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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Taking Admission to CBSE School in Ahmedabad

May 29, 2024
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Do you want your child to study in the best CBSE school in Ahmedabad? Are you looking through the various schools to confirm their admission to the most reputed institute?

The right school opens the gate for the child's growth with multiple opportunities to showcase their talent and passion. It helps the students to become a better human with improved confidence and self-esteem.

However, navigating through various schools can be tiring. It is also quite possible for parents to make some common mistakes when planning admission to CBSE school for their child.

Let us talk about the common mistakes that should be avoided for CBSE school admissions in Ahmedabad.

CBSE School Admission: Mistakes to Avoid

Selecting a Particular Institution:

It is important to understand that the top reputed CBSE schools receive many admission applications. Thus, selecting and applying only to a particular institute can limit the chances of admission of your child.

Avoiding this mistake and applying to multiple schools enhances the chances of your child's admission to the right school. It doubles the acceptance rate for your child's better future. It also gives a wide range of school options to make the final decisions considering all important factors.

Ignoring Personal Interests:

When planning admission to CBSE school, ignoring personal interests and likings can be one of the biggest mistakes. The chosen school should support your child's passion by providing multiple growth opportunities.

The proper support and encouragement from the school can accelerate the overall development of the child with the essential skills. It becomes easier for the child to master academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

Over-Preparing For Admission:

Helping your child prepare for the admission interview is beneficial, but over-preparing them can be one big mistake.

An over-prepared child may not sound natural but rehearsed which can impact his admission chances. Moreover, the additional pressure can make the child nervous and anxious affecting his performance.

Help your child prepare for the interview by balancing preparation and spontaneity for a smooth interview process. Your child will face the interview with confidence showing his/her true potential and abilities.

Delaying the Admission:

Another common mistake of the parents is delaying the admission process in the CBSE school in Ahmedabad. There are just limited seats in the top reputed schools which can be gone within no time. Thus, delaying the admission means a missed opportunity for your child.

Irrespective of having the needed qualifications and all abilities, your child may not get admission to the desired CBSE school. It is, therefore, beneficial to start the admission process without any delays with thorough research.

Disregarding Regulations:

Every CBSE school has criteria for admission to ensure smooth and seamless admission without disparity. If you try for your child's admission without identifying the required criteria, that might affect the selection chances.

It is required to understand and follow all the required regulations to ensure the smooth admission of your child. You should fulfill all the necessary requirements of the school to secure your child's admission to the best school.

Not Considering Your Child's Opinion:

Ignoring your child's opinion about school admission can be one of the biggest mistakes of the parent. Your child should be happy and excited about their admission to the school; thus, prioritising their happiness and comfort is the most important.

Talk to your children to understand their opinions and mindset about the school. Give them the comfort to speak their mind without any fear so they can enjoy their admission process.


It can be challenging to select a CBSE school in Ahmedabad for your child; thus, you should properly consider all important aspects. GIIS Ahmedabad is one reliable name offering multiple growth opportunities to its students. This top-ranking school prioritises the well-being of its students with balanced personal growth and academic excellence.


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