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20 Amazing Facts About Maths For Students

Manju Nair
Jan 13, 2023
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Maths is one of the subjects that evokes fear in most students. Many students also find it dull and boring. They find ways to avoid studying maths and this emotion that they attach to the subject, stays with them for a lifetime. 

However, maths can also be a very interesting subject, if you get to know it better. By making maths your best friend, you will realise how fun and cool this subject can be! There are some very amazing facts about maths that will prove to you that the subject of numbers can also be very entertaining. Not only are these cool facts interesting to study, but they are an important part of our daily lives. 

We bring you interesting facts about maths that will help you get over your fear of the subject and view it in a new light. You could also use these maths fun facts in quiz contests with your friends and increase your knowledge of maths. 

Fun Maths Facts for Students

Here are some cool and fun mathematical facts that will definitely make you wonder about the magic of numbers. These maths facts will make it easy for you to understand them. You will also be able to develop a liking for the subject and will look for more such amazing facts about maths.

1. According to this mathematical fact, from 0 to 1000, the only number that has the letter ‘A’ in its spelling is 1000.

2. Every odd number contains the letter E. 

3. Zero is the only number not depicted in Roman numerals.

4. Try doing this: Multiply 6 with an even number. Do you get an answer that ends with the same digit?

5. 40 when spelled (FORTY) has its letters arranged in alphabetical order.

6. Did you know that the calculator originated from Abacus?

7. If you multiply the number 9 with any number, then the sum of all the individual digits will always be 9.

8. Did you know that a number is divisible by 3 only if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3?

9. In a roomful of 23 people, there is a 50% chance that two of those people will share the same birth date. And, in a roomful of 75 people, this probability increases to 99%.

10. ‘Jiffy’ is not just a word. It’s a length of time and equals 1/100th of a second. 

11. If you love baking, you will love maths, too! To bake the perfect cookie, all you need to do is follow the simple ratio: 3:2:1, in which, 3 parts will be flour, 2 parts will be fat,  and 1 part will be sugar. It is one of the interesting facts about mathematics in daily life. 

12. Here’s another amazing mathematical fact: you can use just 3 cuts to cut a cake into 8 equal parts! The first two cuts will form a cross on top of the cake and the third will be a horizontal cut through the center of the cake.

13. Do you know what a Palindrome is? It reads the same forward and backwards, for e.g., 13431.

14. If you were to add up all the numbers from 1 to 100 consecutively, the answer would be 5050.

15. FOUR is the only number spelled with the same number of letters as the number itself.

16. The product of 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 is 12,345,678,987,654,321. Did you notice that the sequence of the numbers is 1 to 9 and back to 1?

17. The circle has the shortest perimeter among the various shapes with the same area. 

18. 7 is the only number you can’t multiply or divide to get an answer within 1 to 10.

19. The plus (+) and the minus (-) signs were used as early as 1489 AD.

20. Have you noticed how the opposite sides of a dice always add up to 7? Go, check it out now!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the Father of Maths?

Archimedes is known as the Father of maths. He lived between 287 BC - 212 BC. His birthplace was the Greek island of Sicily, called Syracuse. He served King Hiero II of Syracuse by developing interesting innovations for his army. 

2. Who is the Mother of Maths?

Emmy Noether, a German mathematician, has been described by Albert Einstein as the most important woman in the history of mathematics. She discovered Noether’s theorem, an important part of mathematical physics. She also made important contributions to abstract algebra.

3. Who is the King of Maths?

Leonhard Euler is known as the King of maths. Born on the 15th of April, 1707, he was a Swiss mathematician, who founded the studies of graph theory, or the study of graphs. He made many other influential discoveries in several branches of mathematics, such as analytic number theory, infinitesimal calculus, and complex analysis. 

4. Who Found Zero?

The definition of Zero was developed by an Indian astronomer and mathematician named Brahmagupta in 628. From India, it spread to Cambodia, China, and other Islamic countries by the end of the 8th century. 

5. What is the Full Form of Maths?

The full form of maths is Mathematics. It is the study of number theory, algebra, geometry, and mathematical analysis. It deals with the logic of form, quantity, and disposition. 

6. Who Won the First Nobel Prize in Mathematics?

There is no Nobel Prize in mathematics, but there’s its equivalent Abel Prize which is awarded annually by the King of Norway to the most outstanding mathematicians. 

This prize is named after the Norwegian mathematician, Niels Henrik Abel, and was first awarded to Jean-Pierre Serre in 2003 for an important role in shaping the modern forms of several parts of mathematics, namely algebraic geometry, number theory, and topology.


So, did you enjoy reading these interesting facts about mathematics? Teachers at the english medium schools in Ahmedabad make maths an interesting subject by sharing these amazing maths facts with students and helping them get over their fear of the subject. 

The CBSE schools near me ensure students enjoy and participate in maths-related co-curricular activities that help them improve their performance in maths. This helps improve their overall academic performance, too, and also increases their curiosity about mathematics.

Manju Nair

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