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Decoding The Importance Of Educational Scholarships Offered by International Schools of Ahmedabad

GIIS Communications Team
Jul 30, 2021

For a student wishing to take up higher academics in college, it can get challenging when considering financial limitations. A lot of students take up part-time work to manage study costs. But a viable alternative would be to work towards winning a scholarship that takes care of your tuition fees (either partial or whole). If you are looking for scholarships as a way to avoid financial burden when pursuing academics, keep reading!

The many benefits of a scholarship at an international school in Ahmedabad

Did you know about the immense benefits of being awarded a scholarship? If you are not acquainted with scholarship benefits and importance, this article is an insightful read.

● Accessibility

Whether one is from a financially weaker background or otherwise, being gifted as a student deserves all the attention. Scholarships can get you easy access to expensive higher education in a hassle-free way. A lack of finances should never limit or determine your academic proficiency. This is why there are plenty of scholarships offered by International Schools in Ahmedabad to help meritorious students drive their potential limitlessly.

● Assistance

Scholarships have rewarding benefits that go beyond financial aid. A lot of colleges prefer to choose students with scholarships than the rest of the lot. This is done to gain a reputation as a credible institution.  


● An educational scholarship is convenient

So, are you planning for a smooth progression from school to college and worried about the fees? Seems pretty relevant, considering the amount of UG students that decide to look for work while getting admitted in a college to manage costs. However, scholarships can help you as your focus and efforts are restricted to your interest area.

● Networking in a relevant industry

The best and the most significant factor that can aid you in achieving your desired results is networking. When you obtain a particular scholarship for a specific subject, you can associate with the other awarded students. Besides, networking helps with easy access to a relevant industry and aids in job prospects.

● Strengthens your CV

For students and professionals, building an attractive CV can help you attain impressive outcomes. This is where a scholarship comes in. Educational scholarships can be extremely difficult to qualify and so getting awarded one is an accomplishment in itself. Adding this achievement to your resume is ideal for attracting the best potential opportunities.

How To Select The Right Educational Scholarship?

Scholarships can be the easiest way to progress your academic development. It is a wise move to keep yourself updated on different scholarship opportunities. However, it is essential to set a few parameters to access the optimal benefits. If you are unaware of these factors, scroll further to know more.

● Start early 

Even if you are in school, looking for educational scholarship opportunities is a great advantage. The quicker you know about it, the better for you. You can prepare adequately within the deadline. Also, getting acquainted with scholarship opportunities early helps you set a proper academic checklist. You can assort your priorities likewise and follow up with the plan.

Assessment of scholarships is important

When you randomly choose a scholarship to prepare for, it may not fit your best interests. To get yourself the right scholarship opportunity, you need to assess and know about all available options. For instance, qualifying for a need-based scholarship instead of a merit-based one will get you no advantage if your background data doesn't match the eligibility criteria.

Keep your options open in different international schools in Ahmedabad

If you view multiple scholarships promising meritorious outcomes, do not narrow down the possibilities. This is because the more scholarships you choose to apply for, the greater are your chances of qualifying for at least one. Since these opportunities get numerous entries, it is best to improve the probability by applying for multiple scholarships.

Identify your requirements

Although multiple applications are great, there has to be a fundamental defined parameter. As in, if you are looking for engineering-specific scholarships, applying for a business-administration specific scholarship is useless. So, you need to decide the kind of scholarship to assure the outcome you wish to receive. 

Foolproof application submission

When you apply for a specific scholarship, customize your answers accordingly. Also, check for the data and details required and answer precisely. It is important to submit a striking application to stand out among thousands of applicants.

Stay on top of updates

Since rules and regulations of a scholarship can be subjected to circumstantial changes, it is vital to keep a check. Keeping oneself informed and updated on existing changes can help you prepare better. Also, it can cut down on extra efforts, time and costs. For instance, preparing for a scholarship that eventually got cancelled will likely cause you great trouble.

Looking For The Top Scholarships Offered by International School of Ahmedabad?

Some of the top international schools like GIIS help students prepare the ground early on as they progress towards their college lives. If you are you a student at the international school of Ahmedabad, then you would surely benefit from the following scholarships if your eligibility criteria matches with the requirements:

9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

This is a scholarship that inculcates the importance of holistic development in students. Considering the ever-changing world and its ways, building yourself up in an all-around way is essential. This scholarship provides you with that. It strives to balance academic and co-curricular dimensions for efficient growth.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

This scholarship option is valid and ideal for technologically-savvy individuals. It chooses these young talents and offers benefits like reduction in tuition fees.

If you wish to move ahead in your educational life seamlessly, then an education scholarship would be of great help. This article would undoubtedly help you know your options in scholarship-backed education.

GIIS Communications Team

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