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7 Awesome Benefits of Choosing the Top International School in Ahmedabad

GIIS Communications Team
Nov 30, 2021
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Most of us know the basic benefits of choosing an International school, but what are the other plus points when one chooses an international school and what are the different ways in which it can benefit your child apart from the few obvious factors is what we will learn in this blog.

1. An International School Helps Children Achieve Academic Excellence

The curriculum offered in Top International Schools is curated to help children learn  through innovative methods to provide a clear conceptual understanding of the subjects. 

The curriculum is delivered in a tech-enabled environment like smart classrooms and dedicated labs for subjects like Math and Science and there are platforms like HeyMath and STEM based education too. 

There are other initiatives like Data Analytics which help teachers understand the performance of each student and provide better insights derived through raw data  on how to help them improve upon weak areas. 

Most top international schools in Ahmedabad ensure that all their students fare well during exams by constantly assessing them throughout the year and guiding them to excel in academics.

2. Personal Growth To Help Children Develop Their Personalities

A child’s personal growth is a mixture of physical development, emotional intelligence, and social and self awareness. The curricula that are developed in international schools  are designed to target exactly these attributes in a child. 

This is made possible by encouraging children to take part in a wide array of activities, both extracurricular and co-curricular, and provide the right platform so that children pursue their interests and build a solid foundation in these areas. 

These activities also help students realise their true potential but honing their skills under the guidance of experts. There are skill based studios that encourage children to actively participate in extracurricular activities. 

For example, Sports instills confidence, critical thinking and problem solving skills in children, while music and dance enhances self-awareness and concentration. Art induces creativity and helps to think outside the box. 

3. A Highly Diverse Environment To Create Cultural Awareness

This is a great feature of some of the best International schools in Ahmedabad. So, how does cultural diversity benefit a student? A good school will foster inclusion and cultural awareness among children. 

The student population comprises children from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. This will instill key values like acceptance, cultural knowledge, and the right mindset to thrive in an international environment. 

Even the teaching methods vary and teachers ensure that they create a positive classroom environment for the benefit of each child. The school proactively creates a global curriculum and teaches in a way that is in line with the global teaching standards.


4. Community Awareness and Initiatives to Imbibe a Responsible Mindset

While most schools concentrate on achieving high academic results alone, the best schools understand that children need to know the context of learning their concepts and how best they can apply it in real life situations. 

There are community based programmes and environment initiatives that give children the awareness of the problems faced by communities and our society at large. 

There are green initiatives that educate them about the importance of conserving our natural resources and there are visits to old-age homes and orphanages that make them acknowledge the importance of community service.

5. A Highly Experienced Faculty Who Upgrade Their Skills Regularly

The most important of all benefits is the opportunity to get educated under the tutelage of teachers who are well-versed in the curriculum and who have the right qualification to teach the subject. 

They are well-versed with the technology used inside their classrooms and they adapt to new and improved teaching methods that benefit their students. Most often, there is an active learning environment where the teachers and the students collaborate and reason together to understand the subject matter.

6. The Best Curriculum for Preschoolers Imparted by Montessori Schools

International Montessori schools in Ahmedabad follow the robust Montessori curriculum that is based on providing children the freedom and independence while learning inside classrooms. 

The GMP (Global Montessori Plus Program) is an award winning pedagogy that ensures your child gains a strong academic foundation during their preschool years. It also integrates the latest innovative learning methods and best practices to ensure the child receives education that is fit for global standards. 

There are Montessori labs filled with interesting tools and resources that automatically encourage  your child’s thirst for learning and help them gain strong basic skills in literacy and numeracy. The GMP also follows the 5 pillars of the program that enable preschoolers to acquire new skills and build a holistic personality.

7. Tie-ups With Top Universities That Aid in Placements and Further Guidance After Grades 10 and 12

Senior high school can be a challenging period for many students. They have to divide their time amongst academics, value-added programs, ECAs, CCAs and their personal hobbies. And most parents find the whole process of looking for higher education opportunities a little daunting. 

In an International school, this crucial aspect is taken care of by education counselors and academic guides who counsel children on what can be a good option for further education. There are campus drives and university placement programs hosted by these international schools that help the parents and students make better decisions.


These were some benefits of studying in an International school in Ahmedabad. To rephrase, International schools will help your child gain the best opportunities to enhance their lives and their career. 

The child will develop strong ethical, social and emotional values and learn to accept people from all walks of life. This is especially a boon when you think about how different nations are coming together as one to solve world problems in the current century.

GIIS Communications Team

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