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Tips For Students of CBSE Schools On How To Ace Exams

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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Appearing for an examination can be stressful, intimidating, and worrisome. But with the right guidance, the path to successful exam preparation can become quite easy. CBSE school students can calm their minds and lay back for a good read. The following article talks about practical tips to ace their exams in a stress-free way.

How to ace exams and get full value for your school fees in Ahmedabad

These tips can be useful in your pursuit for a good CBSE score if you are a student. You can do these yourself or request your parents to help you with the same.

Prepare a schedule

Everyone is aware of how difficult it is to set up and flow through a routine. Well, at least for most of the students, it gets monotonous over some time. However challenging it may seem, there are no loopholes or alternatives to it. So, get on with a structured schedule without a second thought. Besides, organizing helps in better understanding and streamlining the entire study process. 

Identify strengths and shortcomings

To attain the best results, it is necessary to understand one's strengths and weaknesses. Once you know your focus areas and weak points, you can plan accordingly to acquire gradual proficiency. You can decide what needs prior attention and what can be practised later. You can then refer to exam patterns to understand key areas.

Set small and achievable targets

Acing your CBSE school exams requires you to do more, such as follow the plan regularly. So, it is vital that you set clear and practical targets. Setting unrealistic goals will eventually cause you to lose focus and lead to dissatisfied outcomes.

Practice, practice, and more practice

The wise old saying “practice makes a man perfect” still holds true to this day! To succeed and ace your CBSE boards, or for that matter, any assessment, you need to practice hard. Learning and understanding are important but so, is practising.

Avoid skipping sections 

Often students plan to skip a few chapters while studying a particular subject. This is a big mistake that you must avoid. Taking risks, especially when your goal is to attain the highest scores, is unfavorable. Always study the entire syllabus, rather than relying on last-minute suggestions.

Include academic guidebooks

Your school fees in Ahmedabad may cover study notes and NCERT approved textbooks. Treat your NCERT text and guidebooks as crucial study resources. Subject guides are incredibly beneficial to aid in effective studying. The best part is that these books include textbook answers, lesson briefs and mock papers. This makes them a better and comprehensive choice for students. As a result, guidebooks help to cut down on extra time and effort.

Strategize and time your study

It is integral to strategize and time your study hours. This is because exams follow the same structure and require you to develop your skills accordingly. Putting deadlines on your self-assessments will help you be prompt and figure out effective formats of answering a question.

Take breaks

If you study for long hours, it is going to be a barrier rather than being helpful. Extreme mental exhaustion can cause constant fatigue and you might even forget important details. A student must be relaxed in order to concentrate better. If you strain yourself way too much, it can affect your eyesight and health as well. So, it is essential that you take short breaks to revitalize and rejuvenate your system.

Eliminate distractions

If you have better self-control, set your academic and recreation times separate. If social media is too addictive for you, try switching the content options. Maybe an interactive story-based lesson instead of browsing through irrelevant Instagram reels will help. Understand your objectives, analyze destructive methods and eliminate them. 

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Personalized Tips To Make Your Study Process More Efficient

Managing your time for better scores

There is nothing sadder than losing marks for not being prompt enough. This is why teachers will suggest you to include time management in your study routine. If you are confused about how to go about it, start with practice papers. Worksheets and previous year's papers will help you understand the type and pattern of the exam format. This, in turn, will help you assess the duration required to finish up each answer. Initially, focusing on time can cause you unwanted spelling mistakes, but it is only going to get better with regular practice.

Do not ignore your comfort subjects

When one is sure of their comfort subject areas, they often avoid it until the last. It is crucial to include both your strengths and weaknesses while practising for a comprehensive study for your upcoming CBSE school exam. Many students assume English to be the easiest but soon end up losing a lot of marks in the same. This is prime evidence that overconfidence will do nothing but harm your results.

Think like a teacher

When you self-assess your progress, it can be tempting to skip a few faults. This soon becomes a habit, and the final result shows poor marking. This is why discipline is a must-advised area to master. Everything gets challenging in the beginning, but once the habit sets in, it becomes effortless!

Challenge yourself for the best

An upcoming exam requires you to understand the exam format, marking system, content type, time limit in order to plan accordingly. A practical tip to score better is to improve the answer representation. Add in colored lines after every answer. Write in points unless mentioned otherwise and maintain a legible handwriting! The aim is to write better answers that look presentable and clean.

Skipping a day's reading will add stress

It can get hard to resist cutting study hours for a day. However, if you continue, the topics will keep on piling up, causing you extreme difficulty later. Study every day to have a relaxed week before the exam! 

Don’t stress, give exams your best shot, and justify the school fees paid in Ahmedabad

Do not be stressed about the upcoming CBSE school exams. You can now follow up with the above-listed steps to attain excellent outcomes. It is important to tighten the study schedule for fast learning.

However, it is also crucial that you are adequately comfortable and composed. De-stress, hydrate and meditate to eliminate anxiety and restlessness. Your study schedule will be targeted and also help you prepare well.

GIIS Communications Team

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