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Why is International Montessori School Near Me a Good Choice for Education in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Sep 27, 2021
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Resting on the banks of Sabarmati river, Ahmedabad is the fifth largest city and seventh largest metropolitan area of India. To add more feathers in its cap, it is also the judicial capital of Gujarat apart from being the former state capital. 

Gujarat is famous for its business persons and leadership, especially in diamond, textile and clothing. The textile hub, ‘Manchester of the East’, Ahmedabad is richly populated with people from all classes and walks of life. There are business leaders, artisans, technology leaders etc.

This immediately puts it as an important location on the global map. Ahmedabad then becomes a favourite spot for Montessori schools near me to inculcate traditional values and modern montessori principles to educate your child. 

Why Choose an International School in Ahmedabad for Your Child?

Ahmedabad is an ever growing, global city. This means that traders, business persons, artisans from across the world become a touch-point. This makes it vital for your child to set a path of leadership and community. 

International schools are ones that either follow international curriculum or imbibe various studying models to impart education that aligns with the global world of the here and now.

Qualities of International Schools in Ahmedabad

International schools offer a blended, interconnected education that is catered to the unique needs of each student. Ahmedabad schools blend various boards like CBSE, ICSE or IB with classroom models like the GEMS, and GMP Montessori program for the best quality education. 

The Montessori based curriculum was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori around a hundred years ago. It is a world renowned, accredited and acknowledged program of learning.

How is Montessori based Learning Different from Traditional Schools in Ahmedabad?

● Montessori based learning classrooms are different the moment you step in. Each student is seen to be an individual with different needs and different strengths.

● Montessori based learning allows students to make their own choices whether it is about dressing a certain way, choosing a certain subject whether in sciences, arts or commerce, interacting with their peers etc.

● Most classrooms are rich with learning material in the form of interactive toys. Students work in pairs, groups as well as individually to find out their best selves.

● Montessori education curriculum believes in the child’s ability to be curious and create a sense of self through peer support and guidance from the teachers.

● Teachers in international schools that use Montessori curriculum in Ahmedabad are experts in their field, believe in guiding a child to their best selves. They are trained regularly to become more empathetic, understanding and reach a child’s level to provide the best education that suits a unique individuality.

Emotional Intelligence and a Sense of Community in International Schools of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, though a city that millions look at with a sense of competition, is built on its traditional value of closely knit communities. The Montessori curriculum in international schools boosts your child’s individuality and helps them make sense of self, but also do so in protected and safe communities. 

The curriculum reinforces the importance of empathy, forgiveness, values and ethics that are deeply important in today’s world. The learnings from the local community, helps improve the emotional intelligence of the child, becoming sensitive and compassionate to their own needs as well as towards those around them. 

This becomes a powerful lens at global levels, especially today when the goal is to find international leaders who show vulnerability and strength in trying times. 

Accountability, a Primal Part of Montessori Curriculum in Ahmedabad

When the child learns and develops their sense of self, and builds trust in others, they also learn accountability. To be accountable for one’s own actions and speech, to learn from their own mistakes, and see opportunities of growth and development in times of dismal are some crucial things they pick up.

The accountability in international schools following Montessori classroom practise in not just restricted to students, but extends towards faculty and teachers as well. 

Each teacher is accountable for their own work as well as holding others responsible for their actions. The teachers receive regular training sessions to understand the needs and demands of today’s child and the global market. They help the student fill this gap and reach their optimum selves.

International Montessori schools near you that use the latest technology

Technology has permeated in all facets of our lives. Our children know how to make reels by the time they are 2 years old, our teenagers are becoming graphic designers and coders. This ubiquitous and deep rooted sense of technology is reforming education.

Two years ago doing virtual schooling was not a favourable option, but today international schools adapted and adopted SMART classes, online examination, fun activities to engage their students. Learning must never stop.

Technology is not restricted to the equipment, but transcends parental communication and involvement. Parents can be sure about their child’s safety and security through various tracking applications. 

International schools allow parents to sit through seminars, interact with teachers, and other parents, and have an active and integrated role in their child’s learning process.

Technology is truly making International Schools in Ahmedabad to update and revamp their education styles. Use of Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality and technologically high end infrastructure with smart rooms, tech labs are being provided to students to become able and apt in the global world.

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International Schools in Ahmedabad Lead to International Universities

It is important to understand that for most students, education does not end with school. It then becomes important to see what kind of opportunities international schools provide the students. Are they truly international? 

Some international schools provide opportunities like exchange programmes with schools from other countries, summer programmes, and a bright future in international as well as national universities for higher education. 

One must ask and see university partnerships, placement protocols, career counselors for their children in International schools in Ahmedabad.

Skills Based Learning Model, a Prerequisite in International Schools

Apart from learning new things in terms of academics and co-curricular, international schools especially with a Montessori based teaching style in Ahmedabad understand the importance of skill development in students. 

Students should have the opportunity to become not only literate, but successfully functional individuals in their lives. 

This hints to skills based learning like Microsoft skills, Presentation Skills, different languages, computer coding, designing, art, taxes, mental health, savings and investment must be a part of the curriculum or at least an optional learning point for the students of Ahmedabad international schools.


International Montessori is a blend of age-old practices of allowing students to become their true selves combined with latest evidence-based techniques to make your child’s learning process interesting and engaging both for the child as well as the parent. 

Ahmedabad is a global city and its students should not settle for anything less.  When you are looking for the term, “Montessori school near me”, do remember these qualities.

Montessori style education equips students to contain their individuality, identify their strengths and work on their improvement points. It is a culture of holistic, integrated development where the self and others become an important aspect of life. 

If you are on a hunt for your child’s education, International schools with a blend of Montessori curriculum is the way to go. You can explore different options, and find matches that suit your child’s requirements and learning style, your budget, long term plans and your values.

GIIS Communications Team

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