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Personality Development: Importance and 7 Easy Tips for Students

GIIS Communications Team
Jan 16, 2023
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Every child is gifted one way or another, and it is upto us to provide them the right platforms to hone their inherent personalities and skills. 

Creating an environment where there is positivity and progress will ensure that your child will thrive and develop their individualities appropriately. 

This kind of environment doesn’t limit to the home atmosphere but extends to classrooms and the school environment too. 

The first few years of a child’s education is by far the most crucial in terms of physical, emotional and social development. Most international schools enable this positive environment and engage children in the right pursuits.

Let’s Look at 7 Easy Steps for Students To Develop Their Personalities, as Advised by an International School

1. What Does a Child’s Personality Consist of?

A child’s personality includes their communication skills, their social behaviour, their etiquettes and their attitude towards fellow beings. It also includes character traits like confidence, assertiveness, courage and awareness of self and the others around them. 

2. Act as an Example of What You Want Your Child To Imbibe

The first step to take is to practice what you preach. Most parents have a string of do’s and don'ts that are expected of their children but most often, they don’t follow these themselves. Children learn by observation and parents play the most influential role in creating an impact on a child’s personality. 

Therefore, try and create an environment where your child can watch and learn from your actions and behaviour. Set an example to them and be the guiding force when they make mistakes.

3. Don’t Make Unfair Comparisons

Though most of us don’t intend to bring our child’s morale down, at times we might succumb to a few habits that might have a negative impact on their self-worth. 

It’s best to not compare your child to another child or to their siblings as this leaves a strong impression on their minds that leads them to believe that they are not good enough. Instead of comparisons, you can concentrate on  their strengths and give them positive examples about themselves instead of others.

4. Give Them Levy To Make Age Appropriate Decisions

It is one thing to guide your child when necessary, but it is wholly another thing to constantly interfere and control their life. Most parents understand the importance of giving a child its space, even at a tender age of preschool

Children need the independence to work on their critical thinking ability. They need to be exposed to different situations where they get an opportunity to think and take appropriate action. 

Some of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad follow the Montessori curriculum which is built on these principles and is a great way to help a child develop their personality.


5. Assign Them Responsibilities and Encourage Them To Complete Them in a Timely Manner

Your child is perfectly capable of taking age appropriate responsibilities therefore, as a parent, set a few rules for responsibilities and ensure that they abide by them on a regular basis. It can be as basic as keeping their room clean, setting the table, helping in household chores, helping their sibling with homework, etc.

6. Give Them Creative Space

This is an important aspect to help your child find her innate strengths and pursue them. Giving them undisturbed time will give them the opportunity to explore their interests. 

Free play time does wonders to their creative thinking ability and can open up new doors for them in terms of finding a hobby or taking their abilities to the next level. 

For older children, Sports have been a great booster for their self-esteem and problem solving abilities. Other extracurricular activities that your child may show interest in should be encouraged and they should be provided the right platform to hone their skills. 

International schools, especially, lay emphasis on this aspect and make extracurricular activities and  co-curricular activities a must for all children.

7. Be a Good Listener

Find time to listen to their opinions, wishes and fears. Children often consider their parents as their role models and may lean on you for advice or to seek emotional comfort. Be there for them during these times, and take a few minutes out to listen and discuss the problem. 

You can encourage them to take the right decision and give them moral support whenever necessary. Eventually they will learn to imbibe the same qualities in themselves and become more independent in their thinking.

The Best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad and Their Holistic Curriculum Approach To Develop Children’s Personalities

International schools in Ahmedabad have made sure to develop a unique pedagogy that enables children to develop skills like team-building, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication and much more. 

This has been made possible because these schools have a mission to not only impart excellent academics but also skills-based education to work on a child’s physical, social and emotional development by encouraging them to develop their innate abilities.

There are a variety of clubs for streams like literature, public speaking, Dramatics, Keyboard, Guitar, Robotics, Science, Math, Piano and many more that help children to pursue their area of interest. They also have extended after school hours programmes for students who show excellence in these fields.


Once you have chosen one of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad for your child, you should also practice these steps above to ensure that there is consistency in their growing years. 

And, once you have played your part of being a responsible parent, in time, children will bloom into young responsible adults. Personalities are developed, not in a day, but in a gradual way therefore, as parents, it is important to be consistent and patient during your kid’s growing years.

GIIS Communications Team

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