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How to decide between the Top Schools in Ahmedabad?

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021
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Admission TipsAhmedabad has witnessed exponential growth after the nation's economic liberalization. In 2010, it was ranked third in the list of fastest-growing cities of the decade. With the boom in the economy and the rise of commerce and construction, the surge in the city's population was imminent. It is currently the fifth most populous city in India. The kids of the families that moved to the city have also been treated by some of the best education systems and institutions in India. 

Education System in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad now offers a diverse curriculum in its schools, from GMP, CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE to IB, along with some of the best infrastructure in schools in the country. This might also be credited to the fact that commerce has attracted quite an affluent crowd. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that Ahmedabad has a lot to offer now when it comes to good education; from the oldest institutions to the newest reforms. But on the other hand, this saturation of schools and varied pedagogy has also made decision-making a task. 

Parents now have to do extensive research on the distinct teaching methodologies and curriculums and often sell themselves an idea of a learning method before they change their minds again. And they may be concerned about the school fees in Ahmedabad too. But then again the simple question of what's best for their child doesn't have one answer. It depends on the child and what they think is the “best”. 

Narrowing down a school for your child from the top schools in Ahmedabad can be tricky, But choosing between the factors that one values the most in a school is an effective way that one can go about it. 

Here are some factors that one should keep in mind while deciding between these schools:

1. Curriculum

Curriculums are like the software that the hardware of the school resources works on. No matter how fancy or swanky your school infrastructure is or how old the actual institution is, it’s the collection of subjects, lessons and teaching methods that are going to have the maximum impact on the child’s mind. It’s obvious that one should do basic research on the available curriculums in these top schools so that they have a better picture of the kind of pedagogy that is best suited for their kid. 

Apart from the obvious state board and CBSE, there are international curriculums available in the schools of Ahmedabad, for pre-primary Schools, there are special programs such as the famous Global Montasseri Programme and others. There are even schools with their own unique blend of these programs that incorporate modern technology while keeping the core values attached to the program.


2. Teachers

Now it can be hard for the parents to get to know the teachers before you take admission in the school. But if rightly persuaded by the parents and if the school is sophisticated enough to conduct a parent-teacher meet-up before the admission, parents can take a lot away from that meeting alone to ease up the decision-making process between schools. Teachers are the absolute soul of schools and the difference between good and bad means everything when it comes to education. 

Apart from the quality of the teachers, it’s also necessary that the school maintains a good Student- to- Teacher ratio to ensure that the classrooms run in an orderly fashion, A single teacher isn’t burdened by too much of a responsibility and this makes sure that no child gets neglected.

3. Facilities

If you value extracurricular activities in learning like competitive sports, it’s best to look for schools that can provide your kids the playground and courts that they can practice their skill in. It’s impossible for a student to excel at a sport without having the proper facilities required to hone that craft. 

Similarly, if you appreciate the utilization of modern techniques in the process of teaching, it is vital that the school offers facilities like Digital classrooms and interactive modes of learning which facilitates a more deepened understanding of the concepts. Sometimes, the school fees in Ahmedabad can be higher than other schools considering these facilities, however it is a choice a parent makes to provide the best for his child.

4. Transport

The proximity of the school from where one lives should also factor in while making a decision. One should consider the fact that the child would be spending time commuting every day and the further it is, the more tiring it’d be for him/her. Also, a safe and sound transport service by the school is an antidote for a lot of pain every morning. It’s not convenient for many parents to pick and drop their kids from school every day. Assurance of a thorough background check of the driver should also be up there in the factors making the transport safe and painless.

5. History

A quick research on the school can shed a lot of light on the ethos and the working principle of the school. Knowing when it was founded and by whom and reading about its humble beginning can not only give a better perspective of where the school is coming from but also where its value lies and what are its plans. Good schools would wear their track record of passing students on their sleeves. It’d have a consistently good result in the board exams. 

School fees in Ahmedabad

Last but not least, this is one of the most crucial factors while finding the right school for your child. You might wonder that schools that meet all the above criteria can cost a lot of money but it is important to understand that these schools spend that extra money to provide world class education and facilities to your child. Investing in a school that has moderate school fees in Ahmedabad and that provides all these facilities above should be your best choice.

Ahmedabad is a hub of many sectors from the cotton trade to education. And even though deciding between schools for your kids in the city can be a tricky and tedious job, mulling over the facilities that the top schools in Ahmedabad provides and aligning your values of learning with the school may give one a semblance of clarity for making a sound decision about choosing the right school for your children.

GIIS Communications Team

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