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10 Preparation Tips for High School Students Appearing for CBSE Exams

GIIS Communications Team
Jan 24, 2023
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India is well known for its quality of education. Some schools are affiliated with CBSE while other schools are associated with boards such as ICSE. In some schools, high school means only 11th and 12th grade but in other schools, high school means grade 6 to 12th.

When students are promoted to higher classes, they often get overwhelmed by the syllabus and curriculum, and might get demotivated right at the beginning of the year, so let’s talk about how one can perform well in high schools adapting to these best practices.

Tips for CBSE high school students

1. Short term and long term goals

Goal-making is an important aspect of success. You should make short-term goals as well as long-term goals. Short-term goals seem achievable so you will be motivated to work harder to achieve them. While long-term goals can make you feel apprehensive, making short-term goals appear doable, it is still very achievable when you use the right tactics.

2. Manage your schedule

You should learn to manage time well. Here are the top tips for time management during high school

Use a planner- Keep a planner with you and keep it updated- There are various types of planners available in the market- daily planner, monthly planner, assignments planner, etc. You should check it and purchase the one that works best for you. If you don’t want to purchase the planners, you can make a customized planner of your own as per your requirements. Keep the planner updated and add your new assignments and deadlines to it.

Make a to-do list- You should make a checklist that contains the tasks of the day. Make sure you make your to-do list a night before so that your mind gets conditioned and is ready for the next day. This helps you to be mentally prepared for the next day’s task and you will be able to work more efficiently.

Reward yourself- Studying is good but do give yourself some time to play or take part in other extracurricular activities. Give yourself small rewards every time you complete your to-do list

Prioritize- You must learn to prioritize your tasks from an early age. Do those tasks first that are more urgent and important. Gradually move to other tasks that are of lesser importance.

Give yourself some space to relax- Maybe you won’t be able to complete your to-do list every day despite your best efforts. Don’t get disheartened. Try to figure out the reason why you are unable to do it and try to work on that. It’s okay if you fail to do all your work perfectly. You need to understand that we are all humans and with practice, we can unleash our true potential. So keep on trying, keep on working.

3. Be active outside the high school as well

High school is a time when your entire personality takes shape. So apart from your usual study, engage yourself in community issues. Address the problems you face while you study. Talk to your mentors and teachers. Work on your communication skills because communication is an important aspect. These plus points will definitely help you in the future.

4. Participate in class discussions

Very often, teachers conduct group discussions about different topics.  Make sure you actively participate in these discussions. This will enable you to perform well in your core subjects and will also increase your confidence and public speaking skills.

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5. Take care of yourself

You should take 6-8 hours of sleep. You should eat healthy food and minimize the intake of junk food. Good food and good sleep are going to keep you healthy, which inturn will  increase your concentration power and your ability to grasp effectively.

6. Smart study

Make flashcards and sticky notes that will help you to revise things quickly. Put only key statements and words in those flashcards. Also, try to explain the chapter in your own words. This will not only increase your fluency but also help to retain the text in your brain.

7. Study effectively even when studying virtually

During this pandemic when classes are taking place virtually, concentrating on the subjects becomes a challenging task. So here are some of the tips for studying effectively even in virtual classes.

● Allocate a separate space – Sit in a separate space where you can study well. Don’t take lectures while sitting or lying on the bed because that will make you feel less energetic. Choose a space where you will sit every day to take your lectures.

● Avoid Distraction- When you are at home, there are so many distractions so try to sit in a place that is away from these distractions. Even though you are sitting near the TV, radio, simply turn it off before sitting for the lecture. Your younger siblings or pets might disturb you, so make them understand that you need study time and you will catch up with them later. This will help you to maximize your concentration and learning abilities.

Interact with teachers and your batchmates – Usually, students keep their videos off during the lecture. This restricts their ability to interact and hampers their interest. So you should interact with your teachers. Don’t keep yourself muted all the time. Unmute yourself when you have any query or you want to put forward your point.

● Contact your teacher in case you are struggling- Teachers are always helpful. They would look into your problems, contact them via email and convey the reason for your struggle while taking the lecture or while doing the assignments. They will indeed help you to find a solution.

So getting a good score in CBSE school is not that difficult. But let me remind you that the concern is not the score but it is the learning. So make sure you understand the concepts and don’t just mug it up. Because in the long run, it is going to affect your success. Building concepts might take a little time but they will remain in the mind for the long term. 

Apart from this, take out time for other activities as well, spend time with your family. Because study is a part of life and there are other things that are important too. So don’t overstress yourself and keep trying. These rules apply not just to CBSE but other curricula too. By now, you must have got a fair idea of how to perform well in high school. So study well and learn well. Happy learning!

GIIS Communications Team

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