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CBSE Board Latest News 2023: Syllabus & Exam Release Date Sheet

Seema Kaushik
Jan 24, 2023
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It is challenging to study for an exam that is referred to as "the largest exam of your life." (That's real; I wouldn't make it up!) With new and old teachings competing for your attention, well-wishers keeping watch of your study hours, and study hours increasing shorter by the day, the time leading up to your first board exams can be terrifying. But is that really necessary? No, not if you have a simple yet effective study plan in place for your 10th board exams.

Create a study timetable, plan your time, and follow the advice in all study guides worldwide. However, how do you approach it?

Get familiar with the Exam Pattern, Syllabus & Exam Dates

Exam pattern

Question type

Class 10



Competency-Based Questions


Long/Short Questions






Number Systems, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistics and Probability


Chemical Substances, World of Living, Natural Phenomena, Effects of current, Natural Resources


Number Systems, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistics and Probability

Social Science

India and Contemporary World-II, Contemporary India-II, Democratic Politics-II, Understanding Economic Development


Reading Skills, Writing Skills and Grammar, Literature Textbooks and Supplementary Reading Texts


पाठ्यपुस्तक क्षितिज भाग – 2 एवं पूरक पाठ्यपुस्तक कृतिका भाग – 2, लेखन

Exam dates

Exam dates


27th Feb, 2023

English Language and Literature

4th, 2023


15th March, 2023

Social Science

17th March, 2023

Hindi Course A, Hindi Course B

21st March, 2023


Make a Schedule Time Table

Students should create a schedule for their CBSE School Class 10 preparation to organise and manage it. You should consider "How to Prepare" after knowing "What to Prepare." Create a plan with short- and long-term objectives to help you adequately prepare for the CBSE 10th board test. Set reasonable and achievable objectives. Plan your study sessions to correspond with your most focused and productive times, and allot more time for the harder courses.

Revise the formula

Revision makes the weakest part of the subject your strength. By revising, you are actually making yourself confident and you are more likely to get good marks. 

Eat Healthy

Exams are knocking at the door and you don’t have the time to fall ill and get into proper bed rest. This will affect your exam badly. Adopting healthy food habits will ensure good health during the exam and your mind will function well and you will not be worried about anything. 

Solve Previous Years Question & sample Papers

An activity that continues chapter after chapter won't be enough to pass the CBSE class 10 Board Exam. Verify the NCERT solutions. Only after finishing your NCERT textbook should you consult the CBSE class 10 test sample papers.

Place examinations from previous years on display, and after you've completed them, take some time to read through and thoroughly consider the answers. By completing a number of questions from the NCERT textbook and practice papers, you can increase your confidence and grow more accustomed to the CBSE Class 10 test format.

Take Breaks while Studying

When trying to concentrate, a student finds it challenging to move around. It's recommended for students to occasionally take breaks from their studies. You may stay healthy, active, and intellectually prepared for forthcoming sciences by taking a 10- to 15-minute break from your studies to exercise.

Group Study

It's always amazing and interesting to do group study with friends. Speaking and listening both enhance learning. Understanding the topics is made simpler while studying in groups. Additionally, in group study sessions, dull subjects will become engaging, allowing students to extend their study time.

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Avoid using Slangs

You should always keep in mind that spoken and written English are very much different from each other. Using slang words or SMS language will be penalised and result in a loss of marks because it is regarded as a spelling error.

Take Proper Rest

Stress, worry, and fear hinder preparation and have an impact on exam performance. It is therefore recommended to start preparing and to relax sometimes. Get a good night's rest, especially the night before the exam.

Write Appropriate Answers

When the time comes to study for the exam, all of the hard work must be visible on the answer sheet. Students must follow the proper strategy and plan in order to provide the best answers and complete the exam on time. Before starting the exam, make the most of the 15 minutes of reading time that is given.

Practice with Topper Solutions

Always try to practice the previous years’ questions with toppers’ solutions because you can observe the way they write. They are the best and they simplify the answers on their own terms. 

Give Extra Time to Ttough Subjects

You are already strong in the easiest topics. Now is the time to take good care of the topics which appear tough to you. Give more than 2 hours a day to the toughest subjects so that you can master that particular subject too and you will easily score well if you put in them. 

Write Down your Own Notes

Although you definitely received notes from your teachers while you were in Ahmedabad international school, the nicest notes were always the ones you wrote yourself. Make it a habit to take notes as you learn things so that you have them for your review. You must make sure to highlight the most important sections, titles, and equations when making these notes.

Tips & tricks for CBSE 10th Maths preparation 2023

High-scoring mathematics requires conceptual understanding. Practice as many sample papers as you can to better understand the kinds of questions that will be asked on the board test. Additionally, consult the top mathematics reference books for the CBSE 10th grade.

1. Complete all of the examples and questions in the NCERT textbooks.

2. Increase practise to improve speed and accuracy

3. Complete last year's test questions and practise tests.

4. Create a separate notebook for theories, formulas, and key points for convenient practice.

5. Because they have the highest weights, it is advised to prepare Geometry, Algebra, and Mensuration first.

6. Control time based on the importance of each chapter.

CBSE 10th English preparation tips 2023

1. Reading science fiction, books, and newspapers helps students prepare for tests by enhancing their English language skills.

2. Pay attention to the format and word limit. Learn to compose letters, applications, and speeches so that you may comprehend the right format.

3. Reading Comprehension (Factual and Discursive Passage) and Writing Comprehension with Grammar bear a combined weight of 50 points and require additional effort.

4. To complete the class 10 English terms 1 and 2, read the best grammar books, familiarise yourself with the rules, and then practise as many questions as possible.

5. Work on unseen portions because they are easy to score and require little effort.

6. Since the literature includes both analytical and content questions, read it carefully.

CBSE class 10 preparation tips for Hindi

The national language of India is Hindi, hence proficiency in the language is recommended. The class 10 Hindi term 1 and term 2 syllabus calls for preparation of both grammar and literature.

1. Review the previous year's exam and compare your responses to the solutions.

2. Write essays, letters, and descriptive questions to become familiar with the structure.

3. It's important to learn poems, their meanings, and the kinds of questions that may be posed using them.

4. Review grammar rules and practise answering questions in it.

CBSE 10th Science preparation tips 2023

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are included in the class 10 CBSE science curriculum; these subjects require more conceptual elucidation and practise. Students will become more perfect as they practise these courses more.

1. Practice physics numerical problems and review the principles.

2. Acquire knowledge of nomenclature and significant reactions, such as the conversion of one compound into another.

3. It's crucial to memorise key phrases and their associated roles.

4. Biology requires a significant amount of difficult terminology learning and memorization.

5. Numerous theorems and direct formulas for physics must be thoroughly reviewed and memorised.

6. The most crucial issue, motion, force, and work, must be prepared before others.


1. What are the 3 secret study tips?

Ans – Write down the objective, make a good study plan and then, use an effective study technique. 

2. What are the best tips for test preparation?

Ans – Solve previous year papers, do thorough revisions every day, give extra time for the toughest topics, etc.  

3. What are the 7 Effective study habits?

Ans – Reduce distractions, make a proper study plan, revise every day, take breaks, practise previous years’ questions, make a good study area at home, study in groups. 

4. How do top students study?

Ans – Toppers believe in consistency. They study with full focus, zero distraction. 

5. How can I study fast without forgetting?

Ans – Study with full concentration and take some breaks.

Seema Kaushik

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