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What should students in Ahmedabad keep in mind while applying for scholarships in foreign universities?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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Educational Scholarships hold the potential to change a student’s life by providing them access to the education they desire. They act as the stepping stones for children who wish to pursue their higher education in a learner-centric environment more suitable to their needs. While there are a number of high-quality schools and universities in India, many students can still wish to study outside the country. For these students, it is important to understand how they can proceed with their application process. If utmost care and precautions are not taken, then students can miss out on golden opportunities that would have influenced their lives in a big way. 

Why should you apply for scholarships?

With a literacy rate of close to 90%, the city of Ahmedabad is known to have high standards of education. It has seen a gradual rise in the number of schools and colleges with each passing year. From schools offering different modes of curriculum from CBSE to IB and providing modern facilities across their campus, each institute has gone a long way to ensure that students have access to a world-class education. However, despite this high level of education being imparted in schools in Ahmedabad, students might still be looking for opportunities that are simply not available in the entire country of India. This might be the result of many factors.

A need to apply for educational Scholarships and study abroad

For starters, the courses that students wish to pursue might not be taught in deep detail in Indian universities as per their wishes. Sometimes, it is also possible that the field they wish to study has a very small pool of experts who act as teachers. For some students, such as those wishing to study a different language, going to another city might give them more exposure to the cultures and traditions of that land. This exposure can help them understand the nuances of the language they wish to study.
Lastly, for some students in Ahmedabad, pursuing higher studies abroad might be a part of a larger plan of their own making in which they have charted their trajectory all the way to securing a job in their choice of profession. Hence for such varied reasons, students can apply for scholarships which can ease the load of financial pressures on them. While studying at a premier university might seem very expensive at first, finding the right scholarship can make a student’s educational experience highly affordable. Listed below are a few things students ought to keep in mind while applying for an educational scholarship of their choice.


Seven things to consider when apply for a scholarships abroad:

1. Research thoroughly

Beginning one’s journey through the process of applying for educational scholarships starts with collecting data. This data can be about the existence of different scholarships, their date of applications, requirements from students, etc. Having a keen eye can help students discover new scholarship options that have been recently introduced. 

It helps them to explore their options before they begin shortlisting the ones they wish to apply for. Researching is therefore the key to finding more options and eliminating those opportunities that are either outdated or no longer open. The process of research also acquaints students with the different factors involved in applying and is therefore educational in nature. This knowledge can empower students to choose their scholarship options wisely.

2. Check if you fulfil the criteria

Once students have researched enough about the scholarships they want to apply to, they will have a better understanding of the different eligibility criteria that each of their scholarships has. By familiarising themselves with the different criteria to be met for each scholarship, students can improve their applications by demonstrating how they meet these criteria to the best of their abilities. In case, students don’t fulfil the required criteria, then it would make sense for them to eliminate such options from their list. Furthermore, if students are unsure about matching the criteria, then they can choose to assign lesser priorities to such applications and save their valuable time for the ideal ones.

3. Get enough advice

Students should freely ask for advice from people who they consider to be their seniors or valid sources of knowledge. Such people, like teachers and school seniors, can guide students’ opinions on applying for scholarships and vastly improve their chances of being successful in their applications. Therefore, asking for advice without any reluctance can actually go a long way in informing students about the do’s and don'ts that need to be followed in their application process. An important thing to keep in mind while asking for sound advice is that students ought to rely on valid people with experience and choose to objectively listen to the experiential knowledge of their teachers and peers. This can help them avoid confusion due to the overwhelming nature of several pieces of advice being given to them.

4. Apply for multiple opportunities

In terms of probability, applying for more scholarships can surely improve a student’s chances of gaining admission into any top university in the country of their choice. By shortlisting several scholarship opportunities, students can proceed to submit their applications for each scholarship in a systematic manner.

5. Focus on improving your personal statement

One of the most important aspects when applying for any educational scholarship is the statement of purpose that is demanded by a majority of universities. This statement or essay helps universities understand the student’s story, their point of view and the reasons behind their desire to study in a particular university or college campus. 

Students ought to remember that writing an authentic essay is the key to helping the admission coordinators understand the value they would bring by their presence in the university. By writing their stories from a unique perspective, students can ensure that their application stands out from the rest. Generally, students should have multiple stages of writing their essays with each draft getting better as students get more clarity from their peers, teachers and academic mentors.

6. Pay attention to details

Students ought to ensure that they double-check each and every detail they have filled in their applications. Minor errors in filling in necessary information or unwanted grammatical mistakes can reflect poorly on the student’s focus while completing their applications. Hence, if students wish to make a good impression in the first instance itself, they need to be careful in their application process and not rush through it.

7. Don’t miss the deadline

No matter how perfectly an application is prepared, if it is submitted late then all the efforts put behind it cease to have any purpose. Therefore, students must ensure that they note down the deadline of submission of their applications and set reminders to remind them of the apt date of submission.

If a student has decided to apply for scholarships to an educational institute of their choice, then keeping the above pointers would be beneficial to easing their application process. By sticking to these pointers, students can ensure that their chances of securing the scholarship of their dreams are highly improved. If they are focused on completing their higher education through a foreign university, then understanding the various aspects of their application process is imperative to complete their educational journey.

GIIS Communications Team

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