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9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship: What you should Know?

GIIS Communications Team
Dec 29, 2020

GIIS Ahmedabad awards the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship to ensure that students get access to quality education. The school aims to produce capable and well-rounded future leaders through this scholarship. 

The scholarship allows the beneficiaries to explore their potential in academics as well as extracurricular activities. All students receive a holistic education, which positively impacts their future.

What is Holistic Education?

In simple terms, holistic education or holistic learning focuses on the all-round development of a student. Many education systems in India and around the world believe that a student's future is solely dependent on their academic performance. Educators encourage students to strive for academic excellence without nurturing other aspects of their personality, such as social skills and confidence. Although holistic learning does not guarantee the future success of your child, the chances of your child being a versatile and productive adult are higher. 

The learning process focuses on the mind, body, and soul to ensure cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. The 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship gives students access to this type of education. The 9GEMS framework, a holistic teaching methodology, is the guiding force for holistic education.

What is the 9GEMS framework?

To ensure holistic learning, students have to excel academically, participate in extracurricular activities, learn to interact with others and the environment, and hone their skills in the activities that interest them. 

Holistic learning ensures that there is a balance between academia and extracurricular activities in the curriculum. The GIIS teaching framework consists of nine unique parameters that act as a guide for the students and educators from the beginning to the end of the curriculum.

Know The 9GEMS

1. Academic excellence

GIIS puts a lot of emphasis on academic excellence. Although scholarship beneficiaries need to show proof of awards and recognition in any of the other 9GEMS skills, they still need to have a consistent record of good academic performance. 

To receive the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, students need to produce their academic records of the past one year and hit the GIIS Ahmedabad pass mark. The institution initiates various mechanisms, such as cross-campus learning, adequate learning resources, and project-based learning to optimise every student's learning outcome.

2. Sports excellence

As mentioned above, the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship ensures a balance between academia and extracurricular activities. The school prides itself on a wide range of sports activities and facilities that ensure every student gets the attention and no student is left out. 

All students are encouraged to join a sport to work on their talents and improve their physical health, which is an essential part of holistic development. Teachers include physical activity in the students' overall performance to emphasise the importance of these activities.

3. Visual and performing arts

GIIS introduces students to visual and performing arts as a way of exploring their talents and developing their individuality. Students learn to express their thoughts, emotions, and interests in a conducive environment. Visual and performing arts enforce creativity and expression, which help the students connect with other people.

4. Personality development

This scholarship aims to encourage individuality in each student. Students can explore different aspects of their personality, such as social skills, teamwork, communication, and self-expression through visual and performing arts. The curriculum helps in developing  students’ unique individuality, which can be beneficial in their personal and professional life in the future.

5. Innovation and creativity

GIIS believes that innovation and creativity are a vital part of ensuring a student’s productive future. GIIS has a comprehensive programme which helps students develop and nurture their creative and innovative skills under the curriculum. Students can create innovative gadgets, apps, and other creative ideas with a wide range of resources available at the campus.

6. Entrepreneurship and leadership

Through this scholarship, GIIS strives to create exemplary leaders and business people who will contribute to changing society. The institution hosts workshops and boot camps to teach students tips on problem-solving, decision-making, effective communication, and critical thinking. 

These tips and training will prepare the students for the transition into society and how they can present themselves to various organisations and university programmes after high school.


7. Universal values and ethics

Apart from imparting education, GIIS believes that part of being a well-rounded student or adult is exhibiting positive mannerisms. Through the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, the beneficiaries learn about compassion, kindness, empathy, and mutual respect. Through the community initiatives organised by the institution, students learn the importance of community welfare and caring for the less fortunate.

8. Community care

Through community care, students are taught the importance of social responsibility. Similar to the universal values, students participate in community drives and volunteer opportunities that enhance their interaction with the community. They are encouraged to think of others who are less privileged. 

The school hosts events and regular festivals that encourage students to mingle and interact with other community members. Caring for one’s community also enhances students' social skills and builds their confidence.

9. Skills development

Under the skills development programmes at GIIS Ahmedabad, students can learn how to differentiate between career-worthy vocational skills and life skills. When you know the differences, you can choose a suitable path for yourself and work on improving your skills to achieve your goals. The school invests in state-of-the-art facilities that enable each student to focus on perfecting these skills.

Professional teachers who excel in their fields of study come up with ways to implement the values of this scholarship and ensure each student shines.

1. They build strong relationships with each student to enforce trust and comfort.

2. The teachers include the student in some class decisions, such as class rules and choosing the class leaders.

3. They encourage self-confidence by providing multiple opportunities to each student to showcase their abilities.

4. The teachers allow the students to freely express themselves and reflect on the outcome of their decisions.

GIIS Ahmedabad focuses on the holistic success of each student. The beneficiaries between grades 6-12 will receive affordable education for a year under this scholarship.

GIIS Communications Team

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