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What is the Nursery/Preschool Curriculum for 2022-2023?

GIIS Communications Team
Dec 24, 2021
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Read on to get a comprehensive overview of the Nursery syllabus in a preschool in Ahmedabad for the current academic year.

The best preschools in Ahmedabad follow the renowned Montessori Curriculum that is designed specifically to cater to the all-round development of preschoolers. 

The syllabus revolves around providing the foundational academic knowledge to preschoolers in literacy and numeracy. It also emphasizes on making children more confident and independent.

The best schools in Ahmedabad use a modern teaching methodology that is a wonderful blend of futuristic concepts and the Maria Montessori learnings. 

Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP) followed by one of the best preschools is a one of a kind curriculum which is a customization of the original Maria Montessori method and modern teaching pedagogies that are in line with the current global trends for preschool education.

The GMP Curriculum educates children from the ages 2.5 years to 6 years. The preschoolers will begin their transition through nursery school (2.5 - 3.5 years) followed by Junior KG/K1 and Senior KG/K2 between the years 3.5 to 5.5. 

Apart from a modern curriculum, the GMP program also comprises five pillars that are developed to enhance a child’s growth and help transition into higher grades like Primary with ease.

‍The 5 GMP Pillars Followed by the Best School in Ahmedabad (Global Indian International School)

1. The Excelerate Program

Here, the teachers use the interactive Montessori materials that aid in developing the child’s fine motor skills, at the same time also emphasize on language development through different activities like singing, reading, listening, speaking and writing. 

There are engaging activities like stacking blocks, understanding shapes and sizes, angles,  to develop numeracy skills and other spatial skills. 

There are activities that include basic geometry, problem solving, visualization and pattern predictions. The classrooms are large and airy and all the activities are arranged in an orderly manner which help children in their daily routine. 

2. Multi-faceted Learning

This is another GMP pillar that focuses on helping children develop their personalities. The children are given the opportunity to explore their interests both inside and outside the classroom. 

The teachers ensure that they provide the right activities to improve upon a child’s skill set based on their interests. GIIS also integrated the 9 GEMS framework which imparts all round development beyond academic excellence.

3. iPlay Programme

This GMP pillar ensures that children are engaged appropriately during school hours. There is a good balance between academics and play time and this makes learning more fun for preschoolers. 

The iPlay program gives children the freedom to choose their games and interact with their peers. These games also aid in physical development, mental stimulation, and socio-emotional development.

4. iCare Programme

The iCare pillar ensures that children learn the importance of sharing and caring for their surroundings. There are gardening activities, charity drives, green initiatives, environment conservation activities and other community based activities that instill compassion, kindness and care for the society.

5. Future Ready Programme

Right from the young ages, some of the best preschools in Ahmedabad teach children Nextgen learning methods that help nourish a child’s mental growth and also work on their critical thinking abilities. 

The idea is to make their technology-smart by the time they transition into secondary school. The teachers also keep in mind the innate talents of each child and give them the guidance to hone upon these skills. 

This can also open new doors for many children whose strengths lie in other extracurricular activities other than academics.

Subjects Taught in the GMP Program

● English

● Hindi


● Mathematics

● Dance and music

● Environmental awareness (EVA)

● Free play and structured play

● Montessori

The Benefits of the GMP curriculum

● The teachers ensure that they develop a good routine before the academic year begins and this kind of structure promotes discipline and time management inside classrooms.

● Since teachers nurture a child’s talent from a very early age, they are more prepared and they have the right foundation in not only academics but other extracurricular activities too.

● Easy transition to higher grades is made possible by following a well-planned curriculum like the GMP.

● Great facilities like smart classrooms, virtual labs,Math and Science labs, and specific spaces for extra-curricular and co-curricular activities ensure that children learn in the right environment.

Why Do Most Parents Find GMP the Best Program for Preschools in Ahmedabad?

The Global Montessori Plus Program ensures that your child gets used to modern teaching methodologies to be ready for the new generation. time they transition into secondary school. The

Some of these best schools in Ahmedabad also make sure that children improve upon their cognitive abilities and their motor skills by creating a curriculum that focuses on these skills on a daily basis. 

There are many modern concepts that are integrated into the child-friendly curriculum that is taught by expert Montessori teachers. These wonderful attributes are loved by most parents and GMP is their first choice when it comes to choosing a holistic preschool curriculum.


The Montessori syllabus is one of the most established curriculums all over the globe.The benefits of a modern Montessori syllabus can be many and can provide the right start for a child’s educational journey. 

A holistic curriculum will ensure that your child is happy, engaged, and independent. It also instills self-initiation and self-worth which can add great value to a child’s emotional and social well-being.

Global Indian International school also has the best safety measures in place to ensure the smooth running of the school and to give parents the much needed relief that their children are in good hands.

GIIS Communications Team

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