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What Are the Components of the School Education Fees in Ahmedabad CBSE School?

Manju Nair
Jan 26, 2023
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Looking for a CBSE school in Ahmedabad may sometimes be a little challenging. There are many good schools that offer the best curricula and also have the best facilities to provide to their students. 

However, there is the aspect of the school fees in Ahmedabad which can be a deciding factor for most parents when they are choosing schools for their children.

In this post, we are going to guide you through the school fees of the Global Indian International School. 

GIIS has a two decade rich heritage in the world of education and was  incepted in 2002, in Mount Sophia, Singapore, GIIS has made headway into other capital cities of Asian countries and holds a strong stance in India too.

But before that, let us look at the different components of an International School Fee in Ahmedabad.

1. Registration Fees: The registration fee is a standard fee followed by most international schools. It includes the cost for the registration process and the paperwork. This is paid as a one time non refundable fee during the process of registration and admitting your child to that school for the first time. The registration fee can be anywhere between Rs. 1000 to Rs 1500.

2. Admission Fee: The admission fee is again a one-time-non-refundable payment that will ensure your child’s seat into the new school. The admission fee is charged in lieu of the facilities and benefits that the school provides to its students. This can be anywhere between Rs.70,000 to Rs.80,000.

3. Security Deposit: Some schools also charge a security deposit that is in lieu of any damages that may be incurred to the school property due to the negligence of the student or in the breach of any terms and conditions of the school. This is a refundable amount which can be claimed when the child leaves the school.

4. Tuition fees: Since most international schools are privately funded, tuition fees play a significant role in ensuring that they are able to pay the faculty and the other school personnel and also ensure they hire good teachers and trainers to help children prosper. Tuition fees are recurring term fees which is a mandatory payment before the term begins.

Apart from this, there are other fees like lab , and excursion fees that are applicable according to the discretion of the school. Transportation fees is an exclusive fee which can be paid if your child uses the transport facility.

Fees Structure at GIIS School

To begin with let's look at the fee structure for the GMP program for preschoolers.

GMP School Fees, Ahmedabad

The total annual fees for the Global Montessori Plus Program is Rs. 60, 776 which comprises the registration fee, admission fee and the tuition fee. This doesn’t include Transport, Uniform, Books and Meals. 

The academic year is divided into 4 terms of 3 months each and the fees can be either paid annually or term wise. The term fees need to be paid before the beginning of every term.

School fees can be paid Bank drafts, Cash, Credit Card or Cheques will be accepted at the time of admission towards registration fees, first course fees. All Cheques are to be made in favour of "GLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, NOIDA." in India.

The admission fees that are to be paid at the beginning of the school admission process is non -refundable.

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CBSE School Fees in Ahmedabad

The Global Indian International School is one of the best CBSE schools in the city that offers a unique pedagogical approach to teaching and learning through its holistic 9GEMS framework.

● The School Fees in Ahmedabad for the CBSE curriculum of Grades 1 and 2 is structured at Rs. 69,164.

● Grades 3 and 5:  Rs. 69,164

● Grades 6 and 8: Rs. 76,820

● Grades 9 and 10: Rs. 80,708

● The School Fees for the CBSE curriculum for Grades 11 for the Science stream is structured at Rs. 88,200.

● The School Fees for the CBSE curriculum for Grades 11 for the Commerce stream is structured  at Rs. 82,688.

● The School Fees for the CBSE curriculum for Grades 12 for the Science stream is structured  at Rs. 88,200

● The School Fees for the CBSE curriculum for Grades 12 for the Commerce stream is structured  at Rs. 82,688.

Global Indian International School complies with the guidelines directed by the Honorable Supreme Court of India and aims to provide transparency not just in its fee structure but also in all its other endeavours.

CBSE School Scholarships for those who have exceptional talents and who fall under the eligibility criteria. GlIS also offers scholarships in different streams to enable children from all walks of life to gain a chance to acquire international education. 

The scholarships are of different kinds and are purely based on merit and the gross family income of a student in question.


These were some of the components of the school fees in Ahmedabad for a CBSE school. GIIS has been a household name in many cities and continues to do so due to its affordability and its best in class education. 

While looking for admissions in CBSE schools, one should understand these important components and request the school  in question to be clear on their school fees structure. 

Surprise charges and payments are not something any of us look forward to, therefore it is better to gain clarity about how the school fee is divided.

Manju Nair

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