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Farewell day speech: Farewell speech for Students, Teachers and Principal

Deepika Sodhi
Nov 24, 2022
Schools, Learning
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A farewell is usually an expression of good wishes to people who are leaving a school, place, institution, or residence. Farewell speeches for students by a teacher are delivered during a farewell, and a farewell is organized to wish goodbye and good luck to the students who are leaving. 

Before you opt for the CBSE school admission for your child, you must learn more about a farewell. A farewell looks to convey a message to the departing people that they will be missed by the ones they are leaving behind. It might be a small or a big arrangement, but the speech must be written and delivered in such a way it remains etched in the memories forever. Check the guide below if you are looking for the best farewell speech for students and titles. 

Interesting Ideas for Farewell Titles for Students

Some of the ideal and most interesting ideas for farewell titles for students are as follows:

● Cutie Pie 

● Fashion Plate 

● Charlie Chaplin 

● Mr Follow me

● Know-it-all 

● Mr/Ms U can't beat me 

● Hunk of the town 

● Mr/Miss Photogenic 

● Jolly good fellow 

● Miss Singing Diva 

● Mr/Miss Dancer 

● Dynamic 

● Mr/Miss Perfect 

Similar to the best farewell speech, these farewell titles are also important and can be helpful during farewells. In this specific guide, you will find some of the top farewell speeches in English that can be delivered to the students by the teachers of an international school. It can also act as a good title for farewell for seniors. 

Best Farewell Speech for Students by Teacher

Before creating a farewell speech, you must create a proper structure. A proper structure for a short farewell speech for students by the teacher is as follows:

1. Create an outline

To begin the process, you can list some of your experiences with students in the school or institution in a bulleted format. This can provide you with the framework required to develop your speech. To make things more useful, you can also relate to your students' positive experiences and memories.  

2. Draft a proper introduction

For a good school farewell speech, you must draft an introduction. In the introduction, you must do the following:

1. Greet the audience 

2. Thank them for listening to you

3. Present the purpose of your speech 

3. Include anecdotes that will fit the tone

Usually, farewell or going away speeches must have an honest, respectful or conversational tone. You must look to keep things professional while being relaxed, and an ideal way to engage with the audience is to tell new jokes or funny stories. 

4. Get another opinion

Before you present the farewell day speech, you must read your speech to a trusted coworker and get their opinion regarding the potential areas for improvement. 

Farewell Speech by the Teacher for Class 10 Students

Before you check any farewell speeches by students of class 10, you must check samples for farewell speeches for your class 10 students. A sample for a proper farewell speech for class 10 students in the best high school is as follows:

'A very good morning/afternoon to everyone 

I am the senior teacher/professor for the class of 2022, and today is the day we bid them farewell. Today, I would like to share some words for them, and I never thought that this day would knock on our doors. I did not have the time to pause and reflect on how much I will miss the moments spent with this batch. 

As we grow comfortable with one another in our current surroundings, life needs to change, and we must comply. As bittersweet memories cloud my mind, I look back at all the memories I have gathered with them. I also look at the troubles that we shared together and all the achievements we celebrated. 

In this class's 10th farewell speech, I would like to thank each of you for adding some value to my life and providing me with tons of memories. When the going was getting tougher, the entire school often leaned towards them for support. I wish good luck to everyone and believe all of you are gems.' 

Farewell Speech By the Teacher for Class 12 Students

This is one of the best farewell messages for students from the teacher that you can choose to see: 

'Good morning to the respected principal, vice-principal, colleagues and students; it is a special day for me when I, along with the entire school, am giving a farewell party to our students of class 12th standard of batch 2022. 

Today on 20th April, we gathered in large numbers to bid a proper farewell to a group of young students after spending around 12 years in the school. They have been waiting for years to go outside to join college. Today, the day has finally come to break their long wait and leave the portals of the school to give them a chance to enter a new life and world of college. 

As a class teacher of the 12th standard students, I am giving this farewell to students and like to say that I have admired their passion for study and sports for so many years. All of them are gentlemen, and it took around twelve long years to transform them and shape their bright futures. Teachers also learn many things from students, and I've learned many things, such as ways to have fun, take responsibility, and much more. I wish them the best of luck for their future.' 

This is one of the best 12th farewell speeches that you can find to deliver for your class 12 students. The speech might even be better than the farewell speech by students of class 12 to their teachers, and principal. Seniors and youngsters.


Top 11 Farewell Messages for Students From Teacher

Some of the top farewell quotes for students or messages for students from teachers are as follows:

● Dream big if you desire to get success in life.

● Wishing you the best for your future.

● Thank you for being a great part of this unique and incredible journey.

● Keep your dedication and spirits up.

● Enjoy your life, and also, good luck with your career.

● Good luck with your higher education. 

● I hope that you succeed in your endeavours.

● May you achieve all the excellence in life.

● Dedicate yourself to your work. 

● May you live a victorious life. 

● Hope everything goes well with you. 

Whether it is a farewell speech for the principal or even a farewell speech for class 10, these farewell messages must be added to the farewell speech. This can help make the farewell speech sound better and these messages can also help improve the farewell speech by the teacher for class 10 students. 

Farewell Speech for Students by Principal

A proper farewell speech for students by the principal can be like the one mentioned below:

'Good morning/afternoon to all of you present here, and a warm welcome to you and the school farewell party. This is a farewell introduction speech that I want to deliver to my students, and I remember all the nostalgic feelings spent with them. They have made many of my teachers happy and illuminated the school with fun activities.

I will miss every one of my students and want the best for them in the future. I hope they enjoy their college life, and I know they will remember all the teachers who have been a part of their lives for so many years and me. Good luck.' 

Kindergarten Graduation Speech by Students

A good example of a kindergarten graduation speech by students of an international school is as follows:

'Good morning to all the parents, family, friends, teachers and principal, it has been a year since we have completed kindergarten and it's time to leave now. We hope that we have satisfied all our teachers and superiors with our manners and skills, and hope to meet all of you again.'

This speech can be considered as good as a farewell speech by outgoing students of either class 10 or 12 for their teachers, principals, seniors and juniors. 

Farewell Speech by Students of Class 10

If you want to give a farewell speech before ending class 10, you must provide a good speech that can surpass the farewell speech for class 10 by class 9. The speech must have a good introduction, content and conclusion. You must not forget to thank your teachers, friends and principal who helped you all this year. You can also think about the best title for teachers on farewell to make the day more interesting. 

Farewell Speech by Students of Class 12

There are many farewell titles for students in English that teachers can look for on the internet. In case of a farewell speech, students of class 12 can follow the same procedure that a student of class 10 will follow. The speech must have a proper introduction, content and a justifying conclusion. You can also opt for the best emotional farewell speech by students of class 12 from the internet for your farewell speech. 

Farewell Speech For Principal by Students

Besides the best farewell speech for students by a teacher in English, you can also look for the best farewell speech for your principal. You can also thank your school teachers and principal with a proper interdiction, meaningful messages and a farewell conclusion to your speech. 

Farewell Speech For Teachers by Students

An ideal farewell day speech in English for teachers by students can be as follows:

'This is the final year that we will be a part of this school/institution and we want to thank our teachers for all the love they have showered upon us. We cannot thank them enough for making us better people and helping us succeed.' You can consider this as one of the best speech examples for students for their teachers in the international school. 

Best 11 Farewell Quotes For Students

The 11 best farewell quotes for students are as follows:

● Wisdom is strength in life

● Thank you for being a part of the incredible journey 

● Wishing you the best for your future 

● If you desire success in life, dream big 

● I hope you succeed in life

● Happy days ahead for your new college life 

● May God guide you to the path of success 

● May you achieve everything in life 

● May you be able to move mountains 

● I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors 

● Display your true potential to the world. 


Read the guide above to learn the best short speech examples for students, teachers or principals. To make the farewell day more memorable at the international school, you can see the speech examples above. Only GIIS Singapore can provide the best international education to your kids.

Deepika Sodhi

A highly motivated and dedicated educator with nearly 24 years of teaching experience, Ms. Deepika Sodhi is the Academic Supervisor for International Curricula at Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus, Singapore.

Ms. Sodhi has a rich experience of teaching Physics across curricula such as the IB, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE. She has served as an Exam Officer for Cambridge Assessment International Education. Currently, she is an IB Assessment Officer, and a member of International Schools Network and International Baccalaureate Educator Network.

In her free time, Ms. Sodhi enjoys writing blogs, creating guiding material for training staff and community service.

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