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Lesson Plan For Primary School Teachers: The Only Checklist You Need!

GIIS Communications Team
Jan 11, 2023
Primary School
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The best way for a primary school teacher to handle a class, deliver an engaging lesson and be satisfied with the end result is to have a well-laid out lesson plan in place. 

Once you have sorted out the concept for a particular topic, decided on the teaching approach and the objective of the lesson, it is often easier to handle the dynamics of a primary classroom. 

Children of the ages 6-12, are often highly enthusiastic, restless and eager to move around all the time. Preparing a lesson plan that caters to all these aspects will aid in helping them understand concepts more easily and engagingly. 

Lesson plans are definitely time consuming, but once you have got it all together, it will make your teaching journey a smooth and productive one. 

The best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad ensure that they encourage teachers to have a well laid out lesson plan in place.

Tricks and Tips To Help You Build a Lesson Plan For Primary School

This checklist includes easy tips that will enable you to handle every class successfully. Follow these best practices that will save you time and reduce your workload.

1. Learn To Love What You Are Teaching

This might seem easier said than done, when you have a class full of primary school children. It definitely isn’t easy to be consistently enthusiastic for every lesson you teach. 

When you are creating a lesson plan, if you engage enough in the topic, you will surely get inspiring ideas about how to teach your children and what approach to use. It is important for you as a teacher to be interested in what you are teaching. 

If you want children to pay attention, you should seem happy and excited to teach the concept. There are innumerable blogs on how to create a lesson plan for different subject topics and concepts in Math, Science and English, and borrowing a few of these ideas will help you create a robust lesson plan that will aid you in delivering your lessons in an effective way.

2. Make the Learning Session Effortless and Fun

The trick here is to find a simple activity that can easily be followed by all the children in the class. Or you can use a differentiated lesson plan where you group children according to their learning styles and make them perform these activities within the group. 

Using a differentiating instruction will enable you to teach the same material using different instructional styles. You can use visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning approaches to enable this kind of platform. 

For example, you can provide books and pictures for visual learners, you can make use of audio books and you can read out the lesson to auditory learners and you can also give home assignments to children who like an interactive learning method like a computer or an I-pad. 

3. Use Relevant Examples and Stories To Match the Lesson Concept

This is often one of the easiest ways to ensure the child understands the concept. While creating the lesson plan, you can find relevant examples, collect pictures, save a link to a video or a story that will give children a clear idea of what they are learning and how they can use this knowledge. 

You can teach children math concepts like place value, greater than or lesser than through dance and floor games that make the whole process more fun and engaging. You can teach children stories from their English lessons by making them perform a skit and enact the characters in the lesson or story. 

You can take them to the school garden to talk about plants and flowers and teach them the  importance of conserving the environment. It is important to make them understand that they are learning these lessons for a cause and that their contribution is equally important as that of an adult.


4. Set Out A Clear Objective To Achieve at the End of Every Lesson

When you are clear about what you want the child to take away from the lesson,  your objective also gets clear. Therefore, learn how to derive the objective when you create the lesson plan. 

You can use Bloom’s taxonomy which is a wonderful system that defines and distinguishes different levels of human cognition like thinking, learning and understanding. 

This system is used by many educators because it provides a guide that can be used to create lesson objectives and assessments to help you understand if the child has understood the concept.

5. Keep Your Resources and Materials Ready

When you want to use a varied approach while teaching your students then you will also need the right resources, tools and materials for each lesson. 

Keeping these ready will go a long way in helping you take a smooth lesson without any last minute running around. You can even make note of apps, learning games and other online tools that may be used during your lesson.

Advantages of Creating a Lesson Plan

● A well-defined lesson plan will help you keep your confidence and concentrate on your lesson and not on the preliminary things of finding the right resources and tools that may eat away your teaching time.

● It will help you evaluate your own teaching methods and inspire you to use newer ways of teaching inside the classroom.

● Organization is a key aspect that will be under your control when you have a lesson plan in hand. A disorganized class will only breed misbehavior and lack of concentration in children. 

● Lesson plans are also handy when you are not present in the class and a substitute teacher takes your place in your absence.


The best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad have primary school teachers who have been following these tips and have been successful in handling their classes effectively. 

Lesson plans make a teacher’s life 10 times easier than when they take up a lesson at random and struggle to find the right resources at the last minute. 

Keep your lesson plans ready, enjoy teaching and make it a rewarding experience, for your students as well as for yourself.

GIIS Communications Team

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