be on a first come first serve basis, it really makes sense for one to be ready in time to apply for these.

GIIS Communications Team

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