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Key points to understand regarding the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) program for Nursery Admission 2024

May 29, 2024
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Montessori teaching methods have gained immense popularity in recent years. These methods aim towards the holistic development of the child, using various elements, as they differ from the traditional ways of teaching.

GIIS Ahmedabad has successfully adapted the Montessori learning practices to revolutionise the education system. The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Program of GIIS engages the students in various activities stimulating their overall development.

Talking about the program, it includes practices that accelerate growth, learning, and skill development. It tailors the learning activities for every individual student so they can learn at their own pace.

The Montessori practices combine the benefits of teamwork and individual learning to attract students toward Nursery admission 2024. If you want a dedicated holistic development for your child, here are some key points concerning the GMP program.

Key Points of the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Program

The 'Excelerate' Initiative:

The Excelerate initiative focuses on initiating curiosity in fast learners to explore new things. The students are given a new task or challenge every day to keep them engaged with learning and making new discoveries.

The tasks and challenges are specially designed to seek and analyse the interests of the students. It also motivates students to understand their likings, preferences, and passions to enjoy their learning.

It creates a safe learning environment for the students so they understand the importance of academic excellence. The program helps the students to understand and learn the benefits of following an organised routine. It gives enough freedom to every student to learn on their own abilities without any stress or feeling anxious.

Diverse Learning Approaches:

The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) program encourages every student to develop their personality and other crucial skills using the curriculum. This helps students to grow as per their interests while staying focused on achieving the desired goals.

The students are given proper guidance to excel in their academic knowledge right from their early days of learning. The children are given complete freedom to try new activities to explore and learn the way they want. Teachers extend the desired help and assistance to the students so they learn without any interruptions.

The diverse learning offers all-around holistic development of the students beyond just achieving academic excellence.

iPlay Initiative:

Today's learning is not entirely focused on academic teaching but fun activities and games are also an important part of it. These activities facilitate social interaction by creating an enjoyable and conducive environment for learning.

The fun activities during pre-school give a clear direction to the child to decide what they enjoy and like. Teachers play their role by supervising the activities with proper discipline, safety, and guidance. 

This helps the students to freely learn the desired skills in an interactive, safe, and progressive environment. The activities trigger the creative and innovative imagination in students to develop their unique talents.

iCare Initiative:

To advance the nursery admission 2024, GIIS Ahmedabad introduces empathy, caring, and compassion to the students at an early age. The school organizes several charity events and activities like tree planting that highlight the value of caring for the students and developing emotional support.

The program helps students to become selfless, respectful, and caring adults. The school also extends scholarships to students who are financially unstable but excel in academic learning. The scholarship also includes students with extraordinary skills and talent so they can easily pursue their passion.

The program ensures that students carry forward the kindness and care they receive to become better humans. It makes students sound and secure on moral grounds to learn kindness, care, and empathy as the basic necessary skills.

Future-Ready Program:

Gone are the days when students just needed traditional ways of learning. Today, with the growth of digitization, it is important to create a learning environment that prepares students for the future.

The GMP program provides immense opportunities for the students to help them adapt to modern learning needs. It helps the students to easily adjust to the evolving learning environment of the changing times.

Students are introduced to technologies, in a planned manner, to give a kick-start to their learning career. This helps students to think, learn, and grow beyond the academic boundaries ensuring their holistic development.

Teachers motivate the students to try different activities to find their passion, liking, interest, and talent. The learning environment is then tailored as per what the student enjoys the most to ensure their mental well-being.


The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) program enhances the overall growth of the students by facilitating focused learning and individual development. The teachers tailor the learning space for individual students to nurture their interests and talents in the best possible way.

Besides academic excellence, the program helps students to develop emotionally and socially by developing critical thinking, creativity, and innovative imagination. GIIS Ahmedabad also maintains an advanced structure and enough resources to promote the development of every student.

The innovative learning strategies and advanced practices for growth make GIIS Ahmedabad a perfect choice for nursery admission 2024 for your child.


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