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Importance of Discipline in Students’ Life

Manju Nair
Sep 5, 2022
Schools, Learning
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We have been reading about what discipline is and how important it is in a student’s life, but none of us actually knows why and what is important. There are so many distractions in our ever-growing and changing environment that students sometimes forget their goals and morals. 

There is nothing wrong with feeling a little distracted once in a while, but to come back on track in what matters. What brings the students back on track is known as discipline. A disciplined student means that they work honestly, and follow rules and regulations, values and cultural standards.

So, when we talk about the importance of discipline in a student’s life, it means a student working with an expected poise and with a set of morals and values. It improves their academic performance and also positively affects their health. 

What is Discipline?

Discipline gives people a set of rules and regulations to work with. It is a way of aligning the efforts and activities of every individual. Discipline can be put into words in different contexts. For some, discipline can be a way of life and for others, it can be a set of rules by which their life functions. 

Discipline is basically a way of life that everyone lives with. It can be a belief in making small sacrifices to birth a wonderful future. With a disciplined life, a person creates good habits, has a maintained routine and is determined to follow the set rules.  

Why is Discipline Important in Students’ Life?

Discipline plays an integral part in a student’s life. Since they are at the stage of their life where they can be the most flexible version of themselves, it can be the best time to be disciplined. Although there is no age bar to following a disciplined life, it is quite possible that a student can get in the best shape physically and mentally when disciplined. 

The best school in Ahmedabad instils the value of discipline at an early age. Every school focuses on discipline education that helps them in every way. Be it following a study schedule or maintaining the school decorum, everything brings a sense of stability. 

Let us jump onto some factors that explain why is discipline important in a student’s life: 

1. Focus Centric

Discipline in a student’s life is focus centric. If a student has a set of goals in their lives, they stay in discipline to achieve them. A person without discipline would find it hard to focus on their motives. Discipline helps the student stay focused and achieve the set standards. 

2. Stress-free Environment

A disciplined student grows in a stress-free environment. Be it studies or extra-curricular activities, staying disciplined can help the student stay on top. The value of discipline in a student’s life can be gathered by the happiness and relief a disciplined student feels in different aspects of their lives. 

3. Discipline Alters a Student’s Character

A disciplined student would always shine differently. They have their own terms and rules towards which they feel responsible. Discipline boosts the positive outlook on different things and situations in life. 

4. Source of Motivation

A disciplined life is the source of motivation. There is no denying the fact that student life is hectic and challenging. They continuously need motivation. A disciplined routine can maintain the level of determination in the students. 

5. Healthy and Active

One of the most important facets of life is affected by a disciplined life. A student stays healthy and active when they live in the discipline. They know when they are wrong and immediately get back on track. Disciplined students have the natural impulse to do everything good for their bodies.

6. Role model for others

Being disciplined in different facets of life can make a student seem strong. When a student is disciplined, they simply become a role model for others too. Their personality gets so sharp and edgy that everyone wishes to be like them.


Discipline speaks for itself. It creates a chronology which is quite evident to other people. 

Benefits of Discipline in Students’ Life

Discipline in a student’s life plays an integral role. The more disciplined the student is, the more they will aim at learning. Secondary schools today are focusing on disciplinary activities that simply gauge the determination of students. They self-study what is discipline in education and then educate the children for their benefit. 

Here are a few benefits of discipline in a student’s life:

1. Encourages Better Academic Performance

A disciplined routine encourages better academic performance. Having a routine set for learning and studying leads to better grades. Self-disciplined students know where they are going wrong. Instead of continuing the path, they get back on track and score better. 

2. Help students Stay Focused

Multiple distractions in the world can make students stumble from their path. Having a disciplined life can help the students stay focused on their set goals. It also gives them the motivation to achieve their goals.

3. Limits Negativity

When everything goes according to plan, there are limited negativities. Discipline in students’ life smoothens the course which helps them eliminate all the negativity. Also, if they face some difficulties in their journey, they have the ability to restrict them. 

4. Creates a Safe Space for Students

Student life can be pressurizing and challenging. Discipline can limit the challenges in their life, thus creating a safe space for them. A child feels safe without any mental pressure. 

How to Build Self Discipline?

Cultivating self-discipline improves the way of living. Learning to self-lead effectively can change your whole perspective. Honestly, discipline is not just talking, it really affects your way of living. All the positive emotions like happiness, excitement and success stem from self-discipline and control. 

Here are some tips to build self-discipline:

1. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone has their share of weaknesses and strengths. To know them means to conquer them. Self-control is the way to take hold of your weaknesses and that is the first step to building self-discipline. 

2. Eliminate Temptations

Temptations in life are unlimited, but to resort to them is our biggest mistake. Like an old saying “out of sight, out of mind”, removing the biggest distractions or temptations from your life can improve your self-discipline. 

3. Create New Habits and Rituals

You should start creating new habits and rituals to let go of the old habits. Instilling new habits can be daunting and mentally affect you. Ignoring all the negativity in the journey will take you closer to acquiring self-discipline. 

How Does Discipline Affect Learning?

A disciplined student means a confident student. Having control over your life gives you a sense of relief and satisfaction that triggers immense self-confidence. It affects the learning of the students. Being in control can give the student enough time to focus on their learning. 

A disciplined student is never reluctant to learn new things and in fact, is always ready to accept new routines. This opens all the gates for learning and therefore affects the learning patterns of the students. 


There is no guarantee that a student in discipline is going to achieve all the good things in life. However, one thing that is guaranteed is that if they stumble, they will find ways to get back up. Instead of being angry or disappointed, they will be ready to work harder and achieve their goals. 

Disciplined student always learns from their missteps and forgets if they even happened. This gives them a better chance at trying again instead of feeling guilty about everything. 

Manju Nair

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