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How to Choose the Right CBSE School for Grade 11th & 12th?

Seema Kaushik
Jan 23, 2023
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Here are the best tips to help you choose the right CBSE school and provide the best education to your child that is of value and that justifies the school fees in Ahmedabad.

Students anticipate selecting themselves into the top schools for their Higher Secondary education after completing their 10th grade exam from any board. 

CBSE is a popular choice among students because of its mission to provide peaceful education through the use of innovative and  motivational approaches combined with their mental and enlightening standards. 

Students can choose from three different streams: Science, Commerce, or Humanities. In India, students are frequently pressured by their parents or friends to pursue science or trade in the hope of a better future. That isn't correct in any scenario.

When deciding on a stream, proper consideration should be given to the child's advantage and range of abilities. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and qualities by choosing a stream. Each stream is significant in its own way.


Why Are the 11th and 12th Standards So Important?

The 11th and 12th grades are crucial in a person's life considering they serve as a stepping stone to their dream job. They receive general conventional information on all subjects until they reach the tenth grade. Regardless, they discover a viable pace in a particular field beginning in the 11th standard.

As a result, caution should be exercised when selecting the best stream for your child, as well as the finest CBSE schools in Ahmedabad for 11th and 12th grades. Here's a list of resources to help you choose the best location for your child to complete his or her senior optional instruction.

Explore Your Options for Different Amenities Provided by CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

To get the most out of your learning experience, you'll need the correct tools. Smart classrooms, labs, libraries, transportation, cafeterias, and other amenities have become almost a must for all schools. 

Physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories for Science; entrepreneurship labs, math labs for Commerce; language labs, dance labs, and so on for Humanities are all required in today's day and age.

The hostel and grooming facilities are the icing on the cake. The hostel can teach students how to be self-sufficient and confident. This might be a huge help for students who come from different parts of the country. 

Similarly, grooming programmes can help students develop their personalities while also improving their communication abilities. Take a look at the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad for grades 11th and 12th to see if they provide all of the aforementioned.

Verify the School’s Reputable Field

There are times when a school becomes well-known for consistently high achievement in a particular field. Any of them could be the field or stream (Science, Commerce or Humanities). 

You must ensure that the stream you choose is well-taught in that institution and that the school's overall atmosphere is friendly and supportive. 

Regularly scheduled interactive guest lectures, seminars, and field excursions should be held to give students with higher-order exposure through meaningful interactions with famous experts and visits to prestigious educational institutions.

Ethical Culture

Knowledge alone is insufficient. There are examples of clever individuals making a mess all over the place. That kind of knowledge is just useless. Individuals will be inspired by a good school's carefully organized activities, which combine classroom learning with real-world experience and bring ideas to life. They can become value-based effective citizens by boosting their self-esteem and cultivating a positive mindset.


 An appropriate curriculum encompasses all parts of senior education while also preparing students for competitive exams.

To be realistic, CBSE schools in the 11th and 12th grades have a very demanding curriculum. Students are under a great deal of stress to perform well in their final exams. 

There's also the pressure of getting into prestigious universities after 12th grade by passing national-based exams like the SAT ( JEE, NEET, CA, other individual university exams). 

However, there are certain excellent institutions that offer a curriculum that provides 360-degree knowledge without putting the youngster under pressure. You are not required to run for extra coaching courses after school.

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Nominal School Fees in Ahmedabad

While a good CBSE school concentrates on excellent education and the growth of the child, the fees charged are minimal. As a parent, you must recognise that your child deserves more than your money can buy. 

Parents frequently enrol their children entirely in a school with the most expensive school fees in Ahmedabad, assuming they are the finest, due to their high prices and plethora of hi-tech amenities. 

You should think about whether you're receiving the most value for money in terms of quality, safety, facilities, extracurricular activities, and the assurance that your child's general development is being taken care of to the best of your ability.


Cooperative Faculty

When choosing schools, you must conduct extensive research to determine which schools have the best faculty in the chosen field or curriculum. Teachers should be experts in their fields and have experience in the sector. 

They should be able to showcase a person's strengths while also addressing their faults. They should encourage them in their various endeavors while also providing constructive criticism when necessary.

Awards and Recognition

Best schools are frequently the beneficiaries of important state and national awards. The awards are presented to schools solely on the basis of their overall academic success, extracurricular activities, rigorous curriculum, student performance, and other factors. 

For any school to be considered good, this is a must-have. If a school is among the best CBSE schools in India or your city, it is determined by its academic record and the honours it has received for excellence. As a result, when looking for the correct school, awards and recognitions might assist you determine the school's quality.

Student and Parent Testimonials

You might perform some preliminary research on the school's online reviews. If you live near the school you're considering, ask a parent whose child is enrolled there. Alumni are another fantastic approach to verify a reputable school's reliability. 

Another technique to determine which schools are the best among many is to look at their consistency in terms of results. You can look up how well the students did on national and board exams.


As a parent, it is your responsibility to find a decent school for your child that follows a quality curriculum and recognizes their potential. When it comes to selecting a board, CBSE, as India's largest, is an excellent option. 

They strike a balance between the curriculum and extracurricular activities, allowing your child to express them. There are numerous excellent CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, but selecting the correct one makes a significant difference. Because education is the most important aspect of a person's life, every parent wants their child to have a good education and succeed in life. 

Given the level of competition in education and for jobs, a good education is no longer merely a desire for parents; it has become a pressing need, and selecting a reputable school to teach their child is possibly the most difficult test they will face.

Seema Kaushik

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