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Top advantages of studying from an International School in Gujarat

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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It is quite evident that leaning towards traditional methods  of teaching from a text book isn't sufficient anymore, instead schools are creating their own pedagogy by using award winning frameworks in order to provide that extra competitive edge to help students excel irrespective of the geographical boundaries. The world today consists of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain, and these emerging technologies  are going to pave the way for future industries. In such a competitive environment, schools are taking positive measures to bring in the right kind of mindset to help children adapt to new things faster.

International school syllabus has enabled children to gain broader perspectives with regard to culture and society. International schools education is no longer considered a luxury but has become a  prime necessity that should be provided to every student of this country in order to aid them to become successful global leaders and responsible human beings. 

What are the different international syllabi?

There is the well-sought CBSE curriculum that is widely used and accepted all over India and recognised all over the world. There are also exclusive international curricula like Cambridge's IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and the IB ( International Baccalaureate) program which are especially advantageous to students who come from other countries. These syllabi are accepted in universities worldwide and students have better prospects not just in their home country but in other countries too. International syllabi are designed to impact a student’s professional development as well as social and emotional development. 

What makes international schools' syllabi unique?

An international school syllabus is designed to promote skills like effective communication, leadership, collaboration, time management,  critical thinking and problem solving apart from the typical academic curriculum. This aspect of education was neglected previously and complete emphasis was given to learning and mugging concepts of core subjects inside a teacher vs student environment. However, an international syllabus is created to learn through collaborative efforts between the teacher and the students. Students are encouraged to voice their opinion without the fear of ridicule among peers, instead, constructive criticism is practiced in order to foster healthy relationships inside the classroom.



Advantages of international syllabi

CBSE schools in Gujarat follow an International syllabi that are the global standards of education and are recognised all over the world by top institutions and universities. This gives rise to more opportunities for students who wish to travel or who are compelled to travel from one city to another or one country to another due to their parents’ transferable jobs. 

Another major advantage is that an international curriculum classroom set up typically has fewer students while compared to other schools and as the student -teacher ratio is lesser, the quality of imparting education is greater. Students do not feel neglected and are more enthusiastic about their studies and their learnings.

 Most international schools hire teachers from all over the world to teach their international syllabi and this leads to a diverse platform where different cultures and opinions meet on common ground. Most of these teachers are highly qualified and have the right skills to help students cope with intense curricula that international boards offer. International schools also make use of the latest technology and gadgets to teach their subjects. Students are taught the art of presentation and they are also shown the way to self-initiated research and learning which is a very important feature that can be used throughout their lives.

Like stated earlier, International schools along with academics also throw importance on extra curricular activities and co curricular activities in order to encourage holistic development. Sports activities are a great way to improve self-confidence and leadership skills and help make use of collaborative efforts between students to achieve an end result.

International schools also have state of the art facilities with the latest technology in classrooms and virtual labs. An advanced environment like this also breeds advanced thinking in students which is very necessary in current times.

Why do top colleges around the world admit children from Indian International CBSE schools?

Indian students are among the second largest group of overseas students who study in Ivy league colleges like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, MIT etc...One of the reasons for this is the fact that Indian Curriculums like CBSE provide a strong base to students when they learn core subjects like Science and Mathematics. An International CBSE curriculum also provides other crucial developmental skills that help these students shine on a global platform. 

Many top universities abroad offer scholarships, fellowships and grants to Indian students who excel in their academic pursuits. Indian students from international schools are also considered smarter than their counterparts and are known to be more flexible to different cultures and ethnicities. Due to the high academic standards of the international curriculum in Indian schools , students from India have more accomplishments to their credit and are more likely to do well in their higher education. 

A student’s temperament and ability goes a long way in achieving success irrespective of the curriculum he has chosen. However, it is often sensible for a student to use the right tools of learning and thrive in the right environment in order to bring them in line with a global perspective. 

GIIS Communications Team

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