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Discover the Best Nursery School in Ahmedabad - GIIS Ahmedabad

Jul 25, 2023
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Navigating parenthood comes with its fair share of challenges, and making the right educational choices tops the list. Almost every parent wishes to locate a perfect preschool for their little one, as nursery schools are often regarded as a child's second home. They play an instrumental role similar to that of a parent in a child's development.

Therefore, selecting the right nursery school becomes crucial. Investing a little time in researching the best school will ensure your child reaps the full benefits of preschooling at the right school age, thus setting them up for future success.

Now, without further ado, let's embark on this journey. Let’s discover the Best Nursery School in Ahmedabad for your child.

Why is it important to select the best nursery school in Ahmedabad?

1. Strong Foundation - Nursery education forms the building blocks of a child's learning journey. A good nursery school provides a strong foundation in academics, social skills, and emotional development.

2. Learning Readiness - You should select nursery school because it prepares children for the transition to formal education. It instils learning readiness skills such as listening, following instructions, and curiosity.

3. Holistic Development - Most of the best nursery schools focus on holistic development. They nurture a child's cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth through age-appropriate activities.

4. Safe and Nurturing Environment - A reputed preschool in Ahmedabad ensures a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and interact with peers under the guidance of caring educators.

5. Early Socialization - Nursery schools provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers. This helps them develop social skills, empathy, and cooperation from an early age.

6. Developing Independence - All the Good Nursery schools encourage children to be independent and self-reliant, fostering confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

7- Cognitive Stimulation - Through play-based learning and engaging activities, nursery schools stimulate a child's cognitive abilities, promoting curiosity and a love for learning.

8. Early Identification of Learning Needs - The best preschool in Ahmedabad can identify any learning challenges or developmental issues early on. As a parent, you gain the chance to provide timely intervention and support to your little one.

Top 5 Qualities of GIIS Ahmedabad Nursery School

 1. Holistic Learning Environment - GIIS Preschool in Ahmedabad provides a holistic learning environment that fosters the overall development of children. From academics to co-curricular activities, the school ensures a balanced approach to education, nurturing young minds to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

2. Experienced and Caring Educators - All the top nursery schools boast a team of experienced and caring educators who understand the unique needs of young learners. With their compassionate guidance, children feel supported and encouraged to explore their interests and abilities.

3. Play-based Learning - GIIS – The best preschool in Ahmedabad, believes in play-based learning, where children learn through activities that stimulate creativity and critical thinking. Through games, music, art, and outdoor play, kids develop cognitive and motor skills. This enhances their learning experience.

4. Safe and Stimulating Infrastructure – The infrastructure of a good nursery school is designed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children. Colourful classrooms, child-friendly facilities, and age-appropriate resources create an atmosphere where kids feel comfortable and eager to learn.

5. Parent Involvement - GIIS Ahmedabad places high value on the partnership between parents and the school. Regular communication, parent-teacher interactions, and involvement in school activities create a supportive network that nurtures the growth and development of the child.

Ways to Take Admission to GIIS Nursery School

Here is an overview of how you can take nursery school admission for your kid –

1. Online Application - Visit the official GIIS website and access the online admission portal. Fill in the necessary information and submit the application form for nursery admission.

2. In-Person Visit - Visit the GIIS Ahmedabad campus in person. This way, you can obtain vital details on nursery school importance and other necessary information from the admission office. You will be aided throughout the application process.

3. Contact the Admission Office - Reach out to the KG school admission office via phone or email to inquire about the admission process for the nursery school.

4. Open House Events - Keep an eye on GIIS Ahmedabad's website and social media for updates on open house events. Attending such events can help you to learn more about the school and the admission process.

5. Parent Interaction Session - After applying to the top school in Ahmedabad, parents may be invited for a parent interaction session with school authorities to discuss the child's readiness for nursery education.

6. Documentation - Ensure you have all the necessary documents ready, such as the child's birth certificate, photographs, and address proof. You can also check whether the school expects you to provide other documents as per the requirements.

7. Admission Test (if applicable) - Some schools may conduct an admission test for nursery admission. Be prepared for any assessment these top schools in Ahmedabad might require.

8. Admission Confirmation - Upon successful completion of the admission process to the KG school, you will acquire an admission offer letter. Follow the instructions to confirm the seat by submitting the required fees and documents.

9. Early Application – For nursery CBSE school admission, there may be limited seats. So, it's advisable to apply early to secure a spot for your child.

GIIS Ahmedabad - An Overview of One of the Best Nursery Schools in Ahmedabad

GIIS Ahmedabad is a top choice for parents seeking an innovative and academically excellent school for their children. As an acclaimed international school in Ahmedabad, GIIS stands out with its world-class campus and outstanding infrastructure, creating a positive learning culture.

With a focus on nurturing 21st-century skills, the school's curriculum prepares students for a successful future. The results speak for themselves, with over 33% of students in each batch scoring 90% or more in board exams. Additionally, GIIS boasts an impressive track record of over 350+ awards for education excellence.

With a next-gen campus and state-of-the-art amenities, GIIS offers every child the opportunity to nurture their ambitions. This top school in Ahmedabad makes kids academically strong, skilled, and morally upright individuals.

Type of School: International

Curriculum: CBSE & GMP

Class: Nursery to Grade 12

Facilities & Infrastructure 

The GIIS campus prioritizes open spaces, allowing natural light and ventilation in every classroom. Open space also fosters smooth student movement across indoor and outdoor activity centres. Here are some campus facilities at one of the best nursery schools in Ahmedabad:

● Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH)

● Montessori Laboratory

● Kindergarten Play Area

● Kids Pool

● Art & Craft Lab, Library, IT Lab, and Maths Lab

● Audio-Visual Room & Football Ground

● Indoor Sports & Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values

Student safety is paramount at GIIS Ahmedabad. CCTV surveillance is installed across the campus, and every staff member undergoes stringent checks before being employed.

Address & Contact Information

Godrej Garden City, Behind Nirma University, Off S.G. Highway, Jagatpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382470 (1800 572 2810)

Teachers in GIIS Nursery School

At GIIS Top Nursery School, the process of hiring faculty is meticulous. We prioritize domain proficiency, seeking teachers who are experts in their respective fields and possess extensive experience. Our selection criteria are stringent, evaluating not only interpersonal skills and adaptability but also past experiences.

To maintain our position at the forefront of education, teachers at this esteemed nursery school undergo a minimum of 80 hours of training annually. We strongly encourage collaboration, fostering knowledge-sharing and brainstorming sessions across our campuses. This commitment ensures that our faculty remains adept at delivering valuable learning experiences to our young learners.

List of the best nursery schools of GIIS in India

1. Global Indian International School Bannerghatta, Bangalore

Curriculum GMP
Grades Nursery to KG2
Age Criteria 2.5 Years to 5 Years
School Type Day School
Website GIIS Bannerghatta

2. Global Indian International School Whitefield, Bangalore

Curriculum GMP
Grades Nursery to KG2
Age Criteria 2.5 Years to 5 Years
School Type Day School
Website GIIS Whitefield

3. Global Indian International School Hadapsar, Pune

Curriculum GMP
Grades Nursery to KG2
Age Criteria 2.5 Years to 5 Years
School Type Day School
Website GIIS Hadapsar

4. Global Indian International School Balewadi, Pune

Global Indian International School Balewadi, Pune – Best International School in Pune

Curriculum GMP
Grades Nursery to KG2
Age Criteria 2.5 Years to 5 Years
School Type Day School
Website GIIS Balewadi

5. Global Indian International School Noida

Global Indian International School Noida – Best International School in Noida

Curriculum GMP
Grades Nursery to KG2
Age Criteria 2.5 Years to 4.5 Years
School Type Day School
Admission Fees: Click here to Know - School Fees in Noida
Website GIIS Noida

5. Global Indian International School Nagpur

Global Indian International School Nagpur – Best International School in Nagpur

Curriculum GMP
Grades Nursery to KG2
Age Criteria 3 Years to 5 Years
School Type Day School
Admission Fees: Click here to Know - School Fees in Noida
Website GIIS Nagpur

Bottom line

Securing admission at GIIS Ahmedabad Nursery School opens a gateway to a world of holistic learning and nurturing experiences for your child. Whether you choose the online application or visit the campus in person, GIIS ensures a seamless and supportive admission process.

With experienced educators, play-based learning, and a safe infrastructure, your child will flourish in an environment that fosters all-round development.

Furthermore, through the active involvement of parents and the conduct of open house events, GIIS demonstrates its commitment to creating a strong partnership between home and school.

So, wait no more and get your little one enrolled at GIIS Ahmedabad – One of the best nursery schools in Ahmedabad!


1- What are the age requirements of a nursery school?

Nursery school typically admits children between the ages of 2 to 4 years, depending on the school's policy. Children need to meet the minimum age requirement to enrol in nursery classes.

2- Are 3-year-olds in nursery school?

Yes, many nursery schools accept 3-year-olds. It's the perfect age for children to start their educational journey in nursery school. This is precisely when they are curious, eager to learn, and can benefit from early socialization.

3- Is a nursery good for 2-year-olds?

Absolutely! Nursery school admission is a wonderful choice for 2-year-olds as it offers a nurturing environment for their development. Children can explore, learn, and interact with others, setting a strong foundation for their future learning.

4- What to expect from a nursery school?

In a nursery school, you can expect a child-friendly atmosphere, play-based learning, and activities that stimulate cognitive and social skills. The teaching staff focuses on age-appropriate learning, fostering creativity and independence.

5- How do I prepare my 4-year-old for nursery?

Your 4-year-old can be prepared for nursery by introducing him or her to a structured routine. Begin by encouraging independent habits, reading together, and engaging in playful activities to stimulate curiosity and social skills. Ensure that you make the transition fun and positive for your little one. This way, he or she will eagerly look forward to his or her new school journey.


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