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How to Choose the Best Primary School in Ahmedabad for Your Kids?

Deepika Sodhi
Feb 16, 2022
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Education is every child's fundamental right, and it is the highest responsibility of every parent to make sure that they receive the best education. 

Schooling is the most important phase in every person's life and everything they become as adults; we can find its roots in their schools.

In that regard, finding the right school for your child is the most important decision you have to make as a parent. That's because the course of a child's life and future could be shaped by the school they attend. 

Simply put, finding a school that identifies the child's potential, fosters their skills and helps them become capable citizens is essential. 

If the search phrase 'best preschool near me' applies to you, this article will provide useful information about choosing the right school for your children. 

How Do I Find the Best Primary School for My Child?

When looking for the best international primary school in Ahmedabad, it can be overwhelming with the numerous choices available. There are many factors that you need to look into. We provide some tips to help you whittle down your choices.

Which School is Better in Ahmedabad?

There isn't just one factor that determines the best schools in Ahmedabad. Even if you draw a list of the top 10 schools in Ahmedabad, you will find that they all have their strengths and unique features. 

You need to look at many features and variables contributing to a school being designated the best or even competent enough. The factors could include infrastructure, extracurricular activities, academic records, etc.

1. Fundamental Values of the School

Try and get an idea about the philosophy of the school towards education. Please discuss with the founders of the school and the principal to understand their approach toward schooling. Is their belief only limited to academic excellence or educating children by giving them enough opportunities in other spheres like arts and sports?

2. Cost Factor

It is a fact that better education is often costlier, and many cannot afford private school fees. Therefore, you need to consider if you would manage the school fees in Ahmedabad without stretching your budget too much and straining the other aspects of the family expenditure. 

You could even search around for other schools with a fee structure that is affordable and offers good academic training even if they do not have dedicated sports and extracurricular activities programs. You can enrol for training or coaching for those activities outside of school.

3. School Facilities

When searching for the top primary schools in Ahmedabad, you need to look at the other aspects of the school infrastructure. 

Are the classrooms neat, inspiring, and well-maintained, with prominently student work? Are the playgrounds adequately sized, and can they cater to different sports disciplines?

Is the school premises maintained well overall, and are the bathrooms clean, with regular maintenance done and at what frequency? 

These are some things you need to inquire about when it comes to school infrastructure.

4. Academic Performance

Though extracurricular activities and different learning are required for the child's growth, academic performance is primarily important for most parents. 

You can look at the school's scores in the district and state-level examinations and compare them to understand the standard of academic performance. 

A school's record of ranks indicates the standard of coaching in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) area subjects. Analyse their records and look at how many ranks they have secured and their trend. If the ranks have risen or fallen, what are the reasons behind that? 


5. School Curriculum

When you look for the best schools in Ahmedabad for nursery, you will find many curriculums from different boards, like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, state board, etc. Which curriculum does the school teach? Does the school offer different subject combinations and electives offered in higher classes? Is there more than one curriculum offered by the school for students who would like to switch? 

6. Faculty and the Staff

When you visit the school, assess the quality of the teachers employed by the school. Look at their education, experience, qualification, training background, and teacher turnover. Observe whether the schools have specialized staff working full-time, such as a counselor or speech therapists.

Listen keenly to what the teachers and other staff members say about the school. You can gauge the teachers' mentality, patience, and general attitude when dealing with students. Finally, meet the principal of the school and get to know the principal's background. As the leader of the ship, a principal can make a difference in the workings of the school.

7. Converse with Parents and Students

Though you can get a lot of insight into the working of a school by talking to the staff, they could also present a rosy picture to you, as a potential customer. However, the students and their parents will give you the facts about the school. 

You need to ask about the staff's response to queries and if they are attentive to the needs of the students. Also, know about their communication with the parents. If you come across students who are studying at the school and can talk to their parents, you will understand the true quality of the school. 

8. A System that is Crafted for Continuous Improvement

Consider choosing an international nursery school that is keen on improving, growing, and keeping up with the times. A formal academic reform process should be in place, along with appropriate protocols, which address the need for continuous improvement and ensure that it is executed smoothly. 

Learning places must keep evolving and incorporate improvement in unprecedented and future-proof ways to remain effective, relevant and meaningful.

Final Words

For a learning environment to be effective, relevant, and meaningful, it must continue to grow and incorporate improvement in unprecedented and future-ready ways. 

Regular academic reforms should address the requirement for continuous improvement, and there should be proper protocols to ensure continuous improvement. It is important to choose a school that is eager to improve, grow, and keep up with the times. 

The best international school in Ahmedabad for your child is one that motivates them to grow, supports them in times of need, and maintains communication with you regularly.

GIIS is one of the best primary schools in Ahmedabad, offering world-class facilities armed with state-of-the-art technologies. The learning zones and versatile services give every child an opportunity to nurture their ambitions.

Deepika Sodhi

A highly motivated and dedicated educator with nearly 24 years of teaching experience, Ms. Deepika Sodhi is the Academic Supervisor for International Curricula at Global Indian International School (GIIS) SMART Campus, Singapore.

Ms. Sodhi has a rich experience of teaching Physics across curricula such as the IB, Cambridge IGCSE and CBSE. She has served as an Exam Officer for Cambridge Assessment International Education. Currently, she is an IB Assessment Officer, and a member of International Schools Network and International Baccalaureate Educator Network.

In her free time, Ms. Sodhi enjoys writing blogs, creating guiding material for training staff and community service.

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