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How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Scholarship in Ahmedabad School?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021

Are you currently in an Ahmedabad school looking for scholarship provisions in India? Well, qualifying for it can be difficult. Read on to know more about some effective tips that can increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Keep the following points in mind when you apply for a scholarship

The following guide will help you unlock the various ways of increasing the probability of getting a scholarship.

Identify the right scholarship at the Ahmedabad school  

Going for an academic merit-based scholarship when clearly, you’re an expert in the athletic field makes you a misfit. It is critical to assess skills and academic scores such as GPA to evaluate the best options. You can browse the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarships for students offered by the Global Indian International School (GIIS). You can check out the “scholarship” section of the website to know more.

● Do targeted research

Researching about a scholarship sponsor sets you with an advantage. When considering winning a scholarship, you must be compatible with the sponsor’s needs. Referring to the official website can help you learn and figure out crucial data. You can accordingly tailor your application form to maximise your chances. This comes in handy, especially when applying to global and international scholarships. If you customize your skill sets according to the sponsor's requirements, you can enjoy considerable benefits on acceptance.

Embrace all-round development to apply for scholarships

You wouldn't believe the number of scholarship provisions that cater to individuals involved in a comprehensive range of activities. Gone are the days when academics were the only visible merit. Institutes prefer to groom and take in students who are skilled in academic and non-academic fields of interest. So, if you have been skipping on your co-curricular activities to focus better on academics, it’s high time to balance both. Split the time to grow and develop simultaneously in all your interest areas. Have you been on the lookout for opportunities that can aid in holistic growth? You can check out GIIS’s 9 Gems Holistic Development scholarship.

Your online presence matters when you apply for scholarships

With the diversification of work over several platforms, a student’s digital presence has a great influence when considering professional opportunities. To secure a good career option, one has to look adequately able. With the rise of professional sites such as LinkedIn, it is easy to maintain a professional presence. However, brushing up on your other social media accounts can prove to be beneficial as well.

Research and apply for multiple scholarships

No one can ever succeed without proper research. Half-hearted approaches rarely work in this era that heavily prioritizes professionals. So, when you look for a single scholarship, qualifying chances are comparatively less. When you research and browse multiple scholarship opportunities, your winning ratio is higher. The secret here is to apply to various relevant offers. Keep track of various websites providing information regarding scholarships to keep up with your goals.

Pay attention to application form filling and resume preparation

Matching a scholarship’s eligibility criteria is not enough. The application process and resume count too. Keep it precise but add in more relevant characteristics to fit in best with the requirements.

Provide details when you apply for scholarships

Scholarship applications should be filled in with accurate and precise information. If you fill in an application and skip the optional questions, it may work against you. Considering the number of applicants each year per scholarship, it is essential to give as much detail as possible.

Do not avoid options

Eliminating certain scholarships just because it doesn’t appeal to your comfort area is a big mistake that most students make. It is necessary to understand that despite numerous offers flowing in, the deciding exams are tough to ace. In order to secure your qualifying scopes, go beyond the self-limiting thoughts. A lot of students avoid scholarships that ask for essay submissions. This can restrict your potential chances and lead to zero benefits.

Stay original and authentic

Being professional doesn’t necessarily mean shedding your originality and adjusting to a certain way of life. The primary purpose of scholarships is to identify specific merits and encourage them. The very fact that they require an additional essay submission is an existing proof. Your essay must be a reflection of you and your wants. 


Things To Consider Before Applying For A Scholarship

When you decide to apply for scholarships, it is imperative to take certain factors into account. Choosing a scholarship has to be in agreement with your personal and professional demands. Below mentioned are the top factors that can aid in efficient searches.

Financial requirements 

The financial abilities of every family are not the same for obvious reasons. This is why there are so many different types of scholarships available catering to diverse student needs and conditions. You must assess your financial status accordingly. This will help decide whether you should go for a need-based scholarship or a merit-based scholarship at an Ahmedabad school would suffice your requirements.

Location advantage of Ahmedabad school

If a scholarship provides benefits for residents of a different location, applying for it would be baseless. Knowing your locational requirements and searching for offers based on that will cut down unnecessary efforts and time.

Interest areas

The most vital of all factors is knowing exactly what you want. Opting for an irrelevant scholarship out of peer pressure or family expectations will not help you in any way. Create a checklist mentioning your passion and interest areas to find scholarships that can help you develop professionally.

Being awarded a scholarship is extremely useful, but securing a mismatch can cause you nothing but severe dissatisfaction. Choose your factors wisely to get hold of the best scholarship opportunities. A good way is to seek referrals and recommendations. The better way is to research and browse them yourself. If you are a part of an international school, you can benefit from the knowledge of career counsellors.

GIIS Communications Team

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