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What is Global Education for Kids in Preschool - What is the Ahmedabad School Fee Structure for Such Schools?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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Wondering what comprises Global education for preschool kids and if Ahmedabad school fee structure is affordable? Here is a guide to help you understand the integration of a global perspective inside a school.

Most kids preschool follow curriculums like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, etc. or a specially designed curriculum according to the discretion of the school. All these curricula concentrate on foundational skills like literacy and numeracy. 

However, in the past decade schools have redesigned their curriculum to provide a platform that includes global education where children are prepared not just for reading, speaking and writing but with other skills that help them tackle real world issues and does not limit their knowledge to their geographical boundaries.

Advantages of Global Education in Early Childhood Learning

It is the need of the hour to help children have a global perspective when they are learning. A global education provides cultural awareness and diversity among children, it shows them the way to broaden horizons and gives them the freedom to explore. 

It helps them stay connected to the world through the latest technology and also gives them important insights on the state of our planet and how best we can save and conserve our environment. It also enables them to take part in cross-cultural activities and other competitions on a global level.

Now Let’s See How This Is Integrated Into Curriculums for Kids in Preschool

1. Community Awareness

Considering the current situation across the world, it is imperative for leaders and entrepreneurs to be aware of the different communities and how best they can provide for them using the right set of knowledge and skills. 

These qualities are not born overnight but are imbibed into children from a very young age. Kids in preschools are exposed to the problems of the environment and are educated on the importance of conserving one’s environment. 

Schools of the current generation hold Green initiatives and community drives based on real concepts to help children blend with their communities.

Children are also shown age appropriate videos inside their virtual classrooms to understand the environment and its effects across the globe.

2. Values and Principles

Without a good set of values and principles, one can only think for themselves and not towards a bigger objective. It is imperative to teach children core values like care, compassion, integrity, tolerance and inclusion. 

This is easily imparted in an international school environment where there are children from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Teachers of these schools teach children to accept each other while developing their social skills and help them inculcate respect for cultural diversity. 

3. Technology Inside Classrooms

Technology is the base of all endeavours in the current world and a school that adapts to the latest technology will provide the best skills to students to tackle complex issues with the ease of the latest innovative methods. 

Technology also  enables a global network where children can exchange ideas and views among their peers from other school branches across the globe. The use of technology inside classrooms enables teachers to use different teaching methods in order to be more effective and to engage the students inside the classroom. 

Latest apps and online platforms allow children to hone their skills in subjects like Math and Science inside labs that are a part of every  smart school.

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4. Parent Engagement

The best kids preschools understand the importance of involving parents in their child’s education and children whose parents  play an active role in their education are known to have life long benefits. 

Schools encourage parents to take interest in the child’s development and also give them tips as to how they can integrate a common learning environment inside their homes.

These were some best practices that international schools follow to provide a global education for kids in preschool. Now let's look at the school fees and the affordability aspect of a global education.

Ahmedabad School Fees

A good school that has all the international standards and facilities in education need not be outrageously expensive. There are very good schools in Ahmedabad that offer global curricula and are still affordable considering all the top notch facilities they provide. 

Most Ahmedabad school fees structure ranges between Rs 35,000 to Rs.1,50,000 for kids in preschools and primary schools. However, the best way to get the value for your money is by weighing all the features of the schools and other factors like proximity of the school from your homes and offices.

Global schools also offer Merit based and Means based Scholarships to students who have excellent academic records or whose families come from lower gross income brackets.  You can get in touch with the school’s admission team and try to understand all these important factors before you seek admission.

Look for Schools That Provide a Curriculum Based on Holistic Education

Schools that provide holistic education should be your first choice. A holistic approach works on skills development of a child by imparting a curriculum that is well-balanced and global in nature. 

Most of the holistic schools have great emphasis on social development, personality development,  cognitive development and emotional development. 

These aspects are crucial if you wish your child to grow into a responsible citizen who has the necessary skills to tackle world problems and complex issues. Critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills are some core skills that the schools focus on.


These were some positive points on Global education curriculums for kids in preschool. Hope it was helpful and gave you an insight on the importance of such a broad perspective in education. 

And the fact that Ahmedabad school fees can be quite affordable for such international schools should lift your spirits and help you decide on the best course of action for your little one.

GIIS Communications Team

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