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CBSE Improvement Exam 2023: Registration, Exam Date, Result and More

Seema Kaushik
Jan 4, 2023
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Every year, thousands of students take the 10th and 12th grade board exams offered by the Central Board of Secondary Examination, or CBSE. These youngsters hope to have a fulfilling profession after graduation. 

Those taking the board exams for the 10th standard in the best school in Ahmedabad are anxious to achieve the necessary scores in order to be accepted into the stream of their choosing in 10+1. On the other hand, kids taking the board examinations for the 12th grade are aiming for high grades and entrance to their preferred good universities.

Following the announcement of the Class 12th and 10th Results, CBSE is giving students one more opportunity to improve their score. Students who are unhappy with their test results have another wonderful opportunity to do better on the improvement exam. 

Candidates who intend to sit for the CBSE Improvement Exam for classes 12 and 10 can find the date sheet, precise schedule, most recent changes, and other crucial information in this blog.

What is the CBSE improvement exam?

For the entrance tests for professional degree programmes and obtaining admission to graduate school, whether in India or overseas, the results of the 12th grade are crucial. The CBSE improvement exam is the best option if you're not happy with the outcomes and want to raise your marks on the board exams for classes 10 and 12. 

Students who have qualified for a subject but whose scores fall short of expectations may take the exam for one or more courses. However, individuals who have a backlog must first qualify the topic in order to take the improvement exam. Your final grade sheet will display the updated scores as your result, which will be taken into account.

When are CBSE improvement exams held?

CBSE improvement exams for class 11 and 12 are held in the month of July-August.

Who can apply for the CBSE improvement exam in 2023?

● Students who completed the board exam in the relevant subject and are motivated to raise their grade can take the CBSE improvement exam. Please note that if a student fails in the CBSE board exam, they cannot appear for the improvement exam.

● One or more topics may be chosen to take the CBSE improvement exam. The next year, the improvement examination is typically held.

● The improvement exam is open to students who took the board exams the preceding two years. For instance, applicants who passed the 12th board exam in 2021 or 2022 are eligible to take the 2023 12th CBSE improvement exam. Same thing applies for class 10. 

● The candidate must have passed the 10th or 12th exam from CBSE board.

What are the criteria for the improvement exam in CBSE?

● Before submitting an application for the Improvement Exam, students are urged to carefully review the qualifying requirements as outlined by the CBSE Board. If the applicant does not fulfil the qualifying requirements, the Improvement exam form will be cancelled.

● Only applicants who have successfully completed their previously attempted board exam are eligible to take the CBSE Improvement Exam. Candidates who failed the prior Board Exam can look for other provisions.

● Only candidates who desire to improve their Board Exam scores can take the Improvement Exam.

● The candidate must have taken CBSE Board exams in class 10 and 12. 

● If the candidate receives a compartment in any topic, he or she will not be permitted to take the Improvement Exam.

● Only the subjects that the candidate has already taken and passed are available for selection on the Improvement Exam.

● Only the Five Core Subjects are eligible for the Improvement Exam.

● It should be noted that either all five subjects or a subset of the five key subjects may benefit from improvement.

What are CBSE improvement exam rules?

● A candidate who has passed a Board examination from a CBSE board high school may reappear for improvement in one or more subjects only in the year following; however, a candidate who has passed a Board examination under the Vocational Scheme may reappear for improvement in the main examination in the year following or the year following, provided they have not pursued higher education in the interim. They will show up as unofficial candidates. 

● However, if accepted by the school as regular students, those who are reappearing for the entire exam may also appear as normal candidates. Only the subjects in which they took the exam are available to candidates who are taking the exam for performance improvement.

● If a candidate has passed the practical portion of the main test for a topic that requires practical work, she will only be permitted to take the theory portion of the exam; the marks she received for the practical portion of the main examination will be carried over and taken into account. If an applicant fails the practical exam, she must retake both the theory and practical portions of the test, even if she passed the theory portion.

● Candidates who take the performance improvement exam will only receive a Statement of Marks with their exam results.

● A candidate who is attempting to improve their performance in one or more topics is not permitted to attempt another subject at the same time.

● Candidates who took the Senior School Certificate Exam in six subjects and were declared "Pass" because they received passing grades in five of the subjects, in accordance with Rule 2.2(iv), may take the Compartment Examination in the failing main subject in July of the same year, provided they took the Exam in the failing main subject in March.

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What is the procedure for the CBSE improvement exam?

● You can choose the courses for the re-exam after entering the Roll No. and the name of the school. The application fee for the improvement exam is 200 INR for each topic, and it can be paid via challan at the bank or online on the website. When completing the application form, it's crucial to bear the following suggestions in mind:

● Make sure you don't wait until the application deadline to fill it out. You risk missing the deadline due to heavy internet traffic in the final hours.

● Although there is a 200 INR price for one improvement exam, there are other fees depending on whether the candidate is using the Delhi Scheme, is outside of India, or is a private candidate. Before submitting an application for the improvement exam, read the official CBSE notification.

● For the improvement exam, you will receive a different admission card; be sure to download it from the CBSE website and review the information about the exam centre on it.

CBSE improvement exam 2023 syllabus

CBSE improvement exam syllabus for class 10

Same as CBSE board exam 2023 syllabus for class 10.

CBSE improvement exam syllabus for class 12

Same as CBSE board exam 2023 for class 12. 

How to check CBSE improvement exam 2023 result?

● Go to the official websites at cbse.nic.in and cbseresults.nic.in.

● Students must enter their CBSE Improvement Result 2021 roll number, school number, and centre number on the page that appears on the screen. The result will be displayed. 


If you didn't perform well on your CBSE board exam, don't lose heart or don't let it discourage you. You still have the chance to turn the table if you follow this blog properly. All the best!


● When is class 12 CBSE improvement exam?

Ans – It is held in between July-August.

When is the CBSE improvement exam 2023 last date to apply?

Ans – July 2023

● Can I give an improvement exam in CBSE?

Ans – Only if you passed your CBSE board exam last year or two years back. 

● Is there any improvement exam for CBSE class 10?

Ans – Yes

● What if I get less marks in the CBSE improvement exam?

Ans – Then the previous exam marks will be considered valid. 

● Can I give the CBSE improvement exam twice?

Ans – No.

● How many times can I give the CBSE improvement exam?

Ans – Just once. 

● Is the CBSE improvement exam tough?

Ans – No, it is not tougher than board exams. 

● What if I fail in the CBSE improvement exam?

Ans – Then the previous board exam marks will be considered valid. 

● Where to get the CBSE improvement exam form?

Ans – Visit CBSE official websites cbse.nic.in and cbseresults.nic.in.

Seema Kaushik

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