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What Are the Key Elements of International School Tuition Fees and Its Benefits?

Seema Kaushik
Oct 29, 2021
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Almost every parent wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. Education prices continue to rise because of rising demand, a rise in quality, as well as inflation. 

Knowing the school fees is crucial in planning expenditures. It is also important to gain a more in-depth understanding of the benefits of studying in international schools.

Tuition fees are often used to estimate school fees. A tuition fee, however, is only 30-50% of an institution's fees.

There are other categories of spending that we seldom consider, but which are crucial to ensuring that each child has good amenities and other facilities, so let's examine the main components of a tuition fee. 

What Are the Components of a Tuition Fee in International Schools in Ahmedabad?

As the name implies, this is always the first thing that comes to mind and it is often synonymous with school fees in general. The tutoring fee is the basic fee that schools charge. This fee increases as the student moves into senior classes. 

The fee is charged either monthly or three times each year. The tuition fee is between 30-50% of the total school fee. Though it is the largest component of your school expenditure, it still makes up less than half of the total amount you will spend each year. The other  mandatory charges may include the following.

● Infrastructure fund: The majority of schools upgrade their infrastructure, such as a new school building, sports facilities, science labs, auditoriums, new advanced technology, etc. This cost is passed on to parents as an infrastructure fee to cover school expenses incurred in building the new advanced facilities. Nearly 80% of the schools we reviewed levy this fee at the beginning of the academic year and it makes up 7-13% of the total school fees.

● Admission/Readmission application fee: Fees for admission and readmission accounts for the highest portion of school fees. Fees for admission and readmission are assessed at the start of each school year separately, and some schools do not charge application fees.

● Lab fees: There are often fees associated with facilities such as science labs, computer labs, language labs, libraries, etc. Over and above the tuition fees, this will be charged. The majority of schools we reviewed charge this fee monthly and it increases as the student moves into the senior class

● Activity fees: As the name implies, the fees for this head include the amount of money that the school spends to support the development of a child at school beyond classroom instruction.


An Overview of Ahmedabad International School Fees

The focus of international schools in Ahmedabad is on creativity, experiment-based learning, and a holistic approach. It makes a student fit for global citizenship. Many Indian international schools in Ahmedabad offer this curriculum. 

The ability to think critically is crucial in today's world as it allows us to analyze and evaluate ideas and situations. 

International Schools in India consider that the child not only needs to gain an appreciation for the Indian culture but he or she must also be shaped into an adult who is knowledgeable of the world and respects all the cultures and opportunities it offers. 

Students at India International Schools are exposed to the international community while also learning about their roots.

The fee for India International schools in Ahmedabad is determined by the grade, as the fee increases with each new grade. Most fees at the school are designed in such a way that they are affordable for the parents while providing them maximum benefits. 

Payment may be made online, with cash, or via another method. The schools have made the process very easy and simple while making the fee structure affordable for most of the residents in the area. 

Indian international schools charge an average of Rs 15000 to Rs 18000 in fees. Most of the schools charge affordable fees despite a wide array of great amenities such as international curriculum, extracurriculars, and technology enabled teaching. 

Parents can get their children admitted into the schools of their choice while still maintaining a healthy budget.

However, some schools can also be quite expensive. Prices do depend on the national rankings of the school. However, there are quite a few Indian schools in Ahmedabad that have good rankings and offer affordable fees. 

Student Loans and Scholarships to Aid Educational Cost

Taking such a decision relies heavily on this aspect. While the fees of an international school are invariably much higher than private schools offering the Indian curriculum, there are also a variety of inexpensive schools offering an exceptional education. 

Although there are affordable Ahmedabad international school fees, many parents still cannot fulfill the financial requirements to get their children into the schools of their choice, where the child will thrive and grow. A large number of scholarships are available to these students provided by the school.

It's a great opportunity for both the parents and children since it's not dependent on financial status, but on the students’ abilities and interests. Different schools have different eligibility criteria. 

Students who are not able to meet the scholarship criteria can still apply for student loans with low-interest rates that they can pay back after completing their education.


In international schools, students have the opportunity to make lifelong memories and experiences. Students who attend international schools can benefit from all of these distinct advantages. 

It encourages them to revisit a country in the future or propels them into a study or career path they hadn't considered before. 

These international schools in Ahmedabad provide world-class education, a holistic educational approach, and a curriculum tailored to the child's development. 

They offer state-of-the-art facilities and technologically advanced classrooms as well. Even with all the top-notch facilities, Ahmedabad international school fees can be quite affordable

Seema Kaushik

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