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How Parents Can Help Their Child Adjust in Preschool?

GIIS Communications Team
Nov 30, 2021
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There comes a time when your child will have to transition from a comfortable home environment into a preschool environment. This can cause certain anxieties to even the most sorted parent. 

The idea that your child will have to thrive alone in a school atmosphere can pop up concerns and doubts in your head. 

Therefore, in order to make the transition a fruitful one, here are some best practices that may help you and your child ease through this phase with the least amount of tears.

Let's look at tips to ease your child into a preschool in Ahmedabad:-

1. Talking About the Prospective School

As a parent, you need to understand that children have great resilience to surroundings naturally and you should hone in on this during this transition period. Talking to your child about their prospective school is one way to start the journey of this transition. 

You can introduce them to the idea by telling them stories about schools and the fun things they will get to do when they attend school. You can also show photographs of the school and discuss what your child will be doing in those spaces. This will raise their expectations and help them look forward to starting school soon.

2. Taking Them for a Campus Visit

What better way than to show them their school while on a campus tour? Children are usually visual beings, so showing them their school and all the lovely spaces for play will keep them excited about what is to come next. 

You can show them their classrooms and labs and help them get familiar with their school surroundings. This will break the ice and help them set their expectations right. You can take them to the library and show them the story book collection and let them know that they get to borrow books from the library, take it home to read with mommy or daddy. 

If a child is going to use the school transportation, you can show them the school bus and talk about how they will get to ride it everyday. You can also discuss how much fun it will be when your child will make new friends in school who she can eat and play with on a regular basis.

3. Meet the Teacher

This is definitely an important step you shouldn’t forget to do. After all, teachers are going to play a crucial part during your child’s school time in a preschool in Ahmedabad. As a parent, you should ensure that you arrange a meeting with the teacher and introduce your child and her teacher to each other. 

You can discuss your child in detail with the class teacher and you can help your child talk a little to her teacher about her favourite things so that she warms up to this new person in her life quickly. 

You can also talk to the teacher about the curriculum and teaching methods and see if you can initiate a few of these simple activities at home. This way, the child will gain a few skills and will be thrilled to continue learning similar things inside the classroom.

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4. First Day of School

The first day of preschool is a mix of happiness and anxiety for a parent. This is the day when your child will start her schooling journey and as a parent, you want them to enjoy their first day thoroughly. 

However, at times, things  don't go exactly as planned. Your child might be super excited, but the moment she sees another child wailing she might start doing the same. Luckily, teachers of the best preschools in Ahmedabad are trained in the preschool curriculum well and also know how to handle a child’s sensitive moments appropriately. 

Eventually, the children settle and will start enjoying their time in a good school. It is also necessary that you project the right body language in front of your child. If you seem at ease, they are sure to trust your instincts. Therefore, ensure that you choose the right school, with the right teachers who have the right background and temperament to handle young children.

5. Inculcate a Routine Before the School Begins

Slowly help your child adapt to the new school timings by practising to wake her up earlier than her usual time. You can begin this process at least a month before the school reopens in order to ensure that she is ready to attend school without any grogginess during the first few days. 

A new timing and schedule can wreck your child’s behaviour inside the classroom, therefore let them be more alert and prepared to embrace a new school environment. Create a morning routine, where your child can eat breakfast at home and also learn  to put things in their bag, like napkins, tiffin boxes and a few other essentials. Involve them 

in the process and give them a chance to be independent. A routine will also help you during the busy mornings  when the school reopens. Most of these habits of looking after oneself are taught in some of the best Montessori schools, however you can inculcate the same much ahead of time.

These were some ways to ensure your child thoroughly enjoys her first schooling experience. However, there are other facts one needs to remember to make your child’s education an effective and positive experience.

Curriculum and School Fees in Ahmedabad

Apart from this , one has to first ensure that they find the right school for their children. Some schools may have high school fees or some may have affordable school fees in Ahmedabad, however it is important to see how the curriculum is designed in these schools and if it is well worth the money you are paying for your child's education. 

A good preschool curriculum should ensure that your child is in a happy space where she can learn new concepts and lessons in an engaging manner.  

Just because the school fees are high, it does not mean that the school has the best environment for your child. You should choose a school that will respect your child and provide them with an interesting environment to initiate their learning.


A preschool inspired by Montessori curriculum is usually a great option for preschoolers as it inculcates the best habits in young children. As a parent , you can tick all the boxes that make a good school and slowly help your child transition and thrive in an enjoyable environment.

GIIS Communications Team

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