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Vital Role of a Teacher Towards Empowering the Nation

Deepika Sodhi
Mar 8, 2022
Schools, Learning
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Teacher is a maker of man. He is the foundation of all education and thus of the whole civilization of mankind, present and future.

No nation reconstruction is possible without the active cooperation of the teacher." - John Adams.

Teachers are the mainstay of education. The teacher not only builds the personality of the student but also contributes to building the nation.

The quintessence of a nation is embodied in its citizens. Teachers play an important role in shaping the characters of the citizens and hence, in the development of a nation.

The role of a teacher in students' life has been praised since time immemorial because of their knowledge.

What is the Main Role of a Teacher?

In today's age, too, teachers play a role in empowering the nation through education by building the students' future with the same devotion.

The role of a teacher is not limited to just teaching the students.

Outside of education, teachers have the duty to make the students aware of their responsibilities related to public and social life and make them capable of contributing to society building.

In future, such students will become the basis for the development of society. So, teachers are the most important component in the education system. The aspirations and objectives that society wishes to accomplish through education all depend upon the teacher. It is the responsibility of teachers to fulfil the wishes and objectives of society and the nation.

Why is Empowering Students Important?

By empowering students, teachers contribute to developing more independent learners. They create lifelong learners who can pursue learning for life. Furthermore, students have to practise making decisions about their learning. They need to learn about their strengths and weaknesses and how their decisions affect themselves and others.

For young people who want to make a difference but are chained by the system, empowerment gives them the power to make a difference. Students learn to become better citizens when they are empowered and have the chance to lead and speak up on causes that can benefit society and the world.

How Do Teachers Contribute to Nation-Building?

Multiple questions arise when we talk about nation empowerment. What is teacher empowerment? Why do teachers empower? Teachers play a very crucial role in the students' mental development. A proficient teacher can create feelings of nationalism in the students through their teaching style.

A nationalistic attitude, on the one hand, creates a sense of patriotism among the students and makes them nationalists and ideal citizens. Furthermore, it also advances national unity among the students.


How Can Teachers Empower Students?

These key points can help us understand the teacher's role in education and nation-building and development:

1. Developing the Child's Inner Powers

A skilled teacher can identify the qualities inside the child and develop them. They can identify the student learning process and hone it to make them successful. Without a teacher, this would not be possible.

2. Developing Personality of the Child

Today, apart from developing the learning process in education, channelling the inner powers of children is not enough. Shaping the children's external personality is also important. A competent teacher can play an important role in developing children's personalities inside out.

3. To Make the Children Socially Aware

Humans are social animals, and teachers have the responsibility of teachers to make them adhere to the norms of society. Teachers acquaint the individuals with the right ideas, human values and their role in and their duties toward society.

4. Control Over Basic Tendencies

Children are born with some basic tendencies that make them behave differently. A teacher cleanses those tendencies, guides the children, and uses means to control them.

This results in the personality development of the child.

5. Making Them Ready For Future Life

The role of a teacher in the learning process starts at a very early age. They take care of the kids who are not used to staying away from their parents and teach them for a few hours every day, in a completely different environment. Though they try to create an environment that can be as friendly and comfortable as possible, it is still different from home.

Hence, even without being aware of it, teachers prepare the kids to adapt to an unknown environment, a life lesson they might find useful in the future.

6. Character-Building and Moral Development

One of the important roles of the teacher is to mould the character and moral development of the children. Through good education, the children understand the good from bad and the right from wrong. So when they are faced with a dilemma, they will take the path that would not weigh on their conscience.

This understanding comes from receiving a sound education and moral guidance that a good teacher provides.

7. Evoking a Feeling of Nationality

Ideal citizens are the pillars on which the independent nation exists. A nation develops with its cooperation and becomes strong and prosperous. An ideal teacher teaches national unity and patriotism to the students.

Good citizens contribute to the build-up of nations, and teachers should play a part in building nations by teaching children to become good citizens.

8. Role of a Teacher in Developing Qualities of an Ideal Citizen

Finally, it is the definitive duty of the teacher to develop the qualities of an ideal citizen in the students, thereby empowering the nation through education. That will help the students understand their duties and rights well, and they can use them judiciously in life.

Wrapping Up

A skilled teacher makes every student become a good doctor, engineer, and administrative officer by imparting them the best education in all subjects and creating good human beings.

Without social knowledge, while the student would be unable to steer the society in the right direction, in the absence of spiritual knowledge, his decisions take the society, country and the world to the verge of destruction. Therefore, the role of a teacher is to fortify the foundation of the students from an early age and play an important role in building a strong, civilised society.

GIIS Ahmedabad international school operates with a vision to provide excellent standards of education, which can only be achieved by regular innovation of the learning requirements of students.

Deepika Sodhi

A highly motivated and dedicated educator with nearly 24 years of teaching experience, Ms. Deepika Sodhi is the Academic Supervisor for International Curricula at Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus, Singapore.

Ms. Sodhi has a rich experience of teaching Physics across curricula such as the IB, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE. She has served as an Exam Officer for Cambridge Assessment International Education. Currently, she is an IB Assessment Officer, and a member of International Schools Network and International Baccalaureate Educator Network.

In her free time, Ms. Sodhi enjoys writing blogs, creating guiding material for training staff and community service.

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