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GIIS: The Best International High School in Ahmedabad

GIIS Communications Team
Jun 4, 2021
About GIIS
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Ahmedabad is one of the fastest developing cities in western India. This fast pace of development can be seen by the construction of tall skyscrapers, the development of new malls, cafes, etc. However, many families that have scouted the city for good schools for their little ones, would agree that the development in the city of Ahmedabad can also be witnessed by looking at how the educational institutes in the city have grown in the past years. 

In many parts of our country, schools still believe and follow the conventional methods of teaching. These methods might have proven beneficial in the past, however, alone these methods can not provide substantial growth and development to your child. In today’s day and age, students require an all-around education that will help them deal with the challenges of modern life.

How does the Global Indian International School (GIIS) educational framework ensure the best learning experience?

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Ahmedabad follows the 9 GEMS holistic framework of education. This framework of education has been designed by the GIIS organization with hard work and extensive research that made it one of the best educational frameworks today.

This 9GEMS framework works on 9 different areas of development that are believed to be of great importance for students in today’s world. These 9 areas of development together make holistic development a reality in every student that goes to the prestigious GIIS institute. This framework also introduces different activities in the curriculum that help to sharpen a student's brain, mind, and physical abilities. 

GIIS offers the CBSE board of education to its high school students, Children from age 13-15 can apply to this International High School in Ahmedabad. Since CBSE is a centralized board of education, students can contest in competitions and other examinations on a national level. GIIS with its Montessori plus program has managed to produce the best results in the country since the start of this establishment. 

What makes GIIS the best high school in Ahmedabad?

As mentioned above, GIIS with its 9GEMS holistic framework has managed to provide the best results in the country. This was made possible through extensive research and hard work that was put in by the GIIS staff and members. This research proved to be a pioneering attempt at understanding the true essence of modern education. 

Students today face a lot of new challenges while growing up. Schools that understand the nature of these challenges, with the assistance of skilled and experienced teachers, can help students to break through these challenges with confidence. GIIS Ahmedabad focuses on preparing students for a better tomorrow. Apart from textbooks, this school focuses equally on sports and physical development, skill development, personality development, and much more.

GIIS Ahmedabad has a NextGen campus

One of the key elements of modern education is making use of modern resources. Conventional methods of teaching depended entirely on teachers who were forced to explain complicated and confusing topics without any visual aid. However, today teachers can better explain the concepts with the help of newly developed devices and gadgets. 

GIIS Ahmedabad is known for its vastly built campus that provides enough room for growth to every student. The corridors and classrooms of this campus have installed in them the most advanced equipment that is periodically used by the teachers to provide better assistance to the students. These devices not only make the concepts easier to understand with the help of visual aid, but also pique the interest of students towards their subject while giving their creativity a major boost. 

GIIS Ahmedabad’s NextGen Campus is also home to numerous labs, courts, and sports fields. The equipment present for labs and sports are of the highest quality. The idea behind this is to improve their physical health and to motivate them towards learning through experimentation. Proper and guided experimentation allows the students to gain practical knowledge and experience in their subjects. 

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GIIS has a team of caring professionals

Teachers at GIIS Ahmedabad are a team of trained professionals that have years of experience that they bring with them to their classrooms. These teachers put GIIS’s holistic 9 GEMS framework into action, as they try to teach every lesson, every concept to induce an all-round development in the students. 

Students also benefit majorly from the experience that teachers bring to the table. Growing up, students face a lot of different problems. Be it academic or a quarrel with friends, these teachers know the best possible way to solve any of these problems. Students with a clearer mind can perform sharply in their exams and at other events. 

GIIS provides scholarships and other programs

The 9 GEMS holistic framework also works towards making the life of parents and students easier at GIIS. To truly make schooling a home-like experience, GIIS Ahmedabad has introduced various programs and scholarships that give every student an equal chance to prove themselves and to get something fruitful for their hard work. This motivates the students to improve their skills and knowledge which in turn makes their future brighter and more secure.


Being an international school, GIIS has proved that it holds the best educational framework in many different countries. From Abu Dhabi to Singapore to the streets of India, GIIS has established its name as the front runner in unconventional and advanced education. Parents who have trusted GIIS with their young ones have experienced an all-around development in their children. Students that graduate from GIIS often find that they have a lot of different opportunities open for their future. The practical knowledge they receive at GIIS makes them valuable employees for any firm or any company in the future. 

GIIS prepares the students for a brighter tomorrow by ensuring they receive the education that best suits them. Students feel a sense of comfort at GIIS, which helps them study with full dedication and heart. Motivated students find it easier to invest more of their time and energy towards their subjects which in turn is reflected through better results.

GIIS Communications Team

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